NJ Mulch Prices

A wide range of factors influence NJ mulch prices, including the type of mulch you buy, its quality, the amount you’re purchasing and the supplier you choose.

Taking the time to carefully research the myriad of mulch suppliers in NJ will help you find the best balance of quality, value and customer service excellence.

NJ Mulch Prices: The Three Main Types of Mulch

Retailers and wholesalers offer a broad selection of mulches to consumers, but generally speaking, there are three types of mulch which are most common:

  • Natural mulch, or organic mulch, which is made up of untreated chunks of wooden bark.  It is not dyed and usually brown in color.
  • Red mulch, which consists primarily of reclaimed or recycled wood chunks which have been dyed red to add to their cosmetic appeal.
  • Black mulch, which is similar to red mulch, only dyed black.

NJ Mulch Prices: Quality Matters

Quality is a major factor in NJ mulch prices, and there are several characteristics that indicate higher or lower levels of quality:

  • Color: Natural, dye-free mulches are simpler and generally less expensive, but colored mulches tend to have more visual appeal.
  • Texture: The more processing a given mulch needs during production, the higher its quality (and cost) will be; mulches which have undergone less processing tend to have rougher, chunkier textures, while highly processed mulches tend to be finer and more uniform.
  • Debris: Some additives create higher-quality mulches, while others reduce the quality; additives that increase the mulch’s nutritional and insulation properties make the product better, while additives which serve only as filler reduce the overall quality of the mulch.

NJ Mulch Prices: How Much Mulch Do You Need?

The amount of mulch you purchase also has a major impact on NJ mulch prices; as with most landscaping products, buying in bulk helps you save money. However, bulk mulch is typically purchased in volumes that far exceed what the average homeowner or landscaping hobbyist will need.

Mulch can be added to agricultural fields at the beginning of a growing season to help increase the fertility and productivity of the soil; if this is your intended application, then buying in bulk is the best way to go.

Conversely, most home landscaping projects only require relatively shallow layers of mulch around the bases of plants and trees, and these applications demand much lower volumes.

A mulch calculator can help you figure out how much mulch you should purchase, and keep in mind that natural mulch and some dyed mulches will degrade over time and lose their color characteristics. If you’re using these products, you can expect that you’ll need to top-up the mulch seasonally, if not more frequently.

NJ Mulch Prices: Your Options for Mulch Suppliers

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with purchasing mulch through the three most common channels:

  • Online stores make comparing prices easy, and you may find great deals on brand-name mulches if you shop around. However, customer service is often a problem, since you won’t be able to get your questions answered right away. Shopping online is only recommended if you know exactly which mulch you want and how much of it you need.
  • Big box retailers usually offer bargains comparable to the ones you can find online, but the problem is that most big box stores don’t have staff that can answer anything beyond the most general questions. Because these stores carry a very broad range of products, it can be very difficult for them to accurately address highly specific queries about product performance.
  • Wholesale suppliers are an outstanding alternative, since you’ll get the selection of quality products you are looking for. Any questions you have will be fully answered by an expert, and bulk volumes are typically available at very competitive prices.

NJ Mulch Prices: Find the Best Mulch Supplier in New Jersey

Choosing a specialty wholesale retailer like Braen Supply is a winning strategy if you’re looking for the best combination of quality, value and customer service excellence.

The mulch experts at Braen Supply are happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the company’s products and Braen Supply offers flexible and convenient pick-up, delivery and drop-off options to customers throughout New Jersey.

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