The Best Brick Veneer Prices in NJ

brick veneer prices njEveryone can appreciate the sophisticated beauty that brick has to offer. Unfortunately, working with brick can create certain challenges and can also be expensive, depending on the overall scope of the project.

This is where brick veneers come into play. Instead of a solid brick wall, thin brick veneer is applied to a surface for the same effect at a fraction of the weight and cost. So how much do brick veneers cost, exactly?

The answer to this common question will vary based upon several different factors. This post will explore some of these factors in an effort to help you better budget for your brick veneer project.

Full brick vs thin brick veneers

The type of brick veneer that you choose to work with will make a big difference in how much you’ll need to invest in your materials. Full brick is simply comprised of full sized bricks. A thin brick veneer, on the other hand, is full brick that is cut in half vertically and then placed on an existing material, such as concrete.

Because a thin brick veneer is much thinner, it will also be a lot lighter than full brick. In addition, since brick is generally sold based upon weight, you can expect that individual full brick units will cost more than individual thin brick veneer units.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional about what your project needs actually involve and how that can impact your budget so that you can be sure that you purchase the most cost-efficient materials possible.

Project size and scope

For obvious reasons, you’ll need to take the size and scope of your project into consideration as you estimate your expenses. If the fireplace has a large chimney that will also require a brick veneer, you’ll need to anticipate extra materials and labor.

The same is true of cases where you plan on installing a matching brick veneer hearth or mantle. Be sure to measure out the total coverage area and present this number to your supplier to accurately calculate your needs and projected budget.

Professional vs DIY installation

The installation of brick veneers is a relatively simple and painless process. For those who are interested in tackling do-it-yourself type projects, a full brick or thin brick veneer job will present no trouble at all. After preparing the surface and creating the design layout of your choice, the brick will need to be applied to the appropriate surface.

It’s usually recommended that you begin with the corners and outer edges before working your way into the main field. Next, grout and strike the joints. Finally, you’ll need to clear away any extra mortar, clean up and let the new brick fully set. Handling this project by yourself can be relatively quick, painless and will allow you to save a lot of money on labor.

If you are questioning your ability to handle the work, you would probably be best served by hiring a professional. This will eliminate any chance that the veneer will need to be redone or that mistakes will need to be remedied. Although you’ll spend a little more on labor costs, it will be worth it if you feel you’re at risk of making an error during installation.


Don’t get ripped off by a vendor that doesn’t manufacture its own bricks and veneers. These types of businesses won’t be able to provide you with accurate product information and will also be unable to offer the lowest and most competitive pricing. Be sure to also look for a supplier that offers affordable delivery services.

The best brick veneer prices in NJ

As the leading supplier of full bricks and thin brick veneers in NJ, Braen Supply can offer you the lowest and most competitive pricing around. We take pride in manufacturing a consistently superior product on a budget that our customers can afford.

Our team of experts is always available to assist people with calculating material needs, deciding which type of brick option to invest in and offering installation and maintenance tips. We can also help you to find a reliable contractor to handle the installation on your behalf. Our bricks and brick veneer services can be picked up, bulk delivered or installed to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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