Where Can I Buy Belgard Pavers at Great Prices for Bulk Delivery in NJ?

buy-belgard-pavers-njThe look of a home or building’s front drive can greatly influence its value, and the landscape materials used for a patio can affect how much time a family spends outdoors. It is because of this that it is very important to select the right stone pavers for your next landscaping project.

Belgard Pavers create a “wow factor” that will last through the ages and are very affordable. Here’s a quick glance at the versatility of these pavers, the benefits of using them and where to buy Belgard pavers in New Jersey.

Belgard Pavers are Highly Versatile

Belgard Pavers can be utilized to add beauty and visual appeal to any outdoor space. Regardless of your landscaping needs, these gorgeous paving stones can be used in the design of driveways, front walkways, entertaining patios, pool decks, outdoor fireplaces, pavilions and numerous other projects. Because Belgard Pavers are available in so many different colors, styles, shapes and patterns, it’s easy to create the aesthetic that you or your clients are hoping to achieve.

Belgard Paving Stones Offer Numerous Benefits

In addition to looking great, there are a host of other reasons to choose to buy Belgard Pavers in NJ. These durable and eco-friendly stones are able to offer multiple benefits to users, including:

  • Simple Maintenance – It’s not difficult to keep stone pavers looking absolutely gorgeous. With regular sweeping, occasional rinsing and optional sealing, paving stones will remain strong and durable throughout the years. Even small blemishes are easy to hide or repair. Interlocking Belgard Pavers can quickly and affordably be replaced, and multi-colored paving stones will mask stains.
  • Strength and Durability – Unlike poured concrete, Belgard Pavers will move in unison with the earth, making any cracking or damages less frequent. In fact, stone pavers are three times stronger than poured concrete, and are more capable of handling the harsh weather conditions that are so common in the Northeast. Lastly, Belgard Pavers can accommodate heavy weight in high-traffic areas, making them ideal for walkways, driveways and roads in historical points of interest.
  • Safety – The texture of Belgard Pavers provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions. This makes these stunning stones safe for poolside patios, walkways and driveways – rain or shine.
  • Environmentally friendly – Permeable Belgard paving stones assist in preserving the environment, and our water. This is because the voids between the pavers encourage the infiltration of rainwater into the soil, both recharging the groundwater and reducing the amount of stormwater runoff. Ultimately, this decreases the likelihood of flooding and lowers the rate of erosion. Belgard offers a collection of permeable patio pavers including Subterra Stone, Eco Dublin, Turfstone and Aqua Roc.

Where to Buy Belgard Pavers in NJ

If you’re planning to buy Belgard Pavers in NJ, you’ll want to ensure that you get high-quality stones at fair, reasonable prices. Reputable suppliers like Braen Supply make it simple for contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike to afford these versatile pavers, and have them bulk delivered throughout NJ, and other neighboring states, based upon order size.

No matter what look you or your customers are going for, you’ll be able to create it with the endless possibilities offered with Belgard pavers.