4 Ideas for Techo-Bloc Blu 60 with Villagio Banding

From time to time, we hear our customers agonizing about which Techo-Bloc products they should choose for their home. When they love more than one type or style of material, they can feel overwhelmed with their options and unsure about which direction to take.

Fortunately, this isn’t actually a problem at all! In fact, homeowners like these have the freedom to have their cake and eat it, too. That’s because many Techo-Bloc products are designed to compliment and work with one another to create a truly beautiful and unique hardscape.

Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio are among the most commonly paired product lines. Could this pairing work to fulfill your hardscaping dreams? See for yourself how these two types of materials can be married together, and draw inspiration from our favorite ideas for using them side by side.

Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio: A Match Made in Heaven

When the designers and engineers at Techo-Bloc created the Blu 60 mm collection, they had stately beauty and the ultimate in sophistication in mind. When they created Villagio pavers, they had the ability to pair the pavers with Blu 60 mm slabs in mind.

Even though they knew that their stunning Blu collection spoke for itself and could act as the primary and sole hardscaping element in any landscape, they also knew that some homeowners would want to take things even further, highlighting the beauty of the Blu slabs with lovely banding.

Villagio pavers are designed with round edges that make it simple for landscapers and homeowners to create straight, rounded, or even winding bands that will accentuate every aspect of your existing Blu 60 mm hardscape. There’s really no better – or simpler – way to bring out the very best in your Blu slabs without stealing the show or taking away from their simple elegance.    

Ideas for Pairing Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio

You know that Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio products can look truly stunning when paired together – so now what? Our experts have shared 4 of their favorite ways to use the two materials in conjunction with one another:

1. Fire Pits

There’s nothing quite like the experience of being able to gather around an inviting fire pit with your loved ones on a crisp summer or autumn evening in NJ. Fire pits can easily become the focal point of any landscape, being the area where people laugh, toast marshmallows, share a drink and create beautiful memories in the light of the dancing flames.

While a fire pit can definitely stand out on its own, though, many homeowners have found that the combination of Techo-Bloc Blu 60 slabs and a Villagio banding can really highlight the area and make it “pop”. The many colors and styles of Techo-Bloc Blu 60 mm slabs make it easy to find materials that will work beautifully with your natural stone or concrete fire pit.

We love the idea of creating a full patio or pool deck surfaced with Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and then using Villagio pavers as a way to create a distinct seating area for the fire pit, or to create “sections” throughout your outdoor living space.

2. Driveways

Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors and passersby will notice about your property. What does yours say about you?

Those who work with Techo-Bloc Blu 60 mm slabs and Villagio banding will find that friends, family and neighbors have nothing but positive things to say about the driveway and landscape as a whole. Techo-Bloc Blu 60 slabs create an upscale impression, regardless of the color or style that you choose.

While the slate family provides a more old world or storybook vibe, the smooth family acts sleek and modern. Still other themes can be achieved through working with polished or galaxy colors and textures.

The concrete slabs create a structurally sound and weather-resistant driveway that will hold up well throughout the years. Even though a driveway paved with Techo-Bloc Blu 60 mm slabs would be stunning on its own, some homeowners opt to create an even more unique and customized look for their drives by adding a Villagio banding.

A band of a similar texture but contrasting color can create interesting patterns and designs across the driveway, or can simply mark the perimeter in order to pique visual interest.

3. Pool & Hot Tub

NJ homeowners work hard and play harder. That’s why so many people make it a point to include swimming pools and/or hot tubs in their backyards.

Both features create a place for you and your loved ones to gather together and relax – both when it’s hot and cold outside. In most cases, homeowners make the decision to surround their swimming and hot tub areas with an attractive, concrete pool deck.

This makes the area more accessible, more attractive and safer for everyday use. The many colors and textures offered through the Techo-Bloc Blu 60 mm family make it simple for you to find a product that matches the style or theme that you’re trying to achieve in these areas.

The texturing will also improve traction and safety and areas that regularly become wet. A Villagio banding will take your pool deck to the next level by really highlighting the focal points (your swimming pool and hot tub) while, at the same time, creating visual boundaries that break your hardscape up into smaller, more aesthetically pleasing spaces.

4. Courtyards

An impressive front courtyard can highlight the beauty and elegance of your home and the remainder of your landscape. Techo-Bloc Blu 60 mm slabs are a popular choice for surfacing courtyards – especially in the smooth and polished styles – as it gives of a stately and sophisticated air that will increase the value of your property.

We envision a stunning fountain or water feature as the focal point of this area, drawing in the eyes of your visitors and creating a lasting impression. You can get even more positive notice when you pair the Techo-Bloc Blu 60 slabs with a lovely, contrasting Villagio banding that circles the fountain, runs along the borders of the courtyard and adds visual contrast.

Working With Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio in NJ

Are you ready to see for yourself how beautifully Techo-Bloc Blu 60 and Villagio products can work together? Be sure to stop by Braen Supply in order to check out these materials in our stunning showroom.

Our experts are happy to answer all of your questions about these product lines and can offer advice on how to pair the right colors and materials together for your specific project. We always remain up-to-date on the latest Techo-Bloc product offering to ensure that we can provide you with the most current and trending products while providing you with the most accurate product information.

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