Bulk Rock Salt: The Ultimate Pricing Guide

bulk rock saltWintertime may be covered in a blanket of white, but many people are still seeing the green of dollar signs. This time of year means spending money on food, family get-togethers, presents, and, yes – rock salt.

The good news is that there’s no reason for you to break your bank account on purchasing ice melting materials this 2015-2016 season.

Homeowners, businesses and other organizations that require rock salt will find that by understanding what goes into the pricing of deicers, and choosing to buy their materials in bulk, they’ll end up saving a lot of money – regardless of how cold it gets out there.

To better prepare yourself and take advantage of these savings opportunities, here’s an in-depth look at everything you need to know about purchasing bulk rock salt.

Why should I buy bulk rock salt?

First of all, why would you make the decision to purchase your ice melting materials in bulk? After all, how much rock salt could you really need to get through the season? The answer to this question may actually surprise you. Considering the fact that we’re entering into an El Nino winter, NJ and NY residents need to be prepared for several months filled with high levels of precipitation.

You need to have plenty of ice melt on hand to combat these formations throughout your property all season long. In previous years, many people have learned the hard way that short-stocking their rock salt supply is a grave mistake. With the harsh winters that we’ve seen, it hasn’t been uncommon for suppliers to run out of materials in the face of rock salt shortages.

Only those who anticipated their seasonal needs and purchased their materials well in advance were not affected by the spikes in price or the utter inability to track down ice melt. Carefully calculating your rock salt needs and then buying in bulk is the best way to prevent disasters like these.

In addition to preparedness, cost is another great motivator for purchasing bulk rock salt. When sold by the individual bag, ice melt is more expensive than when you put in a larger order for a pallet or truckload of materials. These savings have the potential to add up quickly and save you from a lot of financial grief throughout the holiday season and all winter long.

How much bulk rock salt do I need?

Having the ability to calculate the volume of bulk rock salt that you’ll need to get your property through the icy winter is the key to maximizing your savings and eliminating stress. Determining the quantity of material to purchase will require a lot more than simply “eyeballing it” or “guesstimating.” Instead, you’ll need to take careful and accurate measurements of your coverage area in order to determine how many square feet of ground surface you’ll need to cover.

Once you have this number, you’ll multiply the square feet of your coverage area by 3.1, which is the average recommended pounds of ice melt that should be spread per square foot. This will tell you how many pounds of ice melt you need.

Next, divide the number of pounds of ice melt needed by 50, which is the average amount of pounds of rock salt per bag. This will indicate the number of bags of ice melt that you’ll need. If your need comes to less than 49 bags, you can get away by purchasing by the bag, but otherwise you’ll need bulk rock salt.

Bulk rock salt is sold in pallets that generally contain 49 bags each, and by the truckload that typically contains 18 pallets. Remember that different manufacturers will specify varying amounts of rock salt to be spread per square foot, so always look at instructions before applying ice melt.

How much does bulk rock salt cost in NJ?

The amount that you’ll end up spending on bulk quantities of rock salt will depend on the type of ice melt that you need. Although prices are subject to change throughout the season, here are some general guidelines:

  • HaliteHalite, or sodium chloride, is one of the most popular types of bulk rock salt. It is frequently selected because it’s so effective in cold temperatures while also being very budget-friendly at just $6.42 per bag when bought by the pallet.
  • Ice Patrol – Another great option for low-cost bulk rock salt is Ice Patrol. You’ll find that this material is effective in temperatures down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. When bought in bulk, you’ll invest only $6.42 per bag.
  • Safer Than SaltSafer than Salt in its original, commercial formula is an affordable means to purchasing and utilizing an ice melting material that is not only effective, but also safe for use around your precious little ones. Each bag is only $10.43 when purchased as a part of a bulk order.
  • Safer Than Salt Breeder’s Preferred – The formulation of Safer than Salt was developed in response to a need for a product that is safe to use around pets. Breeder’s Preferred creates a snow and ice-free environment that won’t cause injury or harm to your four-legged friends. The ice melt is sold by the jug and costs $6.71 per jug when bought by the pallet.
  • EnvironMelt – Save money and the environment when you buy EnvironMelt rock salt in a bulk quantity. The eco-friendly ice melter is available at $12.16 per bag when purchased by the pallet.
  • Calcium Chloride Crystals – This fast-acting, exothermic ice melt costs only $12.26 per bag when you choose to order in bulk.
  • Calcium Chloride PelletsCalcium chloride pellets are even faster and more effective than crystals, and when purchased by the pallet, are available at $17.75 per bag.
  • DowFlake Xtra Calcium ChlorideCalcium chloride ice melt in flake form lays flush to the ground which eliminates tripping hazards. It’s fast, effective, safe, and affordable at just $15.19 per bag in pallet orders.

Are there any types of rock salt that I can’t purchase in bulk?

Due to the fact that previous winters have seen peak demand for a number of ice melting products, there have been some shortages. Materials like magnesium chloride pellets have been placed on strict allocation to suppliers throughout the United States. As a result, suppliers are only able to sell so much of the material before it is sold out. This means that the deicer will not be sold by the truckload, at least throughout the 2015-2016 season.

Where should I go to purchase bulk rock salt in NJ?

Braen Supply is the most trusted name in bulk rock salt throughout NJ and its surrounding areas. We are proud to carry a wide variety of ice melting products which are suited to an array of different needs to fully satisfy all of our customers.

Our bulk rock salt is available by the pallet or by the truckload, and our team of experts is always available to help you calculate exactly how much material to purchase for your property. You’ll always enjoy the lowest and most competitive prices on the market. Our materials can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.
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