Stay Up to Date on Techo-Bloc’s Price List for 2018

As 2017 starts to come to an end, many NJ homeowners are setting their sights to the New Year, and their landscaping plans for 2018. If this rings true for you, you’re probably curious about the Techo-Bloc price list for the coming year.

In order to help you make the necessary preparations and properly budget for your home’s make however, we’ve put together this guide to what to expect from Techo-Bloc pricing in 2018.

Techo-Bloc Offers Affordable Landscaping Materials

No matter how large your small your upcoming project is going to be, you can count on the fact that you’ll be able to pull it off without breaking your budget when you choose to work with Techo-Bloc products.

Techo-Bloc is extraordinary popular because it works hard to manufacture high quality landscaping and hardscaping materials that are affordable to homeowners from all walks of life.

When you first take a look at the stunning beauty and integrity of pavers, slabs, wall blocks, steps, fireplace kits, outdoor grill islands and other Techo-Bloc products, you may worry that the materials may be too expensive for your property.

While the hand-crafted products are absolutely gorgeous, however, they are available at low prices and are much less expensive than other popular landscaping and hardscaping materials.

How is this possible? Even though Techo-Bloc materials may look exactly like natural stone (or in some cases, like natural hardwood), they are actually crafted from concrete. The concrete is then treated for natural coloring, beautiful cuts and rich texturing.

Because concrete is much more affordable than natural stone, you’ll be able to get the look at a fraction of the price. That’s a huge reason why the Techo-Bloc price list for 2018 is so reasonable.

Factors Impacting the Techo-Bloc Price List for 2018

In order to predict what the Techo-Bloc price list will look like in 2018, we need to consider a number of factors which can ultimately impact the cost of hardscaping and landscaping materials for customers like yourself. Here’s a look at a few items which can play a role in pricing:

Manufacturing Costs

When a manufacturer like Techo-Bloc has to pay more in order to produce its materials, it needs to charge its customers more in order to make a profit, and vise-versa. Consequently, we must take manufacturing costs for 2018 into consideration in order to make predictions about the Techo-Bloc price list.

Manufacturing costs can be impacted by how much electricity or energy must be expended during the manufacturing process. Keeping an eye on current energy pricing is a good idea.

In addition to this, consider that some materials feature much more detailing than others, and will therefore require a lot more time and attention during production. Consequently, they may be slightly more expensive.


Fuel can go hand-in-hand with production and energy costs, but it also impacts Techo-Bloc pricing in other ways. First, let’s look at the manufacturing process.

Because certain types of fuel must be used in order to operate equipment and machinery required during the production of Techo-Bloc products, it’s only natural that the rise and fall of fuel prices will impact the Techo-Bloc price list.

Next, let’s consider transportation costs. Techo-Bloc products need to be shipped from the plant where they were manufactured to the showrooms of local dealers like Braen Supply.

When fuel costs are high, it becomes very expensive to transport materials. Consequently, customer costs go up. Watching fuel prices in 2018 will provide you with some insight about Techo-Bloc prices.


When you’re ready to start planning your Techo-Bloc budget, it’s important to be aware of how the quantity of materials you require for your landscaping job will impact Techo-Bloc prices in 2018.

If you’re planning on keeping up with the latest landscaping trends for the new year, you may need to adhere to specific quantities. For example, privacy walls are trending, and demand a higher wall, thereby requiring more wall blocks than a lower retaining wall.

Always take the time to make sure that you’re ordering the right amount of materials in order to get the best deal possible. By doing so, you’ll avoid the hassle of purchasing too much material and wasting money, or the stress caused by ordering too little material and having your project come to a halt while you order more.

If you have any doubts about how much material to purchase, we urge you to speak with a member of our team or another trusted landscaping professional for expert advice.


Only a Techo-Bloc supplier will be able to offer the official Techo-Bloc price list for 2018. Although other suppliers may sell cheap knock-offs or attempt to re-sell Techo-Bloc materials at a marked up rate, you’ll only be able to get a good deal from an authorized dealer. Don’t get ripped off in the new year.

Getting the Best Techo-Bloc Prices in NJ

As a longtime authorized dealer for Techo-Bloc,  Braen Supply is proud to offer high quality Techo-Bloc products at fair and competitive rates. Homeowners from all across NJ and throughout the northeast know they can count on Braen Supply for the lowest rates and the best customer service.

We’re happy to spend time with you to help you plan out your Techo-Bloc budget, to go over the Techo-Bloc price list, to help you calculate how much material to buy and to answer any other questions you may have.

Feel free to visit our local showroom to see our Techo-Bloc products firsthand and to talk with our staff. Our materials can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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