Choosing the Right Landscape Drainage Solutions in NJ

choosing-drainage-solutions-njLike all homeowners, you want your property to look great at all times. As such, you do whatever you can to tend to your yard, but how much thought have you given to your landscape drainage?

Although most of us are concerned with ensuring that our lawns and plants have enough water to thrive, a landscape with too much water can actually create even bigger issues.

In this post, we will highlight some of the most common problems associated with excess water, and how a proper landscape drainage solution can help.

Problem #1: Downspout Flooding

New Jersey residents are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains and melting snow can result in a flood of water being released from your home’s downspout. When this water has no place to go, it will pool around your home’s foundation, causing exterior damage, and leading to the possibility of interior flooding. Water can also accumulate on your lawn, causing serious damage. In this case, a catch basin that is flush with the ground is an ideal drainage solution. This basin will capture water and debris before directing the water away from your landscape via a drain pipe.

Problem #2: Puddles on Lawn

Have you noticed pools of water developing in your lawn when it rains? This often happens in low-lying areas of the landscape because the ground has become saturated by water and has nowhere to go. Unfortunately, this can ruin your lawn. Once again, the strategic placement of catch basins can eliminate these issues. The good news is that because these grates are flush to the ground and are available in different colors, you don’t have to worry about them detracting from the beauty of your property.

Problem #3: Puddles on Hard Surfaces

When water collects on the hard surfaces around your home, like your driveway or your front walkway, it can create big trouble for your house and property. As the water continues to build up in the lower areas of a hard surface, it will begin to flood, causing damage to your home’s structure and creating safety issues. During periods of fall and winter where freeze and thaw cycles are common, this can also lead to a buildup of ice. Having a long channel drain installed directly into your concrete will evacuate water before it can cause any damage to your property or landscape.

Problem #4: Drowning Plants

Is your sprinkler system, or heavy rainfall causing your plants to drown? When roots are inundated with too much water, it can cause significant damage to plants and can create health issues. To prevent excess water from making it to the root system, consider a landscape drainage solution like atrium grates. These grates are raised above the ground in order to continue performing well, even in cases where plant leaves, etc. may tend to block or cover a drain system that is flush with the earth.

Problem #5: Runoff Contribution

When runoff water from your roof, your hard surfaces or your lawn is directed down the street, it can eventually end up in local streams, lakes and rivers. Because this runoff can quickly become contaminated, this is a health risk. To avoid contributing to the problem, consider a landscape drainage solution that will retain and slowly filter water within your property without causing damage.

Regardless of the problems that you have been faced with, it is in your best interest to discuss your drainage solution options with a trusted professional. By speaking with a reliable landscaping contractor, you can get a better idea as to which landscape drainage systems are best for your property.