Installing a Stone Veneer Fireplace in NJ: The Homeowner’s Rulebook

stone veneer fireplaceThere’s nothing quite like the soothing “pop” of a crackling fire on a crisp fall or winter evening, and there’s no better place to gather around a fire than in front of your thin stone veneer fireplace. Whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, it’s the centerpiece of your living space.

As such, you desire an attractive and practical fireplace that will accommodate all of your needs. Thin stone veneers enable folks like yourself to enjoy all the beauty and benefits associated with natural stone at a fraction of the installation cost.

But what else should you know about installing a thin stone veneer fireplace? This guide will walk you through the basics so that you know what to expect through the materials selection and veneer installation process.

Benefits of a Thin Stone Veneer Fireplace

Why would you choose a thin stone veneer for your fireplace? Here’s a look at a few of the benefits:

  • Beauty – When it comes to a fireplace installation, looks matter. Because the fireplace acts as a focal point, you want to feel confident that the thin stone veneer you select will be attractive. Regardless of the type of stone or brick veneer that you select, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a completely natural look. You’ll have the freedom to choose between a number of different types of stone styles, shapes, sizes and colors to suit your individual needs and desires. Some users even opt to work with cultured stone for full control over the color and consistency of the thin veneer.
  • Ease of Installation – One of the key advantages to working with thin stone veneer throughout the fireplace construction process is that it’s much easier and faster to install. The lighter weight to the materials further simplifies the process. Whether you’re planning on tackling the project on your own or working with a professional, you’ll find that you’ll end up saving a lot of time and labor expenses.
  • Flexibility – Because of its size, users can typically expect a higher degree of flexibility and versatility with a thin stone veneer than with other materials. The veneer is easier to cut and shape as desired, and is therefore simpler to install in areas that otherwise might create challenges and difficulties.
  • Cost – The primary reason why people choose to install a thin stone veneer fireplace is that it’s the most affordable means of sprucing up the unit. Fewer materials are required and the materials that are used are much lighter in weight than through other installation methods.

Choosing Materials

When installing a thin stone veneer fireplace, you’ll be able to choose from various veneers in a variety of colors ranging from earthy browns to warm grays. Your decision will be based upon your individual preferences and budget as well as which you feel will be the best fit for your existing interior or exterior decor.

Professional Installation vs DIY

The thin stone veneer fireplace installation process can certainly be tackled by a skilled do-it-yourselfer, but it is highly recommended to hire a qualified mason. A mason will have the appropriate tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

However, if you do choose to do it yourself, after selecting the desired layout and applying a scratch coat, the thin stone veneer should be installed by starting around the corners and edges and working your way into the main field.

Next, you’ll grout and strike the joints before cleaning and allowing the veneer to dry and set. If you have any doubts about your ability to handle any of these steps, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional.

Where to Buy Thin Stone Veneers in NJ

If you’re interested in a thin stone veneer fireplace, it’s time for you to plan a visit to the Braen Supply showroom. We’re the leading supplier of thin stone and thin brick veneers throughout all of NJ. We work closely with our customers throughout the materials selection process, and are happy to connect people with contractors who can help with the installation process.

All of our thin stone fireplace veneers are available at competitive wholesale prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to job sites in NJ, NY, PA and CT.
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