Norwegian Buff Stone for Patios and Walkways: Review and Benefits

norwegian-buff-stone-walkwayIf you’re making plans to improve your home’s value, the importance of curbside appeal should never be underestimated. Even simple changes like installing new Norwegian Buff Stone patios, terraces or walkways can make your home far more attractive and significantly raise its net worth.

Its attractiveness, many uses and advantages are what make Norwegian buff stone (sometimes referred to as Norwegian buff quartzite) so popular in projects like these. Here’s a closer look at how this stone can beautify your property, the benefits that it can offer and how you can be smart about purchasing it.

Common Uses for Norwegian Buff Stone

Although Norwegian buff quartzite can be used on a concrete base as a flooring stone for indoors, it most commonly appears in outdoor projects. The unique colors that are prevalent in this stone, and the fact that no two batches of stone are exactly the same are what make these pieces so beautiful for front walkways and terraces, backyard patios and especially poolside Norwegian buff stone patios.

Advantages of Norwegian Buff Stone

The use of Norwegian buff quartzite comes with many advantages, which is why so many homeowners choose to work with this stone in outdoor landscaping and outdoor living projects. Some of the draws of Norwegian buff stone include:

  • Unique Style – As mentioned previously, this particular stone is known for being highly unique. This uniqueness of quartzite enables stylish homeowners to create beautiful Norwegian buff stone patios and walkways that stand apart from the rest of the cookie cutter designs sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.
  • Versatility – Because Norwegian buff stone is composed of various colors (including grays, whites, tans, rust, bursts of orange and even blues), it can easily work with all styles of homes. Whether your house is brick, stone or has wood siding, and regardless of what color you choose to paint it, your front walkway or backyard terrace will look stunning.
  • Aversion to Heat Retention – The use of Norwegian buff stone for outdoor patios around a home pool is very popular, as the quartzite material remains relatively cool to the touch, despite the temperature outside. This is because it does not retain heat during direct sunlight.
  • Durability – One of the biggest advantages to this stone is its ability to endure. This means that you will always get the most value for your dollar spent, as your patio will last through weather and heavy usage.
  • Price Point – Of the many types of stone available on the market, Norwegian buff is offered at a competitive price point, making it a smart choice for savvy homeowners.

Tips for Buying Norwegian Buff Stone in NJ

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of Norwegian buff stone patios and walkways, you must be smart about making your purchase. Take the time to measure how much of an area you will need to fill with the stone. Remember that the more exact you are in your measurements, the less money you’ll spend, and the less excess stone you’ll have left over. You must also consider whether you would prefer square or rectangular cut stone, or more rugged and natural cuts for your project.

Similar to all things out there, you get what you pay for with Norwegian buff stone. If you buy the cheapest out there, it will have a very rough texture on top, an extreme variance in thickness and often pieces will be out of square. These things will lead to excessive install time and potential excess waste, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Braen Supply provides not only great prices, but will handle bulk deliveries, so that you don’t have to worry about hauling the stone yourself. Our large inventory includes varying sizes of Norwegian buff stone and Norwegian buff stone treads. Our expansive inventory ensures that you get quality Norwegian buff stone that matches throughout your landscape.

Incorporating Norwegian buff stone into your home’s exterior design can be a very rewarding DIY project, but be sure to ask a professional for help, if needed.