The Best Bulk Mulch Prices Across NJ

Braen Supply is pleased to offer some of the lowest bulk mulch prices in NJ and the surrounding area. A trusted local supplier of bagged mulch for many years, Braen Supply has recently added bulk mulch to its list of product offerings.

If you’re located in New Jersey, the New York City area, Bergen County or an adjacent region and you need fast, convenient bulk mulch delivery, trust Braen Supply to meet your needs with timely, courteous and affordable service.

Bulk Mulch Prices in NJ: Factors Affecting the Cost of Bulk Mulch

Not all bulk mulch is made equal, and if you’re looking for the best quality at the lowest possible price, it’s important that you understand some fundamental factors that influence costs.

The single most important factor is the type of bulk mulch you’re buying. Hardwood mulch is generally the most affordable option. It has a pleasing brown, earthy appearance and a dry texture, making it a versatile and economical all-purpose option.

Cedar mulch is of slightly higher quality, with a more uniform and refined appearance. While it is also usually quite dry, it retains more moisture than hardwood bulk mulch and is a better option if you’re looking for a longer-lasting product.

Finally, dyed mulch is the most expensive option. It has a very unique appearance, with reds and blacks being the most popular colors. Dyed mulch is an outstanding choice for residential landscaping applications, particularly if you’re striving to achieve a specific look. If you’re looking to match your mulch with your home’s existing exterior design elements, bulk mulch comes in a wide variety of hues and finishes.

Additional factors that influence bulk mulch prices in NJ include:

  • Overall quality of the product.
  • Supply chain considerations.
  • Supplier overhead costs.
  • Delivery options and service area.

You should always choose a company with specific expertise in landscaping products, rather than a generalized supplier. This delivers superior customer service, as you can get detailed answers to any questions you might have about the makeup, performance characteristics or relative quality of the product.

Bulk Mulch Prices in NJ: The Pros and Cons of the Various Bulk Mulch Options on the Market

If you need additional guidance selecting the best type of bulk mulch for your intended application, consider the following pros and cons of each of the three main options on the market:

  • Hardwood bulk mulch is very affordable, and its versatility makes it well-suited to a broad range of applications. While hardwood bulk mulch is a bestselling product, its lifespan is shorter and its lighter weight makes it more prone to scattering.
  • Cedar bulk mulch has a pleasant smell that also repels pests and troublesome insects, making it ideal for residential and commercial landscaping. It is available in a range of colors and textures, and because it is shredded and retains more moisture, it remains in place better than hardwood products. However, its cost is usually higher, though it’s not normally as expensive as dyed mulch.
  • Dyed bulk mulch is the priciest option, as mentioned, but it is also widely considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing option. In addition to its unique look, dyed mulch also lasts a very long time, with average color retention periods of up to two years in normal New Jersey climate and weather conditions.

Bulk Mulch Prices in NJ: Get Great Deals on Quality Products with Braen Supply

Braen Supply is a trusted supplier of bulk mulch and landscaping products, serving customers throughout New Jersey and the greater New York City metropolitan area. With quality products and a very broad delivery area, trust Braen Supply to meet all your landscaping needs with courteous service, highly competitive prices and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

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