Cambridge Pavingstones: Prices, Uses & Reviews

Cambridge Pavingstones for Sale in NJPaving stones have long been a popular option for home and business owners that are looking to improve the beauty of their landscapes while creating functional outdoor living spaces that will increase property value.

While there are many different options, though, a growing number of people are recognizing Cambridge Pavingstones as one of the very best.

With a vast product line available and a wide range of color, shape and pattern choices, it’s easy for folks to find the perfect fit for their needs and desires.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating Cambridge Pavingstones into your project, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable about the product before making a final decision. This post will take an in-depth look at these unique and attractive stone pavers.

Cambridge Pavingstone Prices

The amount of money that you’ll need to budget when working with Cambridge Pavingstones will depend on a number of different factors such as:

  • Material – The actual type of paver that you choose to use for your project could end up altering your cost. Different pavers may be engineered for various installs and each will require its own manufacturing process.
  • Size and Scope – What does your project actually entail? How large is the project’s coverage area? This is not only important when thinking about the volume of paving materials that will be required in order to complete the job, but also the amount of time and labor that will be involved.
  • Special Layout/Design Considerations – In some cases, you may be working with an odd or irregularly shaped area. This may demand extra planning and customization that could make the project more expensive. In other cases, you may have specific requests for the design and layout of the Cambridge Pavingstones. Always remember that the more complex the project, the more you can expect it to cost.
  • Required Labor – If you’re going to be working with a contractor to install your Cambridge Pavingstones, it’s important that you discuss your plans in advance and obtain an estimate so that you know what to expect in terms of budgeting. It’s always in your best interest to obtain several bids. Request that the estimate feature line items so that you know which of your demands are costing what. If the bids are out of your price range, you can quickly pinpoint areas where compromises or adjustments could be made to reduce your expenses.

Cambridge Pavingstone Uses

Cambridge Pavingstones are easy to incorporate in just about any landscape because they can be used in so many different ways.

Some of the most popular uses for Cambridge Pavingstones include:

  • Driveways – Cambridge Pavingstones are extremely popular in the construction of residential and commercial driveways alike. These versatile stones give users many different options in terms of style, patterns, colors and shapes. The various product lines are designed so that they can easily be mixed and matched to add even more visual interest to the driveways. The paving stones are extremely strong and durable, allowing them to hold up well even when subjected to high volumes of traffic and extreme weather conditions. Its Armortec coating will also protect it against staining and fading.
  • Paths – There’s something really tranquil and beautiful about a walking path constructed from stone pavers. Cambridge Pavingstones are a great pick for the installation of such a path because their natural beauty that can easily be worked into any style of landscape. The texture of the pavers make them slip and skid resistant so that even when it’s raining, they’re still safe to walk on. The interlocking mechanism of the paving stones also ensures that weeds and grass wont crop up between cracks creating tripping hazards.
  • Patios – Your home’s patio is the hub of activity during outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Because you spend so much time here, it’s important that the patio is surfaced with a material that you’ll really love and that will continue to last for many years. Cambridge Pavingstones are perfect because they allow you to be creative in terms of layout, color, design and pattern. Express your unique personality with these stunning pavers without having to worry about strenuous maintenance. The Armortec coating will protect the stones against stains when eating and drinking on the patio and the interlocking feature will keep unsightly weeds from appearing and detracting from your enjoyment.
  • Pool Patio– Cambridge Pavingstones were made for pool patios. The paving stones create a soft, peaceful oasis around your swimming area while still being very practical and functional. Because the pavers are slip and skid resistant, swimmers won’t have to worry about sliding or falling when they get in and out of the water. The stones don’t retain heat, so they’ll be comfortable to walk on even on the hottest summer day.
  • Courtyards – A stunning courtyard can make an incredible first impression on visitors who approach your home, business, church or school. Cambridge Pavingstones can allow you to create a truly dramatic effect that also expresses your own sense of style.

Cambridge Pavingstone Reviews

Because we’re committed to only providing our customers with the very best products on the market, we decided to take the time to investigate what people really think about Cambridge Pavingstones.

After pouring through online reviews from both homeowners and contractors, it quickly became evident that people really love these pavers.

Here’s what some folks had to say:

  • Variety – One of the things that people seem to love the most about Cambridge Pavingstones is that they provide users with so many creative options. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create a classic and traditional hardscape with an air of sophistication and elegance,  Cambridge offers something for everyone. The pavers are available in colors and shades to suit any landscape, and you’ll enjoy browsing through the many different shapes and patterns to find your perfect match. You’re only limited by your imagination.
  • Attractiveness – Having a variety of different types of paving stones doesn’t mean anything if the selection isn’t actually beautiful. People really appreciate the fact that Cambridge Pavingstones offer a subtle beauty that can stand on its own or can be used to accentuate other features throughout the property. The stones continue to look just as distinctive once installed as they did when you first laid eyes on them at your stone supplier.
  • Ease of Installation – People are thrilled with how easy it is to install Cambridge Pavingstones. The interlocking mechanism makes the process as simple as possible, which saves a lot of time. Contractors love this because it allows them to work quickly and get more work done. This is also beneficial to homeowners, whether they are installing the pavers on their own or are using professional help. Those hiring a contractor will end up paying less money as labor costs are reduced. Do-it-yourselfers will spend less time on the work and be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor faster. This is especially true with the purchase and installation of kits, or with the use of Cambridge’s user-friendly instructions, guides and videos to help make the process a snap.
  • Durability – Cambridge Pavingstones are revered as being extremely tough and durable, no matter what the pavers are exposed to. This is because of the Armortec surface that is used to finish the pavers. This unique finish helps to prevent water and moisture from permeating the pavers and creating integrity issues. This finish also helps to stop fading from contact with sunlight and to prevent stains. At the same time, the interlocked pavers are able to hold their form even when the earth shifts and settles. This significantly reduces the risk of cracking and scarring so that the pavers continue to look beautiful.
  • Value – All in all, people are thrilled with the overall value of their Cambridge pavingstones and most agree that it’s well worth the initial investment. After all, these particular pavers will continue to bring you enjoyment throughout the years as they maintain their original beauty and strength.

Where to Purchase Cambridge Pavingstones

Cambridge Pavingstones are sold through approved dealers. Before making a purchase you should always verify that your supplier is on the approved list.

As a select distributor of Cambridge Pavingstones, Braen Supply is the best place to purchase these products throughout NJ and NY.

Our knowledgeable and passionate staff are familiar with all of the Cambridge lines that we sell and are prepared to answer any questions that you may have about which materials will best suit your needs.

We offer the most competitive pricing so that you can complete your dreamproject on a budget you can afford. Our Cambridge Pavingstones are available for pickup or for bulk delivery throughout NJ, NY, NYC, CT and PA.

This photo is courtesy of Cambridge Pavingstones.