Feeling Uninspired? These 7 Techo-Bloc Inspiration Designs Will Leave You Speechless

You already know that Techo-Bloc landscaping and hardscaping products are among the best of the best. These beautifully crafted materials are able to completely transform the look and feel of any property, increasing value and creating a truly enjoyable outdoor living space that will be loved and cherished in the many years to come.

Knowing this, however, is only half the battle. Before you can start enjoying a Techo-Bloc landscape of your own, you need to come up with a perfect design that will meet your unique needs and personal sense of style.

For those who aren’t professional landscaping designers, it can be challenging to settle on the right design concept. If you’re feeling uninspired and unable to dream up the ideal Techo-Bloc landscaping design for your home, this article can help. Here’s a look at 7 popular design ideas that will serve as your Techo-Bloc Inspiration.

1. Polished Casual

You consider yourself to be a laid back and easy going type of person. At the end of a long day or a hard week at work, you want to be able to kick back and relax with your family friends in an attractive, polished, yet low-key and casual outdoor living space. If this sounds familiar, you might want to take a look at the Techo-Bloc Aberdeen slab collection.

These incredible slabs are massive in size but are very simplistic, smooth and sleek in their design. When installed as a patio or swimming pool deck, the Aberdeen collection is able to add drama and luxury to your outdoor living space without ever feeling pretentious or overdone.

The subtle, calming, naturalistic colors lend themselves to blending in with your laid back lifestyle so that you can enjoy the simple things in life like making memories with your family and friends.

The great thing about the Aberdeen collection is that it is able to work with and complement a number of other Techo-Bloc hardscaping and landscaping features, like traditional and inviting outdoor fireplace kits, or cozy fire pits.

2. Country Rustic

If you are big on family and traditional country values, you’re looking for a way to bring some rustic country charm to your backyard. One of our favorite ways to add the warmth of farmhouse friendliness and the slower more relaxed pace of life to a NJ landscape is by working with product from the Borealis collection.

Start things off by creating a faux hardwood floor for your outdoor living space. The Borealis slabs give that classic, rustic country look to your outdoor kitchen, dining room and even your living room. You’ll feel warm and cozy, just like you did at Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage.

Borealis steps can then be used to build faux wood plank stairs that lead to your vegetable garden or swimming area, and wall blocks can be used to create naturalistic and rustic feeling planters and flower boxes that will add even more charm to your outdoor living space.

The country vibe might also be completed by adding an aged stone veneer to the walls surrounding the space, or by installing a beautiful and inviting fireplace as the focal point of your seating area.

3. English Garden

We’re obsessed with the look and style of the Brits. After all, England is the motherland, and it’s known for its class, beloved tradition and beauty.

If you love the idea of being transported to the other side of the globe for afternoon tea on your English garden style patio, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from amazing Techo-Bloc products in the Allegro collection.

The designers and engineers at Techo-Bloc took their inspiration for the Allegro collection directly from the cobbled roads of Britain, and it shows. These concrete pavers emulate the look of cobblestone and brick, with subtle detailing, soft corners and delightful patterning.

The pavers can be arranged into fabulous mosaics that will warm the heart. Add to the English country garden experience by surrounding the space with beautiful planters.

Mini Creta wall blocks can complement Allegro pavers nicely while fitting the English theme, and make for fabulous planters. You can complete the look with a charming fountain or reflection pool.

4. Southwestern Vibe

The warm hues and old charm of the southwest is growing popular in NJ. Rugged Mista or Inca floors interspersed with Antiqua pavers, and richly colored and textured Manchester walls are the perfect fit for this traditional style.

5. Euro Flair

Go beyond the islands of Britain and embrace all of the inspiration and culture that Europe has to offer.

Techo-Bloc designers are frequently drawn to the style of European nations, and have come up with many incredible product lines that can help you to turn your outdoor living space into a whole new world.

Many NJ homeowners are falling in love with the idea of bringing the warmth, vibrancy and glamor of Greece and Croatia to their own backyards with smooth, sleek slabs from the Sunrock collection.

The porcelain tiles are simple yet so sophisticated, and instantly make your property look more expensive. When used for a swimming pool deck, you’ll truly feel as though you have escaped on an exotic getaway to the Mediterranean. If traditional European style is more appealing to you, we suggest that you take a look at Parisien pavers.

These small, lovely, cobbled pavers allow you to bring a touch of France to your property, inspiring the imagination. Go French with a modern twist by installing a Techo-Bloc grill island. The French are major foodies, and you can serve lengthy, Parisian-style meals on your patio with your nearest and dearest.

6. Modern Chic

You love being on the cutting edge of style and adding that special “wow” factor to your landscape. You want to dazzle and delight your guests, being the total envy of your neighborhood.

If this is you, you’re looking for Techo-Bloc materials that will allow you to create an ultra modern and chic outdoor living environment, and you won’t be disappointed with your options.

For something unique and funky, you might want to consider the 3-Dimensional look of the Graphix wall collection for establishing retaining walls, planters, kitchen islands and veneers. For something very sleek and cool, the Raffinato collection may fit the bill. Raffinato walls, steps and even fire pits will give your backyard a truly sophisticated air.

7. Vintage Appeal

The Tux collection of Techo-Bloc slabs is perfect for homeowners who want to enjoy a vintage, 50s vibe while still staying modern and sophisticated. Because this look is great for outdoor kitchens, you might also consider building custom, sleek islands and installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and vintage-style wet bar for entertaining.

Getting Inspired with Techo-Bloc in NJ

Need more inspirational ideas for building with Techo-Bloc in NJ? Be sure to visit the Braen Supply showroom. As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we’re able to provide you with access to tons of inspirational products and ideas for your own backyard.

Our products are competitively priced and can be picked up at your convenience or bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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