Techo Bloc Buying Guide: Prices, Reviews and Dealers

techo-bloc-buying-guideAs you make plans to complete your next landscaping project, Techo Bloc is probably at the front of your mind. Known for quality and excellence, Techo Bloc offers versatile solutions for all outdoor living, landscaping and hardscaping needs.

By taking the time to learn what makes Techo Bloc stand out, how to estimate Techo Bloc prices and where to buy Techo Bloc, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful and cost-effective outdoor space.

Techo Bloc Means Excellence

For more than two decades, Techo Bloc has been a trusted leader in designing and manufacturing the best landscaping products, including paving stones, retaining wall systems and masonry stones. Those who choose Techo Bloc for an outdoor space are able to enjoy naturally beautiful stones with consistent sizing for fast, easy installation and aesthetic appeal. Techo Bloc takes pride in manufacturing the very best stones possible, without ever cutting corners.

Through the patented Tumble Master process, the bar for quality standards has been raised for aged products. This innovative process makes it possible to create an aged appearance to pavers and curbstones while simultaneously eliminating breakage and cement slurry. Since the PSI levels of Techo Bloc pavers are constantly surpassing industry standards, these stones are the ideal choice for any and all paving needs.

On top of this, each of the stones manufactured by Techo Bloc are developed on identical machines for precision and uniformity, and all pavers, curbstones and wall stones are carefully designed to complement one another, for truly cohesive landscaping.

Estimating Techo Bloc Prices

Compared to other stones, Techo Bloc is able to offer the most value for your dollar. If you purchase low quality, inferior stones, you can expect a higher amount of product waste. This makes projects more expensive for contractors, as they end up ordering more material than they really need, and the cost to customers increases to cover excess materials.

Additionally, a great deal of time is wasted on poor stones, as they create more challenges throughout the installation process. This increases labor prices, which again, raises the cost of the project. Lastly, low grade stones tend to crack and fall apart, meaning that expensive replacements and repairs will be necessary. Techo Bloc, on the other hand, is durable and long lasting.

When estimating how much your next Techo Bloc installation will cost, consider that the size of your order will play the biggest role in pricing. For obvious reasons, a large outdoor patio will require a larger investment than a walkway, however, a bulk order may result in lowered rates, depending on the supplier.

Keep in mind, also, that the location from which you make your order can influence total costs. Always be on guard against online scams. Although you may find a seller on Craigslist offering very cheap stone, you’ll get what you pay for. Ultimately, if Techo Bloc prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. To ensure that you purchase only genuine and high quality Techo Bloc at rates that are fair and competitive, it is wise to select a certified Techo Bloc supplier.

The Best Techo Bloc Suppliers

In order to ensure that you get the best Techo Bloc prices, always buy from an approved, local masonry supplier. For contractors and homeowners located in the Northeast, Braen Supply is the best bet for purchasing a wide variety of high-quality Techo Bloc products. These versatile and durable stones are available for pickup in two New Jersey locations, and can be bulk delivered throughout New Jersey, New York and other local states, depending on the order size.