How Techo-Bloc Stone in Northern New Jersey Can Give Your Home a Smooth Finish

You’ve worked hard to make sure that you and your family can live in the beautiful home of your dreams. Whether you searched and saved up for that turn-of-the-century home with all of its charms or decided to build a modern masterpiece of your very own, it’s been very important to you that your house reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Why would you settle for anything less for your hardscape? Even with green grass, a sparkling swimming pool, and a lot of outdoor living pace, your home just isn’t complete without that extra little something.

But what is that extra something, exactly? We’re pretty sure you’ll find it with Techo-Bloc. Techo-Bloc manufactures stunning, concrete pavers and stone for steps, walls, caps, etc.

Each unit is designed and crafted with the stunningly unique beauty of nature in mind. No matter how much or how little Techo-Bloc you choose to incorporate into your property’s hardscape, you’ll finally feel that it adds that “je ne sais quoi” that you’ve been missing.

Isn’t it time to tie your whole property together with a smooth, satisfying finish? If you’re ready, we’re willing to help you with the process. Read on to learn more about Techo-Bloc products and choosing the best materials for your home.

Techo-Bloc At-A-Glance

Techo-Bloc is passionate about connecting homeowners with high quality, manufactured stone products that will enhance their properties without draining their bank accounts. Each Techo-Bloc product is carefully designed to reflect all of the natural beauty of stone, right down to the colors and rich textures.

The benefit of going the manufactured route, of course, is that you’ll be able to expect uniform quality from each and every unit. There’s no more worrying about a stone featuring a major chip or blemish that could detract from the beauty of the remainder of your project.

Despite the fact that each unit is crafted to perfection, though, you still won’t be able to tell the difference between natural and manufactured Techo-Bloc stone – they’re just that good.

Techo-Bloc Pavers and Slabs

Techo-Bloc concrete pavers and concrete slabs are among the most popular materials selected for upgrading home hardscapes. One of the primary advantages to working with Techo-Bloc pavers is that you’ll have a huge variety of options in terms of style, color and patterns.

Whether you’re trying to bring a bit of Tuscany, Paris or traditional New England charm to your property, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. The pavers and slabs can be custom cut and arranged to suit your unique style, or you might draw inspiration from the Techo-Bloc design catalogue.

The pavers and slabs are commonly chosen for projects including driveways, front sidewalks, garden paths, patios, outdoor kitchen floors, seating areas around fire pits, swimming pool decks and more.

Techo-Bloc materials are easy to install and can endure the highest volumes of foot and vehicular traffic. They don’t stain or scratch easily and aren’t prone to weathering from the sun. They will continue to look and function beautifully throughout the years.

Techo-Bloc Walls

Many NJ homeowners have found that retaining walls not only serve the much-need purpose of preventing land from eroding away, but can also look absolutely stunning while doing it.

Instead of your average cinder block retaining wall, Techo-Bloc makes it possible for you to establish a stunning masterpiece that will draw the attention of everyone who passes by your home. You’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors and styles to ensure that your wall looks fabulous and increases your property value.

You may even decide to erect walls throughout other areas of your property in order to create more usable living space on hills and slopes. Techo-Bloc has the ability to support lateral loads and build up multi-tiered gardens, patios, etc.

Techo-Bloc Steps

Stone steps are a fantastic way to connect two or more areas of your property that are situated at differing elevations. Although natural stone is expensive, Techo-Bloc steps and caps look and act like the real thing without breaking your budget.

This means that you can also afford to install other Techo-Bloc features throughout your hardscape that will pair beautifully with the steps. Numerous kits are available for you to choose from.

This ensures that you are able to find materials that mesh with your personal style preferences while also being able to create a uniform look between your different landscaping, hardscaping and architectural elements.

Techo-Bloc Outdoor Features

A growing number of homeowners are making the decision to upgrade their landscapes with bonus features like fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and pizza ovens. These features allow you to get even more out of your outdoor living spaces and to maximize your time with your friends and family.

When you install high quality products like those available from Techo-Bloc, you can also get the most bang for your buck as your initial investment will significantly increase your home’s value.

Find features that attract your eye while looking beautiful when contrasted against the rest of your landscape – including any stainless steel outdoor appliances. Techo-Bloc makes it easy to select the perfect centerpiece for your great outdoors.

Techo-Bloc Care and Maintenance

Once installed, Techo-Bloc is simple to care for. Your Techo-Bloc materials will continue to look and function perfectly with minimal effort on your part. We do recommend that you consider seal-coating pavers and similar materials for added strength and durability.

Beyond this, though, you’ll simply need to sweep and spray down your manufactured stone on a regular basis in order to prevent a buildup of dust or debris that could potential cause mold or staining.

While some ice melting products can be used on Techo-Bloc materials, we suggest that you consult with manufacturer specifications before applying anything during the winter months.

Techo-Bloc Pricing

When compared to natural stone and other manufactured stone products, Techo-Bloc is one of the most affordable hardscaping brands on the market.

You’ll find that it’s easy to budget for a project that will completely transform your landscape and allow you to fall in love with your home all over again. Be sure to seek out an authorized Techo-Bloc supplier in order to ensure that you get the fairest prices.

Buying Techo-Bloc in NJ

If you’re excited about getting started with your Techo-Bloc project, there’s no time to waste! Braen Supply is ready to help you select your materials and provide valuable tips and advice for tackling the work.

As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we carry a full inventory of products to guarantee that you’re able to find materials that meet your every need and desire. Our skilled team is knowledgeable about each product line and can address your questions about the installation process.

We’re well-connected within the industry and can point you in the direction of reliable, local contractors who have worked with Techo-Bloc products. We offer low, competitive prices on all of our materials. Our Techo-Bloc products can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA.