5 Tricks Landscapers Use for Techo-Bloc Installation

When it comes to manufactured concrete pavers and other masonry materials, there are few names as trusted and sought-after as Techo-Bloc. After over 25 years in the business, Techo-Bloc has earned a well-deserved reputation for offering superior landscaping products that are accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life.

The company offers a wide range of materials that are all easy to install. Even so, many property owners opt to work with professional contractors and landscapers in order to ensure that the job gets done correctly. Whether you’re thinking of handing your Techo-Bloc installation as a Do-It-Yourself project or are simply curious as to what you’re contractor will be doing, this post has you covered.

Here, we reveal 5 of the biggest tricks of the trade that you can expect from the leading Techo-Bloc contractors – or that you can try on your own.

5 Professional Tips for Techo-Bloc Installation

1. Be Smart About Excavation

Unless you’re planning on a project that allows you to install your Techo-Bloc pavers, slabs, or similar materials directly on top of an old surface, your project area will need to be carefully excavated. Prior to the excavation process, a good landscaper will take the time to assess the property and will call the necessary utility providers to ensure that they don’t run into problems with underground cables or wires.

Next, seasoned professionals know how important is is to achieve a slope grade in increments that make it possible for the proper drainage to occur. For the majority of Techo-Bloc installation projects, this will mean a slope incremental change of 1.5%. The landscaper should also make sure that the width of the base situated behind the edge should be just as thick as the base.

The excavated area should be compacted, raked and freed from any weeds or debris before a geotextile fabric is applied in order to halt contamination or the growth of weeds from beneath the finalized project.

2. Create a Firm Foundation

Any good landscaper knows that you can’t enjoy a successful Techo-Bloc installation without first taking the time to create a firm foundation. The best professionals know that 3/4″ crushed stone or gravel is the best option for establishing a solid foundation layer for the remainder of the project.

The stone should be compacted, and a vibrating compactor is often selected for the task. The landscaper should also take the time to consult manufacturer and/or industry standards and specifications for proper height requirements. This will ensure that enough depth is achieved for structural integrity.

3. Establish a Setting Bed

After the landscaper has taken the time to properly compact the layer of 3/4″ crushed stone, they will then work to install two pipes on top of this foundation. Experts generally recommend that the pipe have an outside diameter of 1″.

From here, the concrete sand will be applied and then graded with a straight edge or leveler. This will prevent problems with imperfections appearing in the final Techo-Bloc surface. It is only after the Techo-Bloc pavers or slabs have been set down entirely that they should be pressed into the setting bed of sand with a vibrating plate.

4. Install Pavers Strategically

Now for the fun part: actually moving forwards with the Techo-Bloc installation process! Some Techo-Bloc product lines will come with design ideas and specifications for the arrangement of stones, while in other instances you may have a bit more creative freedom.

In the case of the latter, your landscaper will take the time to consult with you to make sure that your layout is practical and that it meets your standards and desires. Regardless of what the layout will be, a professional landscaper will need to work from the outside edge, inwards, and work it install the pavers or slabs at a 90-degree angle. This will allow for the most precision and the highest degree of project success.

The pro tip for doing so involves measuring a 3′ horizontal line with a 4′ line perpendicular to the first. The first and second lines are to be connected with a 5′ line in order to create a triangle, offering you access to a perfect 90-degree, right angle. As the pavers are installed, you or your professional should walk on the installed units as you proceed.

The appropriate tools and equipment should be on hand in the event that stone need to be cut to fit a designated design or area. All gaps should be filled with mortar as the landscaper moves along through the process, with the mortar being reinforced by steel rods in areas where the pavers or slabs must support vehicular traffic.

5. Carefully Fill Joints

The final step in the professional Techo-Bloc installation process involves going back over all of the joints and filling them in with a polymer sand or stabilizer. The material can be spread atop the pavers and swept into the cracks.

Optional: Seal Your Pavers

In addition to making sure that you or your contractor adhere to the previous 5 steps, we recommend that you also give some serious thought to sealing your concrete pavers or other Techo-Bloc slabs and materials. Although Techo-Bloc is guaranteed for life and is a durable material, using a sealant can help to lock in the color and appearance of your stone for even longer and can help to protect the material against the elements.

Should you decide to seal your pavers, we urge you to consult with manufacturer specifications in order to ensure that you select the right product and follow all necessary steps. You’ll find that you’ll need to re-seal your pavers every 2-3 years in order to achieve the maximum benefit. If your’e not sure if sealing your pavers is the right move, be sure to consult with a trusted professional.

DIY vs Professional Techo-Bloc Installation

After taking a look at the various professional tips and tricks for successfully installing Techo-Bloc products, it’s important that you ask yourself whether or not you’re capable of handling the work on your own. Techo-Bloc offers interlocking pavers and landscaping kits that are simple to install – so long as you feel confident in your work and know what you’re doing.

We generally advise that, unless you’ve done any type of landscaping or hardscaping in the past, you should consider seeking help from a professional contractor. Make sure that you select a contractor that has handled Techo-Bloc installations in the past and is up-to-date with the latest Techo-Bloc products and standards.

Techo-Bloc Installation and Product Experts in NJ

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