A Relaxed Outdoor Area

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Fun for the whole family

This homeowner’s outdoor living area was designed to incorporate relaxing and fun features that could gather the whole family. Various materials were used in order to wrap up the whole look. The outdoor patio area was laid down with full color bluestone dimensional natural stone. The colors of this natural stone brought a calming element to the whole area. The fire-pit incorporated into the patio was made up of the Pennsylvania fieldstone wallstone that was also found in the outdoor kitchen and retaining walls surrounding the backyard. This consistency kept each of the features uniform while still highlighting them in a great way. The bluestone treads and caps found on the retaining wall and fire-pit added a nice element of color to the whole area.

Braen Supply and Distinctive Design NJ worked together to incorporate these materials into the landscape and truly bring all of the features to life. The homeowners loved the outcome and are enjoying their outdoor living area.

This project was completed by Joe D’Avi of Distinctive Design & Management LLC in Mendham, NJ.


“We are very happy with our space and every part of our interaction with the team.”

– Homeowner

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These bluestone caps added a nice touch of contrast color to the fire pit in this homeowner’s backyard. It created an attractive and classic look. This Pennsylvania fieldstone wallstone was found in various parts of the outdoor area, providing a distinctive look. It highlighted the outdoor kitchen, the firepit and the retaining walls along the property. The various colors of the stone stood out and accented the area nicely. The popular full color bluestone dimensional was used in the patio area of this home. The subtle blue shades of the stone added a soothing element while also adding immense beauty. The various benefits and overall beauty of this stone made it the perfect material to work with.

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