4 Fun Ways to Incorporate Techo-Bloc Mista Pavers into Your Landscape

As a homeowner, you take pride in the appearance of your home’s exterior. In order to keep your curb appeal high, you’re always interested in ideas for adding sophistication, charm and elegance to your landscape – without breaking the bank.

On top of everything else, you want your property to be as unique and fun as you are. If this sounds familiar, you’re sure to be excited by Techo-Bloc Mista pavers.

Techo-Bloc Mista Pavers At-A-Glance

The Mista paver collection from Techo-Bloc has gained a lot of positive attention since its introduction. Like other Techo-Bloc products, these pavers are manufactured from concrete – but you wouldn’t know it to look at the finished product! Mista pavers are among the most luxurious and richly textured pavers available from Techo-Bloc, and they have so much to offer.

These paved materials are designed with the most careful attention to detail, resulting in crisp lines, peaks and recessions that will capture the eye, intriguing and delighting your guests.

The collection’s rugged facing emulates the appearance of natural flagstone, but also maintains an air of elegance that can’t be matched. In addition to featuring brilliant texturing and craftsmanship, homeowners who work with the Mista collection can also expect to enjoy benefits like:

  • Color Variety – When selecting hardscaping materials, it’s important to get the color just right. After all, the materials need to “go” with the rest of your landscaping decor. Mista pavers are available in 9 different colors. Whether you prefer warm, rich and earthy tones or cooler shades of Onyx Black or Shale Grey, you’ll discover the perfect colors for your home’s exterior makeover.
  • Design Flexibility – You have a bit of freedom when it comes to creating a layout for your Techo-Bloc Mista pavers. Both modular and linear patterns are available for you to choose from, ensuring that you fall in love with the finished product.
  • Versatility – We love that Mista pavers can be used for a wide range of decorative and practical purposes throughout any landscape. Because they are made with such quality, they will dazzle the eye while meeting your every need – both now and in the future.
  • Longevity – Mista pavers are rough and tough enough to handle whatever you or Mother Nature throws their way. They don’t scuff or scrape easily, so you won’t need to fret about foot or vehicular traffic wreaking havoc on the pavers. Techo-Bloc Mista pavers are also able to withstand high heat, exposure to sunlight and rain and even the freeze and thaw cycles of harsh NJ winters. You can even safely use ice melting salt on the pavers.
  • Affordability – On top of everything else, Techo-Bloc products, including the Mista paver collection, are among the most affordable materials in the landscaping and hardscaping industry today. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to create a fun and exciting space with Mista pavers that you truly adore.

4 Fun Ways to Bring Techo-Bloc Mista Pavers to Your Landscape

Are you interested in all that Techo-Bloc Mista pavers have to offer? If so, you’re probably brainstorming fun and creative ways to use the interlocking pavers throughout your property. To fire up your creativity, we’ve put together a quick list of 4 of our favorite uses for Mista pavers:

1. A Grand Entrance

If you’re looking for a dramatic flair and optimal curb appeal, we suggest working with Mista pavers to create a grand entrance to the front of your home. Mista interlocking pavers are a great choice for surfacing a grand and upscale yet approachable front driveway and courtyard.

The way that the texturing and lines play with the sunlight will cause a great deal of interest and excitement for neighbors and passersby.

The pavers can be arranged into a variety of driveway and front parking/courtyard arrangements, including vast and wide spaces where you can show off your sports cars, or smaller, humbler, yet high class drives that welcome your guests to your home.

2. Poolside Paradise

One of our favorite uses for Techo-Bloc Mista pavers is in areas around swimming pools and jacuzzis. There’s something truly special about these interlocking pavers, and they really come to life when surrounding the shimmering, blue waters of your home’s private swimming area.

Regardless of whether you choose to go warm or cool with your color palette, you’ll find that the shades are truly enhanced near the water, adding a new level of vibrance to your entire property. They create a peaceful and serene atmosphere for relaxing on a lounge chair with a good book and a glass of wine while you keep an eye on the kids as they splash and play.

It truly is the perfect, paradise setting for anyone who needs a staycation. On top of everything else, the pavers are practical for this purpose. The texture of the pavers allow for excellent traction when wet, and the concrete will remain cool to bare feet – even on a hot summer day.

3. Southwestern Hospitality

In recent years, we’ve seen the southwestern style of landscaping really explode throughout the country. This trend is only now beginning to pick up in NJ and the northeast, so homeowners who choose to go this route with their exterior design and decor will be true trend setters and the envy of their friends and neighbors.

Techo-Bloc Mista pavers in the warmer shades Sandlewood, Mojave Beige, Harvest Gold, Chestnut Brown and Autumn Red truly evoke a sense of southwestern culture and sophistication, creating the perfect base for your newly upgraded property.

The pavers help to establish a welcoming, hospitable vibe with a touch of class and sophistication. They’re great in outdoor kitchens where you can really welcome your guests by cooking up a hot meal. Don’t worry – your outdoor cooking space won’t become overheated. Mista pavers don’t absorb heat and are non combustible.

4. Basking In the Glow

Speaking of heat, what’s cozier and more romantic than basking in the glow of a crackling fire? Whether your home features an outdoor fireplace or a stunning stone fire pit, you’ll find that Techo-Bloc Mista pavers really set the tone for a wonderful evening under the stars.

The richness of the colors and textures of these pavers add an element of fun and intrigue to the area, and the light of the fire will play off the ridges for a truly enchanting effect.

Working with Techo-Bloc Mista Pavers in NJ

Are you interested in bringing the look of Techo-Bloc Mista pavers to your front or back yard? When you’re ready to get started, Braen Supply has you covered.

As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we’ve been partnered with the hardscaping brand for years, and know the ins and outs of their product offerings – including Mista pavers. Our passionate and skilled team members will walk you through the process of selecting the right colors and patterns for your property, and can answer any questions you may have about the installation process.

We always offer competitive pricing on our materials. You can pick up your Techo-Bloc Mista pavers at your convenience, or have them bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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