15 Designs to Compliment Your Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen

NJ homeowners cherish their time outdoors. Because our winters can be so harsh, many of us take measures to ensure that we’re able to soak up as much sunshine and fresh air during the milder times of year as possible.

A Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen creates the perfect opportunity for people to get outside and spend time with loved ones while preparing and enjoying meals. If you want your outdoor kitchen to be a hub of activity and a hot spot for entertaining guests, though, you need to get the design “just right”.

Ultimately, your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen should create a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere that represents your unique personality and sense of style. Need some inspiration?

Read on for some of our pro tips on finding the right style for your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen, as well as some extra features and touches you can add to make your kitchen truly your own.

Style Suggestions

1. Old World European

Old European style is all about cobbled roads, subtle tones and rich textures. When looking at pavers, slabs, or even wall stones, we urge you to consider products from collections including Antika, Victorien, Parisen, Rotundo and allegro.

2. Mediterranean

Mediterranean cultures are known for the clean architecture and cool colors and textures. This can create a great deal of romance and style in your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. Some of our favorite collections which represent Mediterranean design include Travertina and Aberdeen slabs.

3. Desert Chic

Just because we don’t live in the desert doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate the southwestern sense of style. Techo-Bloc makes it easy to bring the warmth of the desert to your outdoor kitchen.

Stick with shades of gold and yellow, with accents in teal, green, red, rust and orange. We suggest that you consider working with materials like Inca slabs and Prescott or Rocka walls.

4. Romantic Storybook

Imagine life in a storybook cottage, surrounded by your garden and stunning Antika stones, and textured Aberdeen slabs. This will create an old-fashioned warmth around your kitchen and dining areas.

5. Country Cottage

Nothing gives off a more enchanting, country vibe than Borealis slabs, wall blocks and similar features. These units look just like wood, give you that home-made, personally crafted feeling – like you built your entire outdoor kitchen and living spaces from the lumber surrounding your property. It’s a beautiful way to create memories.

6. Rustic

Achieve that mountain-esque and truly rustic style of design by working with Brandon wall stones. The chiseled, detailed textures associated with these wall blocks and the incredible color palette will warm your heart and soul and attract visitors to your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen.

7. Contemporary

Current style trends are about neat lines and geometrical symmetry, and you can easily achieve this for your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen. We love Seastone porcelain tiles, all Techo-Bloc Blu products and Raffinato walls for establishing this type of vibe.

8. Modern

Have fun playing around with interesting shapes, designs and textures as well as sleek and sophisticated tones like onyx, gray and white for a modern vibe. Tux slabs and Industria pavers are a fabulous pick, but we really love Graphix wall blocks and caps for a truly modern feel.

Unique Touches

9. Banding

One of the simplest and loveliest ways to make your outdoor kitchen stand out is to use pavers that contrast against your kitchen “flooring” as a banding material. Some of our favorite banding products include Antika pavers with their unique patterns and charm, and Victorian with its straight edges and clean lines.

10. Checkerboarding

Shake things up and add a pop of color or texture to your Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen and dining space by designing a beautiful checkerboard pattern with your pavers or slabs. The Tux collection, for example, comes in black and white shades that make it easy to create a sophisticated, checkered design.

You don’t have to work within the same collection, though. Feel free to play around with the different textures and colors of varying pavers and slabs, or even consider checker boarding your slabs with grass for a truly unique setting.

11. Faux Wood

One trend that’s really taking off throughout NJ is to make use of a Techo-Bloc product that, instead of emulating the look of stone, is designed to look just like wood. The Borealis collection features concrete pavers that are shaped into long planks and are textured and colored to look and feel like hardwood. This adds a degree of warmth and hospitality to your outdoor kitchen or dining area.

12. Porcelain Tile

Techo-Bloc doesn’t just manufacture concrete flooring for outdoor kitchens. Many homeowners are falling in love with the brand’s Porcelain products.

Whether you’re interested in the soft undertones of the Sunrock collection or prefer the faux wood sheen of Etic Pro, porcelain brings a little something extra to any hardscape.

13. Dual-Sided Dividing Walls

Where there’s a Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen, there’s also an outdoor living or dining room area. While some people enjoy an open floor plan, others like to create boundaries that establish distinct borders between the different living spaces. Techo-Bloc wall blocks are designed to look beautiful on both sides, making it possible for the wall to be enjoyed no matter where you’re situated.

14. Dividing Fireplaces

Not too keen on the idea of a divining wall, but still interested in dividing up your outdoor living spaces? A Techo-Bloc fireplace is the perfect solution. The brand’s stunning fireplaces will bring comfort and beauty to your kitchen and will allow you to continue enjoying the space even on cool evenings.

15. Fire Features

Techo-Bloc engineers fabulous fire features that will take your outdoor cooking experience to the next level. You’ll fall in love with the convenience and versatility of a stunning Techo-Bloc grill island.

In addition to grilling your meat on the barbecue, you’ll also have the ability to roast vegetables or cook a pizza in a stunning pizza oven. And don’t forget fire pits. On a more casual or relaxed evening, you and your loved ones will love to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flames.

Designing Your Dream Techo-Bloc Outdoor Kitchen in NJ

The experts at Braen Supply are ready to help you bring your dream Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen to life. As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, we are very familiar with all of the hardscaping brand’s products and how they can be used to design a kitchen that suits your individual tastes and outdoor living needs.

We can provide you with advice on which products to choose for your design strategy, and can offer useful tips on the installation process. Come see how beautifully Techo-Bloc concrete pavers, slabs, wall blocks and fire features look within the scope of an outdoor kitchen by visiting our showroom today.

All of our Techo-Bloc products are competitively priced and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.