5 Perks of Having a Techo-Bloc Grill Island in Your Backyard

Having an outdoor kitchen is a luxury that most northern NJ homeowners fantasize about. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors and entertaining, what could be better than having the ability to whip up entire meals without ever having to step inside and miss out on the action and conversation going on from friends and family gathered on your patio?

Putting together an entire outdoor kitchen piecemeal, though, can be time consuming, costly and even frustrating as you try to find components that work well together and compliment one another.

Fortunately, Techo-Bloc’s grill island makes it possible to install an all-in-one outdoor cooking and entertainment center that’s beautiful, fully functional and affordable. Need a little extra encouragement before taking the plunge and purchasing a spectacular grill island of your own?

Today we’ll highlight 5 incredible benefits to owning a Techo-Bloc grill island that will get you motivated to pursue your dream outdoor kitchen today.

Techo-Bloc Grill Islands At-A-Glance

A Techo-Bloc grill island is not your grandpa’s outdoor grill or barbecue. These incredible units feature every tool you need to prep food, cook meals and create beautiful memories with friends and family.

Crafted from high quality materials and designed with class and elegance in mind, a Techo-Bloc grill island truly is a primary part of your hardscape. It will complement other outdoor features and will last for a lifetime.

These grill islands don’t chip, scratch, or stain easily, hold up perfectly when exposed to the elements and are always simple to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Owning a Techo-Bloc Grill Island

So what, exactly, do you stand to gain from an investment in an outdoor kitchen area? NJ homeowners who have invested in a Techo-Bloc grill island of their own make note of 5 distinct user benefits:

1. Everything You Need Rolled Into One Unit

Maybe you have an outdoor grill or barbecue, but if you’re really being honest with yourself, it’s probably a pain in the neck to use. Part of your meal has to be prepared indoors while the remainder is cooked up outside.

You’ve got to run back indoors each time you need to fetch some meat from the fridge or freezer, or whenever you need a fresh cooking tool or seasoning. Dishes need to be taken back inside to be washed after the cooking process has been completed.

The list goes on and on. A Techo-Bloc grill island offers you a much better, all-in-one outdoor cooking experience. Featuring a grill, oven, cooking prep space, a fridge, a sink and so much more, you’ll find that you’ve got virtually everything you need to whip up and serve an incredible meal from start to finish.

2. Versatile Entertaining Space

Many people avoid entertaining in their homes because they either don’t feel that they have ample space, or the idea of having a group of friends and family crowded inside of their homes just seems too stressful.

Equipping your backyard with a spectacular Techo-Bloc grill island will make it so much easier and more enjoyable for you to host fun gatherings with your loved ones at your place. The grill island is designed to actually serve as an integral part of your hardscape and entertaining space, so it works beautifully within the scope of your patio and other outdoor living space.

This gives your guests the freedom to gather wherever they feel most comfortable – whether that be by the grill or by the swimming pool – while still being in close enough proximity to converse with other guests. In other words, it keeps everyone connected.

This makes it so much easier to create positive experiences and lasting memories. Techo-Bloc grill islands and their surrounding hardscaping materials are very easy to clean and maintain, making for a fast and stress-free clean-up once the party is over. It’s just a better way of entertaining!

3. Increased Property Value

Introducing a luxurious, Techo-Bloc grill island to your home will certainly increase the perceived value of your outdoor living space for you and your family, but what about monetary value?

Techo-Bloc grill islands are regarded as upscale and sophisticated outdoor hardscaping features that increase the functionality and desirability of a given property. This means that as soon as the Manchester grill island has been installed, you can expect the overall value of your entire property to go up.

Should you choose to move in the future, you’ll find that it’s much easier to sell your property and fetch a higher price for it because buyers will be so excited about the outdoor kitchen space. These grill islands are durable and long-lasting, so they will continue to positively impact your property value even in the many years ahead.

4. Safer, Simpler Cooking

Summer seems to be one of the primary times throughout the year that friends, family and neighbors have plenty of time to get together and share a meal. Unfortunately, cooking meals indoors during the summer month can be pretty miserable.

All of the heat generated from the oven and the stove’s burners (not to mention all of the bodies pressed together around the kitchen) can send the temperature through the roof, leading to an uncomfortable experience and higher utility bills.

A Techo-Bloc grill island can completely eliminate these issues by taking the cooking process outdoors. Not only will you be preventing heat from building up indoors, but you can also prevent smoke from accumulating and detracting from air quality, and you’ll decrease steam generation and the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.

As an added bonus, cooking outdoors on a Techo-Bloc grill island will allow cooking odors to disperse into the outside air instead of lingering inside of your home. This is especially great news for those who love seafood but don’t enjoy the lasting smell.

5. Healthy Eating

These days, we’re all trying to put an emphasis on healthier eating and lifestyle choices. Although grilling has been proven to be a much healthier way of cooking than other methods, many people choose not to grill out because bulky, outdoor barbecues may just seem very inconvenient to use.

The fact that a Techo-Bloc grill island offers you the total outdoor cooking experience and is very easy to clean will motivate you to get much more use out of your grill, thus bringing healthier, tastier, more flavorful meals to your loved ones.

Installing a Techo-Bloc Grill Island in NJ

Visit Braen Supply to start talking to a professional about installing a Techo-Bloc grill island of your very own today.

As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we have all of the most accurate and up-to-date information about versatile grill islands that can completely transform the appearance and vibe of your outdoor living space. Our team of experts has the answers to all of your questions and can provide you with tips and information to get you through the installation process.

We sell Techo-Bloc grill islands at low, competitive prices. Give us a call or stop by to learn about picking up a unit on your own or having it delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.