When is the Best Time to Buy Rock Salt in NJ?

rock salt njTis the season to buy rock salt! Fall may only be just beginning, but winter is just around the corner and that means that it’s time to get prepared for the cold months to come. We often begin to receive calls throughout October from customers who are curious about when and how they should start getting ready.

They want to know if we already have rock salt in stock, how much to buy, and when they should buy it. Will they get a better deal now or if they wait until the season kicks off? These and other questions will be addressed here as we explore the best time and ways to start buying rock salt in NJ.

When to Buy Rock Salt in NJ

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a million times: the local news station announces the first big storm of the winter and suddenly home improvement stores across the state are swimming with customers who are desperate to buy rock salt. Unfortunately, not all of these folks are able to leave the store feeling satisfied.

Those who are able to buy ice melt may find that the limited supply and great demand require venders to raise their prices much higher than normal. Others may find that by the time they reach the store, all of the shelves have been emptied of deicers. Neither situation is favorable.

The smartest home and business owners make the decision to buy rock salt long before the snow ever starts to fall. You’ll find that in most cases, reputable suppliers will be stocked up well in advance, carrying a large variety of different ice melting products that are designed to meet a variety of customer needs.

This means that you’ll have your pick of ice melt, based upon your home’s requirements and your personal desires. Buying your materials pre-season may also help you to save money. Because the demand is not so high, many suppliers will offer the lowest prices on rock salt during the pre-season.

This makes it the perfect time to buy in bulk for the entire season. By doing so, you’ll be saved from the woes that come to those who don’t have any ice melt when a rock salt shortage hits. Such shortages have occurred in recent years and it can lead to a lot of stress.

By taking the time to buy your rock salt now, you can sit back and wait for Old Man Winter to wreak his havoc, comfortable in the knowledge that you are fully prepared to handle whatever he may throw your way.

How to Buy & Use Rock Salt in NJ

Now that you know that it’s better to start buying rock salt sooner than later, it’s wise to brush up on your knowledge of how to go about purchasing and stocking up on ice melt. Here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Understand Your Demands: The first thing to consider when purchasing rock salt is the type of material that you will need for your property’s specific needs. Again, those who head out early and buy rock salt now will have the opportunity to pick from a wide variety of materials in order to ensure that they walk away with the right product. If you have children or pets that will be exposed to the ice melt, it’s a good idea to pick a product like Safer Than Salt, which has been designed to be less toxic and far safer for those most precious to you. Homes and businesses that are concerned about their plants and groundwater supply will want to look for a solution like EnvironMelt. If you believe that tripping and falling on rounded pellets or crystals might be an issue, you should consider a product that is in flake form. Remember to only buy what you actually need, though. Purchasing a product that is engineered for animal safety when you have no pets could end up costing you more money for no reason. Talk to an expert about the right ice melt for your home.
  • Calculate Your Need: In order to prepare for winter and buy the right amount of rock salt, you need to know how much your property will actually need per snowfall. Performing these calculations can be complicated and overwhelming, so we recommend that our customers follow our formula. You may also talk to one of our representatives about how much to buy. We’ll work with you to ensure that you buy the correct amount, whether by the bag, pallet or truckload.
  • Store Properly: Once you’ve purchased your bulk supply of rock salt according to how much you’ll need in order to get through the winter, you need to have the means to properly store your materials. Without doing so, all of your efforts will have been in vain as you will only end up causing damage to the rock salt. Remember that as soon as it comes into contact with water, ice melt will begin to activate and create a brine solution. It’s essential, then, that you keep the rock salt in a sealed container that is up off of the floor and will not be exposed to moisture in any way. This is especially true when the product is being stored in a shed or garage that is adjacent to a slope where the water from melting snow or ice may be directed. Also, be advised that ice melt will tend to clump when exposed to very cold temperatures, so it’s wise to store the materials in an area that remains at or above freezing. Consult a professional for further tips should you have any questions.
  • Apply Correctly: One of the most important things to keep in mind when using any type of ice melt is that you should always follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Too many home and business owners skip this step and simply “eyeball” the amount of rock salt that they spread across their driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. Either way can create problems. In once instance, you may end up not putting enough ice melt down, thus wasting the materials that you did use while still exposing yourself to unsafe and icy conditions. On the other side of things, you could apply too much rock salt which will not speed up or improve the process and will only end up causing you to use more product than necessary and waste your money. Read first, apply second.

Where to Buy Rock Salt in NJ

NJ residents know that Braen Supply is the best place to go for all of their rock salt and ice melting needs. We offer a massive inventory of deicing products that are capable of meeting your every need and desire. Our professional sales staff are familiar with each type of rock salt and can help you select the right material for your property.

They can also assist you with the process of calculating how much to buy. You’ll find that our ice melt is available at the fairest and most competitive rates around. You can pick up your rock salt from one of our convenient locations or have it bulk delivered throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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