Bulk Mulch for Sale in Bergen County, NJ

Braen Supply makes buying bulk mulch in Bergen County a quick, easy and affordable experience. A trusted supplier of quality landscaping products since 2000, Braen Supply is committed to providing outstanding customer service and convenient delivery options, along with highly competitive prices and the kind of industry-leading expertise you just won’t find anywhere else.

When you’re buying bulk mulch in Bergen County, you need to take three key factors into consideration: the cost of the product, the nature of the supplier and the supplier’s value-added service options.

At Braen Supply, we believe that we offer the region’s best combination of trusted products, low prices and knowledgeable service. You’ll enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience when you choose Braen Supply.

Bulk Mulch Bergen County: Product Considerations

Your first step will be to determine the type of bulk mulch you need. At Braen Supply, we offer three main options:

  • Hardwood bulk mulch is a top-selling all-purpose product that is perfect for filling in large spaces, such as those you might find in a park, playground or commercial property. Homeowners and residential landscapers also use bulk hardwood mulch as a practical and affordable option in flower beds, yards and gardens.
  • Cedar bulk mulch is considered an upgrade from hardwood. People love its uniform appearance, and it also retains more moisture than hardwood mulch, making it easier to maintain and more difficult to scatter. Pests also tend to steer clear of both hardwood and cedar mulch, making these options ideal if you’re trying to ward off their activity.
  • Dyed bulk mulch is a premium option, and it is favored by landscapers and homeowners looking to create a very specific effect. Comprised of healthy chunks made from higher-quality raw materials, dyed mulch is then colored and treated before going on the market.

It is available in a broad range of hues, with black, brown and red ranking among the most popular. One of the best things about dyed mulch is its long life; it is formulated to maintain its performance characteristics for up to two years when used in normal conditions.

Bulk Mulch Bergen County: Mulch Costs and Pricing

For many people, cost is an all-important consideration. Use this guide to balance quality and value:

  • Hardwood bulk mulch is the least expensive option, but treated areas will need to be filled in more frequently.
  • Cedar bulk mulch offers an optimal mixture of better quality and affordability, and requires a little less maintenance than hardwood.
  • Dyed bulk mulch is the most expensive option, but it it also the longest-lasting and best-performing type of mulch on the market.

At Braen Supply, we process all bulk mulch orders individually, ensuring that you get the best possible price. Costs vary according to the type of bulk mulch you’re buying, as well as the size of your order.

Bulk Mulch Bergen County: Convenient Delivery

At Braen Supply, we only offer delivery services of bulk mulch. It is not available for pick-up. Our delivery area includes Bergen County, as well as locations throughout New Jersey and the New York City area.

Bulk Mulch Bergen County: Get Your Free Estimate Today

As mentioned, Braen Supply offers individual price quotes on all bulk mulch orders. If you need help deciding which type of bulk mulch would be best-suited to your needs or if you have any other questions, please contact a Braen Supply customer service representative.

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