How to Design a Functional Grill Island with Techo-Bloc

Techo-Bloc is serious about outdoor living. As such, the industry leader works hard to create materials and product lines that make it possible for homeowners like you to maximize your time in the great outdoors in comfort, luxury, and sophistication. The Techo-Bloc grill island is no exception to this rule. When installed wisely, the grill island can take your outdoor cooking and living space from “zero” to “hero” and completely impress your friends and loved ones. So how can you design and create the functional Techo-Bloc grill island of your dreams? Here are a few smart tips for coming up with a great layout that makes sense for you and your family:

  • Consider the Shape and Layout – Before you can install a Techo-Bloc grill island, you need to have a sense for the space that you have to work with, and understanding of how to create a layout for the grill island that will work within the scope of your property. If you’ve got a smaller backyard, for instance, you may need to keep things small and simple with a modestly sized, freestanding island. If you’ve got a large patio our outdoor living area, you might consider extending counter space and appliances on either side of your grill island. We love the look of wraparound kitchen designs that feature a grill island for both rounded and rectangular outdoor living areas. Some homeowners add depth to their grill islands by adding a second island or bar for dining that runs parallel or perpendicular to the island. Let your creativity flow!
  • Choose Appliances – If you want your grill island to be fully functional, you need to know which appliances you want to include in your outdoor kitchen (besides the grill, of course!) Do you plan on building in a refrigerator or a stove top? Would you like to incorporate a Techo-Bloc pizza oven? Do you need a sink? Make sure you’ve got everything you need to prepare, serve, and enjoy meals with your friends and loved ones at your grill island. And don’t forget the flat screen! If you’re hoping to set up a full-service bar and grill where you can watch the game with your buddies, you’ll need to have a place to set up the TV, so plan accordingly!
  • Visit a Showroom – One of the best ways to make a decision about your functional Techo-Bloc grill island is to visit a local showroom, like the one at Braen Supply. This will allow you to see what the different grill island look like in person. You’ll also draw inspiration for taking your grill island to the next level and customizing it to your needs.
  • Work with a Pro – When in doubt, it’s always in your best interest to speak to a professional about how to create a practical and functional design for your grill island. The team at Braen Supply can answer many of your questions, or you might consider hiring a landscape designer to help you come up with a great layout.

Installing a Techo-Bloc Grill Island in NJ

Are you ready to install the Techo-Bloc grill island of your dreams this summer? Brean Supply is ready to help you create your perfect outdoor kitchen. As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, we’ve got access to a full inventory of grill island colors, and can help you make deacons about expanding your kitchen. Our Techo-Bloc grill islands are available at the lowest prices in the area. Give us a call or visit our showroom for more information today.