The Definitive Guide to Buying the Right Landscaping Supplies

Buying the Right Landscaping SuppliesA landscaping project can help to completely transform your property, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor living space and become the envy of your friends and neighbors. While you may have a few ideas about what you’d like to do to your landscape, you might not know exactly where to begin or how to actually go about executing your plans.

What type of landscaping supplies will you need? Which materials will best meet your needs?

This simple guide will answer these and other questions that you may have about your upcoming landscaping project.

Visualize Your Landscape

Before you can begin to develop the landscape of your dreams you have to have a good idea of what your dreams actually entail. What type of look are you hoping to achieve throughout your property?

Some homeowners may prefer a more traditional colonial style with boulders and fieldstone walls, while other homeowners may be hoping to create an elegant and sophisticated modern style hardscape with non-tumbled concrete pavers and clean dry-stacked stone veneers.

There are countless options to transform your landscape which is why we encourage taking the time to visualize exactly how you want everything to look. This is a crucial first step that will dictate how the future of your landscape turns out.

Assess Your Landscape Supply Needs

Once you know what you want to do with your landscape you can start to think about the types of landscape supplies that you’ll require. You may begin to research different types of drainage systems, or the various types of crushed and decorative stone and their uses.

You’ll also want to asses the difficulty level of your project. If you can do it yourself, you’ll need to plan to purchase landscaping supplies like shovels, wheel barrels, gloves and other materials. This will help you to develop a more accurate estimate of what you should budget for your upcoming project.

Choose a Great Landscape Supplier

So where should you go to purchase all of your landscaping supplies? Picking out an excellent and trustworthy supplier is easy when you know what to look for.

You should start by looking for a landscape supplier with extensive experience in the industry. Suppliers who have been in the business for years will be knowledgable and able to help you make important decisions about your landscaping project. They’ll also be able to help you connect with reliable contractors for larger undertakings.

In addition to experience you want to use a landscape supplier who has extensive stock and supply available on site. When they have the product available on site it is an indicator that they typically sell a large amount of the product, which means they’re likely the top choice of homeowners and contractors. Having product available on site will mean that you can get your materials quickly and efficiently.

A supplier with extensive stock available and a knowledgable sales staff will always provide you with the most value for your dollar. They’ll be willing to discuss your project, provide advice where needed and make sure you get everything when you need it.

Buying Landscape Supplies

Braen Supply is the largest supplier of landscape supplies in northern NJ. We’ve become the largest supplier because of our passion and dedication to helping homeowners create the landscape of their dreams. We’ve been trusted by homeowners and contractors for more than a decade to provide advice, materials and contractor recommendations for every job imaginable.

We carry a wide variety of landscaping supplies on site to ensure that we can always meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Our friendly and knowledgable team members are available to assist you with all of your project questions and needs. If you’re looking to get started on a project stop by and view all of our products in person.

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