Jump Start Your Summer BBQ’s With These 5 Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

There’s no wrong time to start making plans for upgrading your outdoor kitchen with Techo-Bloc. Thinking through your design concepts and taking a look at the incredible materials and kits available from Techo-Bloc now will ensure that you’re ready to fire up the grill and impress your guests when it’s your turn to host the neighborhood block party or family reunion.

Need a little inspiration? No problem. Here’s a look at some of the Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen ideas that we are crazy about.

1. Traditional Style

You can’t go wrong with traditional elegance when designing your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. For this type of space, you simply want to create an area where you and your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and at-home as you prepare and share meals together.

Whether you’re looking for rustic country charm or a simple, contemporary style for your traditional kitchen, you’ll find that the Techo-Bloc grill island is an ideal companion for your space.

The simplistic and naturalistic faux stone island features stainless steel appliances that will allow you to cook like a pro. The Manchester Foyer fireplace is a nice compliment to the space, allowing for warmth as you dine alongside your kitchen.

2. Euro Star

It’s become quite posh and trendy to adopt a Euro chic sense of style when designing an outdoor kitchen and dining space. This unique type of concept provides all of the charm and sophistication of an upscale Parisian restaurant, and will be sure to delight you and your guests alike.

For starters, consider working with Techo-Bloc tux slabs. These durable and beautiful tiles can be arranged into a stunning checkerboard or diamond pattern that will set the tone for the entire space.

We suggest working with furnishings in basic black and white/beige tones that mimic that of the slab floor. A brick fireplace will add drama to the living and dining area, while a Raffinato pizza oven offers a traditional yet modern-looking way to fire-grill incredible meals to share around your table. Finish the whole thing off by installing a stunning Techo-Bloc bar for serving your favorite French wines.

3. Hidden Charm

If your NJ landscape features sharp elevation changes or slopes, you may feel that creating an inviting, attractive and charming Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen is simply impossible. Fortunately, this is not the case. We (and numerous homeowners) have fallen madly in love with the idea of building a below-grade outdoor kitchen.

Techo-Bloc stairs, wall blocks and treads can be used to create a fabulous staircase leading down from your yard into a recessed outdoor kitchen and dining area that is hidden from view. This private oasis is perfect for entertaining and unwinding after a hard day.

We love the idea of introducing a full Techo-Bloc grill island with bar to this space, where your guests can sit and chat with you as you prepare dinner. Fire pits are also a lovely addition to a recessed kitchen.

4. Modern Chic

For those with a more modern sense of style, it’s simple to achieve the perfect look for your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. Contemporary fashion is all about clean lines, symmetry, simplicity and elegance.

All of these can be found within the Techo-Bloc family. Incredible slabs like those found within the Industia collection, or even in the Blu collections can be used to establish a stunning and geometrically intriguing patio “floor” for your kitchen.

The Raffinato pizza oven integrates seamlessly into this particular design, and can be paired with a stunning, stainless steel grill for preparing full meals for the ones you love. Stainless steel refrigerators and sinks also look amazing with Raffinato wall blocks, and the blocs can even be used to build a fire it.

5. Personal Pub

Who doesn’t love the idea of dropping by the local pub or bar in order to unwind after the daily grind? Your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen can easily designed and constructed to act as your own private bar and grill.

The Techo-Bloc grill island features everything you need to grill up juicy steaks and burgers to enjoy with an ice cold beer or cocktail. The grill island can be squared off or framed by a bar where guests can sit to share food and drinks, or even to watch the big game. This is your opportunity to build your own perfect hangout for you, your family and your friends – the sky’s the limit!

Design Today, Dine Tomorrow

Don’t put off your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen installation, upgrade, or renovation until the last minute. Thinking ahead allows you to consider all of your options and to visit a local Techo-Bloc showroom so that you can see what the materials look like, live and in-person.

It also gives you ample time to play around with various design concepts and online design tools that can help you to come up with the perfect layout for your backyard. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can live it up and start getting the most out of your outdoor living space.

Building a Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen in NJ

NJ homeowners know they can trust Braen Supply with all of their needs as they go about planning and constructing a Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. We’ve been a Techo-Bloc dealer for a long time, and have a working knowledge of all of the materials it has to offer.

Because of this, our team is uniquely qualified to answer all of your questions and to provide you with excellent advice about choosing and installing Techo-Bloc products.

We always offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen materials can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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