5 Ways Techo-Bloc Borealis Can Help You Transform Your Home

Are you itching to change things up with your home’s landscape this summer? One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your property the makeover it deserves is to work with Techo-Bloc Borealis slabs and blocks. These incredible concrete materials are designed to look exactly like hardwood so that you can add a touch of rustic sophistication to your home without the costs and maintenance associated with natural wood. Here’s a look at how you can use Borealis materials to totally transform your landscape in 2018.

1. Update Your Pool Deck

NJ homeowners with swimming pools will be absolutely delighted with the ways in which Borealis slabs can bring new life to their outdoor living spaces. Beyond plain concrete, Techo-Bloc Borealis slabs bring a spa-like, 5-Star resort, exotic vacation feel right to your backyard. The stunning “hardwood” adds sophistication and elegance while still being practical and safe. Unlike natural wood, Borealis slabs won’t be negatively impacted by exposure to moisture, and it will remain cool and offer traction for bare feet on slippery surfaces.

2. Create a Warm Outdoor Living Room

NJ homeowners love having the ability to enjoy time in the great outdoors, so it’s no wonder that so many people make it a priority to construct inviting outdoor living rooms where they can relax and entertain. This year, faux hardwood floors via Techo-Bloc Borealis slabs are all the rage. You’ll create a warm and luxurious environment where you, your family, and your guests can trade stories, share a drink or a meal, or enjoy a fire. The slabs are very low maintenance, don’t stain easily, and are weather resistant.

3. Grow in a Raised Planter

If you enjoy growing a flower or vegetable garden during the spring and summer months, we suggest that you consider building a lush raised planter with Techo-Bloc Borealis wall blocks. These blocks look like real wood planks but won’t present any problems with burrowing pests or rot after time. The blocks are also weather resistant, so they won’t need to be covered or stored during the cold winter months so common here in the northeast.

4. Give Your Home Some Edge

In addition to making fantastic planters, Borealis blocks are also perfect for creating borders and edging throughout your property. Bring the loom of natural wood to create an attractive edge around trees, gardens, and paths.  The colors of the faux wood bring out the best in landscaping vegetation and other hardscaping materials, including natural stone and other Techo-Bloc products. You’ll notice an instant increase in curb appeal and property value.

5. Build Beautiful Steps

We’ve seen an increase in the number of homeowners choosing to build gorgeous and natural looking steps throughout their properties with Techo-Bloc Borealis blocks. Whether you’re trying to create a modern chic look for your contemporary home, or desire a rustic, woodsy feel for your property, Borealis blocks can help you meet your style goals.

Working with Techo-Bloc Borealis Products in NJ

As a leading supplier of Techo-Bloc Borealis products in NJ, Braen Supply is proud to connect you with Borealis slabs and blocks that will completely transform your home for the better. Because we are authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we’re able to answer any questions you may have, offer valuable design and construction advice, and offer the lowest and most competitive prices. Our Techo-Bloc Borealis materials can be picked up at your leisure or can be bulk delivered to many areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC, and limited parts of PA, and CT. Give us a call or visit us learn more.