Swimming Pool Patio Products: The Complete Guide

swimming pool patio productsYour swimming pool may very well be one of your favorite spots in your home’s landscape, but it takes careful consideration for what to put underfoot.

You have to contend with water, sun, dirt and other elements, so you need a pool patio product that can stand up to hard wear and tear.

Then, you have the aesthetic aspects. You want your pool to have curb appeal, to complement your home and to blend into your other landscaping.

Versatile Pavers

One of the most versatile patio product options is concrete pavers. Innovations in the last few years mean that they can make just about anything out of concrete. It can be molded into any shape, and the color ranges are near unlimited. With concrete, your pool’s patio can complement an array of home and decorating styles, from traditional to modern.

Durable Pavers

Natural stone has a long history as a building material in modern and ancient times because it is so durable. Available in tans, grays, lavender, blue or green hues, granite products have a stately, natural look that will last a lifetime and are extremely low-maintenance. This quarried rock can also be cut into many different shapes, and various colors can be used to incorporate a subtle pattern.

Every natural stone has varying levels of heat retention, and choosing the right product for your patio requires the help of an experienced and knowledgable stone supplier.

Traditional Pavers

Clay brick was one of the most commonly used pavers on pools and other paved areas, and they lend a traditional, stately feel to any area. Clay brick pavers are slip-resistant, colorfast, durable and available in an array of natural tans and reds.

Natural Stone Pavers

Travertine is a limestone that is durable, anti-slip and won’t get hot in the sun. It is available in whites, yellows, beige, tans and grays.

Sandstone is another natural stone that is favorable as patio products. Sandstone is offered in many different colors, from browns to blue and even green.

Limestone, which is a type of sandstone, is available in many different colors, such as whites, oranges, tans, gray-blue and even black, usually tending to be much darker than other stones used as pavers products. Limestone generally resists heat and is anti-slip, making it a beautiful choice for a natural look for your pool.

Quartzite, a sandstone that has a high quartz content, is very durable, resists heat and is slip-resistant. Quartzite, in general, have a high color variance, but in some instances they have the colors removed, which limits color options.

Any look or feel can be achieved for your favorite spot in your landscape or your pool!