How to Give Your Yard Curb Appeal with Techo-Bloc Curbing

Your front driveway may be paved beautifully. Your flower garden might feature vibrant colors and healthy blossoms. Your front yard may consist of the most dazzlingly green lawn on the entire block.

Regardless of how much effort you’ve put into creating a gorgeous, polished look for your landscape and hardscape, though, it may still be missing something. If the edges of your grass, pavers, or even gardening spaces don’t have the same polished look as the rest of your property, these areas could bring the rest of your landscape down with them.

Suddenly, instead of noticing the flowers, your eye is drawn to the scattered mulch or soil, and instead of focusing on magnificent driveway pavers, your neighbors are making note of the gaps between the driveway edges and your lawn.

This is where Techo-Bloc curbing can step up to the plate and save the day. Ready to learn more? Read on to discover the benefits of Techo-Bloc curbing and how to find the right materials for your home.

Benefits of Techo-Bloc Curbing

What’s the big deal with curbing, anyway? At first glance, you may think that adding concrete curbing to your landscape is just a frivolous extra, but when you take look at the many benefits that Techo-Bloc curbing has to offer, we’re sure you’ll change your mind:  

Curb Appeal

For starters, Techo-Bloc curbing will significantly improve the overall curb appeal of your home. Adding a curb or edge to the various areas of your landscape – including driveways, paths, flower beds, gardens, ponds and your property line.

This will establish a more complete, polished appearance that will attract the eye and be very visually pleasing. This, in turn, makes the whole landscape and home look cleaner and more beautiful, thus boosting property value.

Design Flexibility

Techo-Bloc strives to provide homeowners with options for designing the landscapes and hardscapes of their dreams, and this involves producing materials that allow for a great deal of creativity and design flexibility.

Whether you’re a fan of straight lines and sharp edges or prefer soft, rounded hardscaping features, you’ll find Techo-Bloc curbing that works to meet your needs. The materials are easy to integrate into any existing landscaping style and are designed to complement many other Techo-Bloc hardscaping materials.

Strength and Durability

Techo-Bloc curbing is known for being tough, resilient and reliable. This is especially important in areas that are regularly subject to high volumes of foot or vehicular traffic, such as paths and walkways and front driveways.

The edging materials here will be able to support the weight put upon it and will not crack or chip over time. Techo-Bloc’s gorgeous curbing materials are also able to effectively block roots from breaking out of the ground and creating an eyesore.

Weather Resistant

Because NJ is no stranger to the elements, it’s very important that you choose a curbing material that will be able to hold its own against the sun, wind, rain, snow and ice.

Techo-Bloc products  are extremely weatherproof and won’t fade or lose their color after exposed to UV rays, nor will they crack and shift after freeze and thaw cycles. As a result, Techo-Bloc guarantees its materials for a lifetime, so you know you can count on them to last.

Cost Effective

When compared to other edging and curbing materials, Techo-Bloc provides the most affordable and cost effective products around.

Unlike other edging materials that might deteriorate or become damaged over time, Techo-Bloc will continue to look and function as perfectly as they day they were installed, thereby giving you the best return on your initial investment.

When you buy your materials from an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, you’ll get the fairest and lowest prices to begin with, enabling you to finalize your perfect landscape on a budget you can afford.

Improved Drainage

Sloped Techo-Bloc curbing can also help to improve drainage around your property and direct the flow of water.

Instead of letting water flow in the direction of your home, or towards gardening areas where they could cause flooding, the curbs can be sloped away from the property and towards your own personal drainage systems or city storm drains.

This will reduce the likelihood of water-related problems and damages in and around your home.

Types of Techo-Bloc Curbing

 Interested in reaping the benefits of Techo-Bloc curbing? You’ll be happy to know that Techo-Bloc provides homeowners like yourself with plenty of style options, each with their own unique advantages.  Here’s a quick look at what the leading hardscaping brand has to offer:  

  • AvignonAvignon curbs are known for their intriguing textures. You’ll notice that the sides feature slate texturing while the tops are rock-faced, giving them a unique vibe that will work for rustic to contemporary homes.
  • Belgik – Belgik edges are a perfect replica of Belgian block. Rich, grainy texturing are the hallmark of these large curbs which work to compliment an array of Techo-Bloc pavers and slabs.
  • Borealis – Enjoy all the benefits of concrete while creating a curb that looks and feels like it’s made from wood! Borealis curbing is designed to be a dead-ringer for hardwood, making it ideal for gardens and planter boxes. It’s really one of the most unique edging materials out there on the market today.
  • Brandon – If you like the look of rustic brick, Borealis curbing is the right choice for your needs. This durable edging material can be used around Brandon pavers and wall blocks, or can be used with other Techo-Bloc products. They’re perfect for everything from lining driveways to planters.
  • Pietra – Pietra curbing replicates aged and textured granite, giving your landscape a sense of truly timeless charm. It will look like a well-established garden that has history and charm – without ever looking old and run down. Varying lengths are available to create an even more naturalistic and visually interesting experience that you’ll fall in love with.
  • Raffinato – Raffinato edging is for the modern and edgy homeowner that’s looking for a sleek and sophisticated way to stand out from the crowd. You’ll appreciate clean lines and symmetry with this curbing material.
  • Rocka – Rocka’s carved surfaces make it very popular, both for classic and contemporary landscaping styles. It offers excellent depth and strength as an edging material throughout all areas of the landscape.
  • Tundra – If you’re looking for sloped, transitional curbing, Tundra is your best bet. This uniquely shaped edging material is natural and visually soothing.

Buying Techo-Bloc Curbing in NJ

 When you’re ready to complete the look of your landscape with Techo-Bloc curbing, be sure to visit the Braen Supply showroom. Because we’re authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, our showroom is able to feature a complete inventory of Techo-Bloc’s finest curbing materials in a variety of colors.

Our professionals are able to address all of your product questions and provide you with advice about which curbing material is the right fit for your home.

We always offer the most competitive prices for our edging and curbing products. Techo-Bloc curbing can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.