The Complete Techo-Bloc Installation Guide: Pavers, Slabs & More

Everyone loves Techo-Bloc! As a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, affordable hardscaping and landscaping materials, Techo-Bloc has quickly become the “go-to” option for NJ homeowners looking to upgrade their properties with gorgeous pavers and slabs.

Making the decision to work with Techo-Bloc pavers and slabs is only part of the process, though. From here, you need to be able to properly install the materials so that they will continue to look and function magnificently in the many years ahead.

The following Techo-Bloc installation guide will help you to have a better understanding of what is involved in the process of giving your landscape a makeover with Techo-Bloc products.

Get a Professional Opinion

Before you start excavating your yard and diving into your Techo-Bloc project, we strongly urge you to seek out the opinion of your local utility provider or city planner.

These professionals will be able to carefully evaluate your property to ensure that you don’t accidentally end up digging up an important utility line or covering up access to underground pipes and cables.

You may also find that, in some areas, a city planner must “Okay” your plans before you’re able to legally proceed with work. Taking the time to do your due diligence before working will pay off in the long run.

Gather Your Tools

Once you’ve been given the stamp of approval to get started on your work, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got everything you need in order to get the job done properly.

In addition to having the right quantity of Techo-Bloc pavers and slabs on hand, you’ll also need plenty of crushed stone and sand for a foundation and setting bed. To excavate the area, you may need shovels or heavy-duty equipment, depending on the size of your project space.

A vibrating plate, tamping tool, or other means of compacting your materials will also be required. A polymer stabilizer will be necessary in order to keep your pavers and slabs in place.

Finally, you may also want to consider any edging or curbing material that you would like to use to create a border around your finished project area.


Now we’ve come to the point in our Techo-Bloc installation guide where we’re ready to break ground. For smaller projects, you may be able to get away with using a shovel and wheelbarrow.

The majority of landscaping and hardscaping undertakings, however, will demand the use of more heavy duty excavation equipment, such as a Bobcat. When laying pavers and slabs for patios, walkways, driveways, etc., you will need to take care to ensure that you excavate to the appropriate depth.

The heavier the load that the pavement will be faced with, the greater the depth will need to be. It’s usually a good idea to consult with a landscaping professional in order to ensure depth requirements.

It’s best to do this before beginning the excavation process, as knowing the proper depths will also make it easier for you to order the correct quantity of base materials.

Throughout the excavation process, you will also need to pay attention to the slope. As a general rule, you should strive for achieving slopes in increments of 1.5% so as to allow for proper drainage.

Once the area has been excavated, you will need to take steps to clear away any stones, roots, large sticks, or other debris.

Compact the soil if it is granular, however, if it has a clay consistency you should apply a thin layer of lime and crushed stone before proceeding with compaction. Finally, add some geotextile fabric to prevent weeds from growing through the base over time.

Pour the Foundation

Now that the base has been prepared, you’re ready to pour your crushed stone into the trench in order to create a solid foundation.

In most cases, you don’t want your crushed stone to be any larger than 3/4″. Once the crushed stone has been introduced to the trench, it should be firmly compacted for structural integrity.

Establish the Setting Bed

The next phase of our Techo-Bloc paver installation guide involves establishing a setting bed for your pavers. Here, you’ll need to apply a layer of bedding sand (concrete sand) on top of the crushed stone.

The sand will help to keep the pavers in place while also filling in any voids and adding to the overall strength and integrity of the foundation.

Next, install two pipes directly on top of the crushed stone base and bedding. These pipes should have an outside diameter of 1″. The pipes will work to help with drainage

Lay Down Your Pavers

This is the part of the Techo-Bloc installation guide that you are likely most interested in. At this point in time, we’re ready to actually start installing your Techo-Bloc pavers or slabs so that you can start enjoying the new look and feel of your landscape or hardscape.

We recommend working from the outside edge inward, always laying down two “stones” at a time at a 90-degree angle. Walk on the pavers or slabs as they are installed in order to help them settle into the stand.

Make sure that you carefully follow the pattern or design you have selected, and work to ensure that all pavers are installed evenly.

Fill In the Joints

The final phase of our Techo-Bloc installation guide involves filling in the joints between pavers or slabs in order to ensure that they remain in place and will continue to meet your needs in the many years. Use a polymer stabilizer in order to fill in each joint.

Sweep any loose polymeric sand into the joints and make sure that any excess is swept away before it is allowed to activate and harden.

Once the joints have been filled, you can use a vibrating plate to help the pavers or slabs to further settle into the sand bed for long-term stability. Finally, do another sweep of the pavers in order to remove excess sand, and apply water to the joints in order to activate the polymers.

DIY or Contractor?

If you’ve been successful in previous DIY-type projects throughout your landscape and feel comfortable with the above steps, you will find that adhering to this Techo-Bloc installation guide is quite simple.

Those who do not feel as confident in their ability to follow these steps should consider working with a Techo-Bloc Authorized Contractor in order to ensure that the job gets done in a way that will meet your expectations and protect your product warranty.

Working with Techo-Bloc Pavers and Slabs in NJ

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