Where Should I Place Techo-Bloc Maya Stepping Stones for My Home

There’s something truly special about the uniquely “country” or “storybook” vibe that Techo-Bloc’s Maya stepping stones can bring to a landscape. These large and stately slabs are irregularly cut and shaped to look like natural stone.

The magnificent coloring and attention to texturing detail add to the appearance, making it virtually impossible for a viewer to differentiate between Maya products and the Real McCoy. Just one look and you’ll fall in love with these bold and dynamic stepping stones, but how can you make the best use of them within the scope of your existing landscape?

Fortunately, there are many different ways that Techo-Bloc Maya stepping stones can be used to improve the appearance of your landscape. This post will explore the benefits of working with Maya stepping stones and how to best incorporate them throughout your property.

Why Use Techo-Bloc Maya Stepping Stones?

Maya stepping stones have grown increasingly popular in recent years. People just like experiencing the “throwback” feeling of being in a simpler place in time.

The charming and rustic vibe given off by these stunning stepping stones makes it easy to take a walk down memory lane and to remember a time when things weren’t so difficult. Each enchanting concrete “stone” is manufactured with the utmost care, ensuring that the slabs are tough and durable as well as visually appealing.

The large units make a truly dramatic statement, but their subtle style ensures that Maya stepping stone paths never become visually overwhelming, nor do they detract from the beauty of the remainder of your home’s landscape.

The stones are easy to install and require very little maintenance once they are secured. They are designed to endure regular traffic and usage, and will not tend to crack, chip, or stain easily over time. You can also rest assured that your Maya stepping stones will look just as beautiful ten years from now as they do today.

Whether you choose to install Maya slabs from the Baja Beige, Rivera, or Victoria color families, you’ll find that the slabs feature full color throughout the entire unit so that fading and discoloration don’t become a problem over time. There’s really nothing not to love about this incredible collection.

How Can Techo-Bloc Maya Stepping Stones Be Used Throughout My Property?

There are a wide range of ways in which Techo-Bloc Maya stepping stones can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes throughout your landscape. Some of its most popular uses and placements include:

Front Walkways

Welcome your guests to your front door with a charming and unique Maya stepping stone front path. The spectacular slabs are able to attract positive attention to your landscape which will not only increase the overall value of your property, but will also make it very obvious where you wish traffic to be directed as visitors approach your home.

Once set into place, the slabs will be safe and secure, maintaining their position and their beauty even when exposed to regular foot traffic.

Garden Paths

You’ll find few hardscaping options as perfectly suited for use in and around the garden than Maya stepping stones. These massive slabs make an exciting statement while enhancing – rather than taking away from – the rich colors and textures associated with the garden.

You’ll get much more pleasure out of your flower beds, your vegetable gardens, or other planting areas when you have the ability to stroll through the vegetation at your leisure on incredibly beautiful and fully functional Maya stepping stones.

Around Water Features

The rustic and naturalistic appearance of Maya stepping stones make them perfectly suited for use in areas around water features. We have seen many landscapes beautifully transformed or taken to the next level by going this very route.

In some homes, the Maya stepping stones may be placed in a circular or winding pattern around the base of a beautiful water fountain. In others, the “stones” are a great fit for spaces near swimming pool decks.

One of our favorite ways to use these Techo-Bloc Maya slabs is to have them placed around the base of vertical features like waterfalls. The colors, textures and bold design of Maya make the water even more incredible.

Near Steps

Techo-Bloc Maya products are also available for constructing spectacular yet charmingly traditional outdoor steps for your hardscape.

While these steps can work beautifully when paired with a number of Techo-Bloc hardscaping products, they also look really wonderful when paired with their patterning concrete slabs or “stepping stones”.

You might consider placing May slabs in a unique or interesting pattern at the top and base of the outdoor staircase as a way of creating visual cohesion. Other homeowners enjoy constructing stepping stone walking paths that lead right up to the steps themselves. Enjoy the freedom to be creative here.

Along Borders

One truly interesting way to make use of your Techo-Bloc Maya stepping stone units is to place the slabs along the boundaries of two distinctly different areas of your landscape. As an example, one section of your yard may be dedicated to growing flowers.

This space may be accentuated by a lovely, brown, organic mulching material. On the other side of the flower garden, though, lays a grassy, green lawn.

While the contrast between the two may seem a bit much or a bit unnatural when left on their own, Maya stepping stones can help to create a visual border or barrier that will help the mind to better process the differences in the two areas, making them much more aesthetically pleasing.

In this way, the stones not only create unique sections within the landscape, but they also help to enhance and bring out the best in both sides of the equation.

Set in Concrete

Although Maya stepping stones look truly wonderful when placed in grassy areas or are dispersed throughout earthen paths, they can also be set into concrete for a more permanent placement. These slabs look wonderful when used as a part of a paver patio.

Some homeowners prefer to work strictly with the Maya stepping stones while others will intermix Maya “stones” with other, smaller Techo-Bloc pavers and hardscaping elements as a means of creating visual interest in texture.

One great thing about setting Maya slabs into concrete is that, because of their large size, you’re able to get away with creating larger spaces in the joints, thus requiring less material for the overall project.

Where Can I Buy Techo-Bloc Maya Stepping Stones in NJ?

Braen Supply is the largest authorized dealer and supplier of Techo-Bloc products, including Maya stepping stones, throughout NJ and its surrounding areas.

We have developed a solid relationship with Techo-Bloc throughout the years, enabling our team of professionals to provide customers like you with the most accurate and up-to-date product information.

We are happy to help you make decisions about your upcoming landscaping project and to accommodate all of your needs. Our Techo-Bloc Maya stepping stones are available at fair and competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.