Belgard London Cobble Paver Review

There’s something truly romantic and enchanting about the cobblestone roads that line the streets of Europe. This sophisticated look is not only classically elegant, but is also filled with character and possibilities.

It’s for these very reasons that so many home and business owners love making use of Belgard concrete interlocking pavers from the London Cobble family.

These gorgeous pavers are the perfect addition to any landscape or hardscape and will allow you to fall in love with your property all over again while adding to its overall value.

How do we know? Because we at Braen Supply have spent a great deal of time getting to know these concrete pavers and have seen numerous customers satisfied with the finalized project. Check out our London Cobble Belgard paver review to learn more.

London Cobble Belgard Concrete Interlocking Pavers At-a-Glance

Belgard’s London Cobble pavers offer property owners the ability to create a hardscape that is upscale and elegant on a budget that is affordable for anyone. The cut, shapes, colors and textures associated with the pavers evoke a sense of London’s sophistication and charm, bridging the gap between the old world and the new world.


When conducting our Belgard paver review, we came to the conclusion that the benefits associated with using Belgard Interlocking Pavers, and namely those of the London Cobble collection, are numerous.

Those who install these Belgard concrete interlocking pavers will fall in love with the way that the materials can completely transform a property into something incredibly unique.

In addition to appearances, London Cobble concrete pavers are easy to work with and install, and once installed, they remain strong and in place, even when subject to high volumes of traffic. The pavers don’t fade when exposed to sunlight, are able to withstand the elements and are easy to clean and maintain.

Available Shapes

Property owners enjoy the ability to get creative with the different paver shapes available from the London Cobble collection. The concrete pavers can be purchased in square and rectangular shapes, as well as 5-piece units to create circular patterns.

Many people have fun playing around with the different shapes to create unique and visually interesting patterns and layouts. You might try mixing and matching square and rectangular blocks to make designs that stand out.

Available Colors

There’s no shortage of colors that can be selected when working with London Cobble Belgard concrete pavers. This Belgard paver review will cover all 8 available hues.

  • Amaretto – These London Cobble pavers are extremely naturalistic and attractive. The concrete pavers are comprised of a blend of tans and beiges and feature a rich texture that really “pops”.
  • Bella – Enjoy the European style with a little bit of flair. These pavers offer a blend of rust brown, grays and blue grays.
  • Charcoal – The deep, slate gray colors associated with charcoal London Cobble pavers are smooth and sleek and work well both for properties with a classic style or a modern-chic look.
  • Flash Brown – The aged look of these pavers is supported by the mix of browns, tans and beiges.
  • Sable Blend – Experience the true look of paved, cobblestone London streets. The rich grays and variants of gray are truly elegant.
  • Liberty Blend – The concrete pavers have a blend of reds and grays and feature a rich texture that gives these pavers a really rustic look.
  • Silex Blend – Experience the true look of paved, cobblestone London streets. The rich grays and variants of gray are truly elegant.
  • Sandalwood – These pavers offer a unique look mixing red and yellow tones.


When compared to other materials, London Cobble Belgard concrete pavers are extremely cost-efficient and budget-friendly. Those who have used the pavers tend to agree that their many benefits make them well worth the investment.

In order to get the best prices, it’s important to seek out an authorized Belgard dealer that is selling genuine Belgard pavers as opposed to a cheap knockoff, and that will not overcharge you in order to make a quick buck.

Keep in mind that the larger your project area and the more complex your design layout, the more materials and labor may be required. This can also add to your costs, so keep this in mind as you plan out your budget.

Did you find our London Cobble Belgard Paver review useful? Are you interested in using these versatile pavers for your upcoming project? Feel free to reach out to one of our professional team members to discuss your options, to address your questions, and to learn more about working with Belgard products.

We are an authorized Belgard dealer and can bulk deliver your materials to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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