The Top Mulch Supplier in NJ & NY

Mulch Suppler in NJ & NYAs the weather begins to turn from winter to spring everyone begins to think about all of the changes and additions they’d like to make to their landscape. At some point you’ll likely consider replacing or adding mulch to various aspects of your landscape.

To get started with this project you first need to find a reliable mulch supplier in NJ & NY. We know that there are a lot of different suppliers for you to choose from which is why we’ve broken down why you should look for a local supplier to assist you with your needs.

Finding the Best Mulch Supplier in NJ & NY

Finding the top mulch supplier in NJ & NY can be very easy if you look for a few key things in your supplier. We recommend looking for:

Superior Materials

When purchasing mulch for your landscape, you want to feel confident that you’re getting the materials that will perform efficiently and effectively. Suppliers that have been in the industry for years have developed relationships with homeowners and contractors. They’ve developed these relationships because they provide the materials people want at a high quality.

At Braen Supply we’re committed to helping customers obtain the most sought-after mulching materials. We treat your landscape like it’s our own. That means we’ll assist you with anything you need to help your property come out perfectly. We want to make sure you can get the products you want, when you need them.

Cedar mulch is the most popular mulch we offer as it has superior insulation and moisture retention qualities, repels insects, prevents weed growth and is available in multiple color variations.

Expert Advice

You may be unsure of what kind of mulch is perfect for you landscape or which color would work best. The best mulch suppliers will be able to provide insight from years of experience in the industry. They’ll be able to recommend different types, colors and help estimate the amount you’ll need.

At Braen Supply we train our team members to focus on helping you with anything you need. We want to see your landscape succeed, which is why our knowledgable team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

We’ve been working in the landscape, masonry and construction industries for more than a decade. During that time we’ve learned some awesome tips that we’d love to share with you.

Great Prices

When you’re looking to re-mulch or mulch your landscape for the first time you’re looking to do it within a certain budget. Overall many suppliers will offer similar prices on cedar mulch, with minimal fluctuations. This means that no matter your supplier you should be able to complete your project on a budget.

We pride ourselves on always providing some of the best prices to our customers. As one of the top providers of mulch in NJ & NY we believe that offering mulch at wholesale prices will allow you achieve the landscape of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Once you’ve purchased your mulch, you’ll want to be able to take it home and apply it to your property right away. Because we like to treat your landscape like our own, we make it as convenient as possible for you to transport and use your mulch.

Our mulching materials are available by the individual bag or by the pallet (56 bags) to ensure you can maneuver your mulch with ease. Our past experiences have shown us that customers prefer mulch in bags as it can be safely carried and poured without causing excess strain on the body.

The Top Mulch Suppler in NJ & NY

As one of the largest landscape suppliers in northern NJ we pride ourselves on always providing the best materials at the most competitive prices. We have a knowledgable and passionate team available at all times to speak with you about your upcoming project.

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