4 Patio Stone Options for Your New Backyard Design

Although winter is here, it’s the perfect time to start thinking warm thoughts and planning the installation of your brand new patio. This is the “off-season” for landscaping and construction, and that means that you’ll have a much easier time gaining access to the materials and skilled labor required to complete your project on a budget you can afford.

To get the ball rolling on the patio of your dreams, you need to start by considering your patio stone options and determining which is the best fit for your landscape. This guide will highlight some of the most popular natural stone materials used for patio construction, their benefits, and the best uses for each.

Choosing Patio Stone in NJ

As an NJ homeowner, you have access to a wide range of options for constructing a gorgeous and functional stone patio. Of the various materials available, natural stone is by far one of the most popular.

This is because natural stone is exceptionally beautiful while offering an unmatched strength, durability and weather resistance. In order to fully enjoy the benefits associated with working with natural stone, you need to take the time to select the right type for your specific project.

Every project is different, and every homeowner’s needs are unique. As such, it’s important that you do a little research to determine which type or types of stone might be the best match for your lifestyle.

Choosing the right patio stone for your NJ home means considering your personal tastes and style preferences, the intended use for your patio, and any surrounding landscaping or hardscaping materials that will impact the look and feel of your patio stone.

Top Four Patio Stone Options in NJ

Although there are a number of patio stone options for you to choose from, the four best and most popular types of natural patio stone are:

1. Bluestone

Bluestone is one of the top patio stone options in NJ and all of the northeast. This stylish and sophisticated type of natural stone is characterized by is gorgeous coloring.

Although the name would lead you to believe that the stone only features the color blue, you’ll find that bluestone is actually comprised of a color palette that includes shades of blue, blue-gray, brown, and in some cases, lilac. Bluestone is extremely tough, durable and weather resistant.

In addition to this, it can be cut into dimensional shapes or is available in an irregular, flagstone cut. Bluestone is also available tumbled, and with a natural cleft cut.

This leaves homeowners with many options for creating a gorgeous patio. Bluestone creates a sense of warmth and togetherness and is a fantastic choice when creating a patio for an outdoor living area and dining area.

2. Limestone

The simplistic, soft and neutral coloring of natural limestone has made it a staple in many decorative landscaping and hardscape projects in NJ throughout the years.

Although very subtle, limestone is also quite stunning, and adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any property. Pattern limestone allows homeowners to create gorgeous designs for patios located alongside swimming pools, fireplaces and fire pits.

3. Brownstone

Although commonly associated with a unique type of building material in New York City, brownstone has a whole lot more to offer. The soft and inviting shades of brown, tan and gray offer a warmth and richness to outdoor living and dining areas.

Brownstone pairs nicely with a number of other landscaping and hardscaping elements, including everything from gardens to fireplace kits to stainless steel kitchen appliances.

4. Sahara Granite

Sahara granite is an exciting option for homeowners looking to create a luxurious, stylish and unique patio. Granite has long been associated with style and elegance, and Sahara granite doesn’t disappoint.

This particular variety of stone features gorgeous shades of tan, gold and black. The end result is a material that creates a sense of being on a sandy beach, or in the middle of the desert.

For this reason, Sahara granite is often selected for poolside patio decks, for alongside hot tubs, or for patios where water features are a focal point.

Making a Decision

It’s clear that each of the four most popular patio stone options in NJ has a lot to offer homeowners. You could benefit from working with any of these stunning materials, and each is capable of establishing a reliable and long-lasting patio for your home.

Even so, some careful thinking and consideration will likely reveal that one stone type is a better match for your needs and wants than the others. Make sure that the stone you choose will suit your lifestyle demands while catering to your personal sense of style.

Be sure, also, that your patio stone will blend well with other elements of your property and will continue to look stylish in the years to come. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to consult with your patio stone supplier for a professional opinion.

Be sure to visit a local showroom to see how the stone looks when used in landscaping applications. You may even consider working with a professional landscape designer to ensure that you make the best choice for your home.

Buying Patio Stone in NJ

Once you’ve determined which type of patio stone is right for your NJ home, Braen Supply is here to help you get the best deal on your materials.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of patio stone and other landscaping materials in NJ, we are proud to offer the highest quality bluestone, limestone, brownstone and Sahara granite at the lowest and most competitive prices.

Our team of professionals is knowledgeable about each of these patio stone options and is qualified to answer any questions you may have.

We’re also happy to offer you advice when selecting your materials. Our patio stone can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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