Decorative Gravel for Landscaping: The Ultimate Guide

Decorative Gravel for LandscapingDecorative gravel is an extremely attractive and affordable option for transforming your landscape into the one of your dreams. As decorative stones can add both visual appeal and functional purposes to your property you have endless possibilities to make your landscape as unique as you’d like.

Typically when people think of gravel their minds jump to light, dusty gray pebbles. Decorative gravel for landscaping however, offers more than the standard white and gray coloration that you might be familiar with.

There are a wide range of attractive stones available with various shapes, sizes, textures and colors. This makes it easy to introduce decorative gravel into any landscape.

For those of you who have never used decorative gravel for landscaping, we recommend taking the time to plan out your project in full before getting started.

You’ll need to consider the types of gravel and stones that are available, how it will look on your property, what function you would like it to serve and where to purchase the necessary materials.

Although this may sound like an overwhelming task we assure you that it is simpler than it seems. We have found that it is useful to break the process into the steps we have outlined below.

Decorative Gravel for Landscaping in 4 Steps

1. Choose your gravel or stones

There are several different types of decorative gravel and stones available for landscaping. In order to choose the right type of stones for your property it is a good idea to visualize how you would like the gravel to interact with your current landscaping features. If your goal is to make your property stand out from others on your street, we would recommend yellow “Jersey Shore” gravel. For a more neutral look, the soft variety of colors that are found in pea gravel and in small river rocks are ideal.

2. Plan its purpose

Decorative stones, while they can add visual appeal, can also be used functionally throughout your property. One of the most popular ways to landscape with decorative gravel is in the construction of paths and walkways. Pea gravel is an excellent choice as it is small, smooth, and comfortable to walk on. A warm, inviting path could direct friends and guests to your front door, or you could enhance your garden by creating a winding walkway. Decorative gravel is also a great option for surfacing the areas around children’s play equipment. The stones are cleaner and more sanitary than other options like sand or mulch, and are long-lasting. Some homeowners choose to use decorative gravel as an alternative to mulch in gardens and around plants. They work to regulate soil temperatures, keep the soil heathy, and allow for proper drainage. You may even decide to replace your lawn with gravel for a low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscape.

3. Calculate your needs

Now you can begin to more accurately calculate how much stone and other materials you will need to purchase. Consider the fact that if you plan to use gravel to replace your lawn, or to act as a path, there will be some excavation work required. You will need tools to ensure that the area to be covered is smooth and even. To keep gravel from shifting and to prevent weed growth, be sure to lay down landscaping fabric. You’ll need to figure out how deep you would like your layer of gravel to be (for most applications, a 2-4″ layer is best), and measure the area that will need to be covered. From here, you can work with a trusted supplier or landscaping contractor to determine how many cubic yards of gravel will be required to complete the project. We recommend that you bump your gravel totals up slightly to ensure that you do not end up short on gravel or stones.

4. Choose a supplier

To get the highest quality decorative gravel for landscaping it’s important to purchase from a reliable local supplier. By purchasing from a trusted local supplier you can ensure that you are getting gravel and stones that are of the highest quality, available at the best prices and ones that you will love for years to come.

Buying Decorative Gravel in NJ, NY, PA and CT

Braen Supply is one of the largest suppliers of decorative gravel in NJ, NY, PA and CT. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality and excellent customer service. Our staff is extremely knowledgable about decorative gravel and stones and would love to speak with you about your upcoming project. Our decorative gravel is available for pickup and bulk delivery at wholesale prices.

Creating a new and improved landscape is easier and more affordable than you may think. By following the steps outlined in this guide you’ll be able to install decorative gravel for landscaping without stress or over-spending.

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