Explore the Techo-Bloc Retaining Wall Collection

Retaining walls are a staple in many NJ home landscapes. Homes that feature slopes or hills depend on retaining wall systems in order to prevent erosion and landslides.

The retaining walls can also help to increase the amount of usable outdoor living space the homeowners can enjoy by creating level areas of land for gardens, patios and terraces.

While a retaining wall certainly needs to be strong, durable and reliable, though, it should also be aesthetically pleasing.

As a leader in the hardscaping and landscaping industry, Techo-Bloc has made it its mission to craft stunningly beautiful and extremely dependable retaining wall blocks that can improve your outdoor living experience.

Homeowners have an incredible 14 different options when it comes to choosing a retaining wall system from Techo-Bloc. Which materials are right for your property? This post will highlight each member of Techo-Bloc’s retaining wall collection to help you make a smart choice.

Techo-Bloc Retaining Walls At-A Glance

What is it that makes Techo-Bloc retaining wall blocks so special and unique? Although they are constructed from highly durable and affordable concrete materials, each style of wall block is carefully designed and crafted to look like natural stone or other natural landscaping materials.

This makes it possible for NJ homeowners to improve the appearance and functionality of their outdoor living spaces without breaking the bank.

In addition to looking fabulous, these materials are designed to be extremely tough and weather-resistant. Even when exposed to the harsh hot and cold climates that we are accustomed to here in the northeast, the walls will be able to hold their own against the elements, preventing soil erosion and ensuring that the landscape as a whole continues to look absolutely beautiful at all times.

The Techo-Bloc Retaining Wall Collection

The Techo-Bloc retaining wall collection is expansive, featuring a wide variety of colors and styles that appeal to homeowners from all walks of life.

Whether you’re looking to create a rustic, traditional, or chic theme for your landscape, you’ll be able to make your dreams come true with the perfect Techo-Bloc wall blocks. Here’s a quick look at what each of the 14 collections available in the US have to offer:


An elegant, double-sided wall collection, Baltimore wall blocks are a great choice for establishing multi-level terraces and gardens, and can also double in their usage for planters. These blocks feature rigid and rugged texturing and are available in shades of brown, tan and gray.


The Borealis collection stands out from other Techo-Bloc retaining wall blocks because instead of resembling the look of stone, the concrete blocks are intended to look like planks of natural wood. The nature of these blocks make them excellent for creating tiered gardens and flower boxes.


NJ homeowners love the rugged and classic look of Brandon retaining wall “stones”. The irregular and somewhat aged facing of the double-sided, interlocking wall system makes it beautiful from all angles.


This new and exciting retaining wall system from Techo-Bloc offers smooth and sleek blocks that are perfect for an array of different landscaping styles and designs.

The blocks are available in shades of gray and brown, offering a neutral and subtly sophisticated appearance.


It’s easy to see why the Graphix wall system is so popular. The unique, modern and geometrically intriguing blocks create a 3-dimensional effect as some blocks are recessed into the wall while others protrude outwards. This series is one of the best for creating a unique and eye-catching retaining wall.


Enjoy southeastern style or an “old west” aesthetic with the Manchester collection by Techo-Bloc. This series of retaining wall blocks features weathered surfacing and a rustic country vibe.

The blocks are available in various warm hues, shapes and dimensions, creating a relaxed and charming wall system.


The Mini-Creta collection is extremely versatile, featuring roughly textured blocks in a variety of rustic colors, shapes, sizes and dimensions. The double-side wall can be enjoyed from any side.

Mini-Creta Architectural

This collection is those who love the look of the Mini-Creta collection but who desire something a bit more upbeat and modern. These blocks follow the style of Mini-Creta but offer brighter colors, sharper edges and sleeker lines.


Featuring a bold, chiseled facing, the Prescott retaining wall system can transform any backyard into an enchanting, natural oasis. The collection is available in various shades of gray, brown and sand.


Homeowners who desire a modern, chic sense of style will appreciate the Raffinato retaining wall system. The blocs are designed with a smooth and sleek facing in stylish shades of black, nickel and beige.

The juxtaposition of the modern, upscale blocks and the natural grass and vegetation in your yard is stunning.


Rocks walls have long been a popular Techo-Bloc product offering. The carved blocks offer a truly naturalistic and simplistically beautiful appearance to any retaining wall system.

Because steps are also available in this collection, it’s easy to complete the look of your wall with an attractive staircase.


Enchanting, romantic, rustic and warm are some of the many words that have been used to describe the Semma wall collection from Techo-Bloc. These deeply and richly textured blocks integrate seamlessly into your natural landscape.


Rough texturing, clean lines and attractive tones of gray and brown are the hallmarks of the Supreme retaining wall collection. Homeowners can make their walls as visually simple or complex as they like, choosing from split-face or sculpted colors.

Travertina Raw

Another new retaining wall system from Techo-Bloc, the Travertina Raw collection mimics natural Travertine – a perfect combination of naturalistic and modern.

Tips for Choosing Techo-Bloc Retaining Wall Blocks

Because there are so many great options for constructing a gorgeous and functional retaining wall system with Techo-Bloc products, you may be wondering how to select the right materials for your home.

We suggest visiting the showroom of an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer in your locale to get a better idea about how the materials look in person.

Here you can ask questions and get more information abut the wall systems you’re most interested in. You might also consider taking advantage of online design software tools that help you to visualize how specific wall blocks and systems might look within the scope of your unique landscape.

Finally, it’s often wise to seek out the consul of a professional landscape designer. Ask your Techo-Bloc supplier for referrals to local contractors and designers who are familiar with Techo-Bloc retaining wall systems.

Building a Techo-Bloc Retaining Wall in NJ

Braen Supply is here to help you construct your perfect Techo-Bloc retaining wall. At our local showroom, you can take a look at the many different Techo-Bloc wall blocks that are available to you.

Our team of experts can answer your questions about the products you are most interested in, and help you to make the right decision for your landscape. We always offer the fairest market rates on Techo-Bloc retaining wall materials.

Our Techo-Bloc products can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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