Spruce Up Gravel Patios With These 5 Upgrades

Are you the proud owner of a stunning, gravel patio? Being the trendy and savvy homeowner that you are, you’ve realized that gravel of all varieties is a beautiful, affordable and practical medium to create an outdoor living space that you’re able to enjoy throughout the year.

Despite the fact that you love being able to take advantage of your gravel patio, you may feel like it’s missing something – that “je ne sais quoi” that could take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary.

So how can you give your existing patio area a makeover that will delight you and your guests without breaking the bank? The following five tips for upgrading your gravel patio will leave you and your wallet smiling.

1. Play With Color

Who says that gravel has to be plain old gray? While gray is a classic hue of stone aggregate and can certainly be beautiful in numerous applications, we’ve found that many homeowners are delighted with the ability to mix and match different colors and add exciting shades and hues to their gravel patio “floor.”

Numerous types of gravel exist, all of which offer different shades and tones. Consider creating a floor that is comprised of multiple colors, divided by landscaping barriers. This can allow you to create different shapes and designs.

Some homeowners have even gone so far as to create elaborate mosaics out of their gravel patio floors. It can be as simplistic or complex as you like – the only limit is your own imagination.

2. Be Edgy

Sometimes the simplest and most effective way to breathe new life into your gravel outdoor living space is to create a gorgeous border around the perimeter of the patio. This can be accomplished by using a unique edging material.

Many homeowners initially install their patios with a black, synthetic edging material in order to keep the gravel in place after installation. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, those homeowners who are interested in sprucing things up and adding more interest, depth, and dimension to their patio spaces should consider replacing conventional materials like these with something new and different.

For example, we love the idea of surrounding a gravel patio with larger natural stones, like smooth and rounded river rocks. You might also fall in love with the notion of creating a sleek border with bricks, pavers or other masonry materials.

Regardless of what you choose to work with, you’ll notice an instant change in appearance and it will make your gravel “floor” really pop and stand out.

3. Install a Flagstone Path

Those who have a larger patio space to work with can have some fun by installing a beautiful stone path that runs through the patio. Not only does this increase the attractiveness of the patio, but it will also help to reduce the amount of gravel that gets kicked or shuffled around as people walk from one side to the other.

This means less of a mess in your yard and a reduced need to fill in low spots or add more gravel to the patio space. We suggest selecting a gorgeous natural flagstone paver that can be set down into the gravel and laid out into a pattern of your choosing, directing foot traffic through the patio.

If natural stone is out of your budget or isn’t your thing, you might also consider working with attractive concrete or porcelain pavers. Either way, you’ll fall in love with the difference.

4. Incorporate Stone or Masonry Features

Although gravel patios are generally beloved for their simplistic beauty, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your patio’s usage has to be simple and straightforward.

In addition to creating a great “floor” for patio chairs and tables, gravel is sophisticated and reliable enough for you to install a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping features that will enhance the beauty and functionality of the space as a whole.

Natural stone and concrete fire pits, for instance, will look incredible when surrounded by the interesting textures and colors of gravel and will add a lot of warmth and fun to your outdoor living environment. Fountains can also be installed in or around a gravel patio, which add to the feeling of natural serenity in the space.

We’ve fallen in love with the look of dry river beds that are constructed to run through the patio in order to add charm and whimsy while also improving the drainage around the area. Even large boulders can be used to add some drama and dimension to the space. You’d be amazed by how bold and fresh the entire patio can look when the small pieces of gravel are contrasted against a stunningly large stone.

Don’t forget masonry features; many NJ homeowners transform their gravel patio spaces by surrounding them with gorgeous mason walls or by introducing a warm and inviting outdoor fireplace. Have fun with the makeover because the possibilities are nearly limitless!

5. Add Bold Accents (planters, hedges, furniture)

One of the great things about gravel is that while it’s beautiful enough to hold its own, it is also soft and subtle enough to work with a wide range of other landscaping features in an array of shapes, sizes and colors.

In fact, introducing bold accents to the area around your gravel patio can actually enhance the texture of the individual pieces of crushed stone aggregate and highlight the soothing colors associated with the gravel. Gravel and accents can truly work together to compliment one another and establish a space that’s 100% unique.

Brightly colored, large planters can add a lot of drama to the space, mixing modern and naturalistic features. Carefully manicured hedges and shrubbery can bring out the beauty of the patio and create a lot of visual interest in your space. Even your furniture should be carefully selected to add excitement to the gravel and the outdoor living area.

Upgrade Your Gravel Patio in NJ

Once you’re ready to give your gravel patio an incredible facelift that will add to the value of your home, Braen Supply will be here to help you bring your vision to life. As the leading landscaping supplier in NJ, we’re proud to offer a wide range of stone, masonry and landscaping features that will transform the look and vibe of your outdoor living space.

We’re happy to provide you with useful tips and tricks for getting your project done on time and on budget. We always offer the most affordable rates on landscaping and hardscaping materials. Our products can be picked up at our location or can be bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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