Home Tips for Improving Your Backyard Using Only Techo-Bloc Landscape Supplies

Do you have “backyard envy”? This phenomenon occurs when you look at your friend’s and neighbor’s outdoor living spaces and wish that your lackluster backyard could look that amazing.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll be excited to know that creating the backyard living space of your dreams is a lot easier (and more affordable) than you think!

Techo-Bloc offers a huge selection of gorgeous, versatile and budget-friendly landscape supplies that can completely transform your property. This post will show you how to give your backyard an incredible makeover using nothing but Techo-Bloc landscape materials.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

Pavers serve as the “building blocks” of any backyard landscape or hardscape, and Techo-Bloc is known for manufacturing some of the very best and most beautiful concrete pavers in the industry.

For many NJ homeowners, the first step to improving a backyard outdoor living space involves constructing a gorgeous patio floor. As you look through your many exciting options, you’ll notice that there’s Techo-Bloc paver collection for every taste and style.

The irregular cuts and rich texturing of the Flagstone collection offer a naturalistic vibe, while the Industria and Blu collections are perfect for a more modern home. The cobbled look of Allegro and Parsien pavers can create a classic elegance that reflects Old World Europe.

In addition to being great for installing patio floors, these pavers can also be great for establishing charming paths and walkways that connect various landscaping features together, or that lead guests through your sprawling gardens.

We love the look of Antiqua and Victorien pavers for this purpose. If your backyard features a swimming pool, we recommend working with Techo-Bloc pavers in order to establish a stunning pool deck.

Techo-Bloc pavers are designed to improve traction while resisting heat from the sun, making them perfect for wet surfaces that are exposed to the sun. We think the bold, geometric shapes and flagstone texturing of the Eva collection looks amazing poolside.

Techo-Bloc Walls

After establishing a fabulous foundation, you’re ready to move up with the Techo-Bloc wall collections.

The solid and structurally durable blocks crafted by Techo-Bloc are ideal for establishing retaining walls that will level off sections of land, created beautiful terraces and tiers, establish rich and inviting flower boxes and planters, serve as the walls for staircases and even prevent soil erosion from occurring throughout the backyard.

Like Techo-Bloc pavers, there are a wide range of different styles available within the retaining wall collection. Those who like the rustic appeal of the Old West will be drawn to the Manchester and Mini Creta series of stone.

Those who want something edgy and modern will be blown away by the Graphix series and its 3-Dimensional appeal. Homeowners who prefer a woodsy storybook vibe will be exchanged by the Semma series.

From classic and traditional to sleek and cutting-edge, there’s a wall for everyone from Techo-Bloc. And these “stones” don’t have to be used strictly for retaining walls, either.

Techo-Bloc wall blocks are designed to be used to build up islands and cooking surfaces within outdoor kitchens as well.

Techo-Bloc Steps

Homeowners who are making use of Techo-Bloc retaining wall blocks in their backyards can significantly benefit from adding beautiful faux “stone” steps into the mix. Many of Techo-Bloc’s steps and caps are specifically designed to be visually and structurally compatible with its wall systems, making for a smooth and seamless transition.

Steps are a fabulous way to connect the different levels or tiers of your outdoor living space terraces and gardens, or to provide access to a swimming pool from a patio at a higher elevation.

Whether the steps are sleek and straight or are curved and winding, the outdoor staircase will add a touch of glamor and luxury to your backyard that will delight you and your guests while making your space more functional and cohesive.

The Venetian collection is one of our top choices for constructing short staircases with wide steps that are intended to make a grand impression.

The Maya series, on the other hand, with its irregular cuts and rugged facing are best suited for long and curved or winding staircases in a naturalistic setting. Borealis steps are unique in that they resemble a natural, wood plank staircase.

The Rocka collection is another popular pick, as it offers a stunning, natural stone facing and feeling while also being upscale and elegant. These steps are available in various widths, making them great for short staircases with wide steps, or long staircases with narrow steps.

Techo-Bloc Edging Materials

Your Techo-Bloc patio or walkway may look beautiful, and your flower beds and vegetable gardens may be thriving, but you may still feel like something is missing.

If you want to truly make these areas of your landscape stand out and “pop”, we suggest that you consider creating a border around these spaces with attractive and exciting Techo-Bloc edging materials.

Many NJ homeowners like to use Techo-Bloc “stones” with a very naturalistic and rugged appearance when surrounding flowers, gardens and other vegetation as this establishes a harmonious vibe. If this rings true for you, we recommend looking closely at the Avignon, Pietra, or Rocka collections.

For a more rugged appeal, the rough texturing and warm hues of the Belgik series could captivate your imagination. Smooth, sleek and modern edging materials area also available to add some intriguing visual contrast to your backyard.

The Raffinato collection is a great pick for this purpose. Of course, you could ditch the “natural stone” appeal altogether and go for a Borealis edging material that will mimic the look of wood planks.

Techo-Bloc Fire Features

Finish off your perfect landscape by incorporating one of Techo-Bloc’s stunning fire features into your backyard. Fire pits have grown extremely popular in recent years, and Techo-Bloc offers several options for creating a beautiful focal point for your hardscape where you can gather with family and friends.

From the rounded look of the Valencia fire pit to the ultra modern appearance of the Raffinato kit, there’s truly something special for everyone. You can also improve the functionality of your outdoor cooking and dining space by installing a Techo Bloc pizza oven kit.

These beautiful ovens are perfect for hosting a cookout with the neighbors. Lastly, consider installing a Manchester Foyer outdoor fireplace to add warmth and coziness to your outdoor living space in all seasons.

Complete a Techo-Bloc Backyard Makeover in NJ

NJ homeowners know they can trust Braen Supply with all their Techo-Bloc backyard landscaping needs. As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, we are the leading supplier of Techo-Bloc landscape supplies in the Tri-State area.

We have exclusive access to all of Techo-Bloc’s latest product offerings, in a full range of colors and styles. Our team of experts is knowledgable about all of the Techo-Bloc products we sell and can answer any questions you may have.

We offer low, competitive prices on Techo-Bloc landscape materials. Feel free to pick up your materials on-site at your convenience or have them bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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