The Only Techo-Bloc Blu Resource You Will Ever Need

Techo-Bloc has long been one of the most trusted names in residential and commercial landscaping. Of its many commendable product lines, the Techo-Bloc Blu collection has continued to stand out as a timelessly and effortlessly beautiful means of adding style and sophistication to any property. If you’ve been giving any thought to working with Techo-Bloc Blu materials, you may have some questions about the process. This simple guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Choosing Techo-Bloc Blu Materials

As you begin browsing the Tech-Bloc Blu collection, you’ll notice that the slabs and pavers are available in 45mm, 60mm, or 80mm. How can you be sure which materials are right for your property? As a rule, the 80mm slabs are best for heavy-duty traffic, like driveways and courtyards. The 60mm collection, then, is best for lighter traffic or foot traffic, such as paths and walkways, patios, and pool decks. The 45mm size Blu materials are great for improving the aesthetic around fire pits and front entryways. From here, you’ll need to make a decision about color. Techo-Bloc Blu materials are available in shades of Brown, Gray, Blue-Gray, Beige, Cream, Black, and more. They are also available in a smooth, polished, or slate finish. It’s a good idea to evaluate the theme and style of your landscape in order to make the best decision for your home makeover.

Installing Techo-Bloc Blu Materials

Techo-Bloc makes it very easy for homeowners to install the Blu collection and begin enjoying it right away. Whether you’re working with the 45mm, 60mm, or 80mm Techo-Bloc Blu materials, you’ll find that the pieces are designed to fit together perfectly, allowing for a seamless transition from design to installation. Of course, you can always talk to your Techo-Bloc supplier in order to get recommendations for local Techo-Bloc authorized contractors who are experienced in working with Techo-Bloc Blu and can handle the job on your behalf.

Maintaining Techo-Bloc Blu Materials

Like other Techo-Bloc products, the Blu collection is very easy to take care of and requires very little maintenance on your part. Still, there are some simple steps that you should take to ensure that your landscape remains in pristine conditions. We suggest regularly sweeping Techo-Bloc Blu surfaces in order to remove dirt, debris, and other buildup. It’s also smart to spray down Techo-Bloc Blu materials in order to remove debris with a light spray setting on your hose. Should the materials become stained, you can wash the affected areas with a mild solution of dish detergent and water, and scrub with a soft bristled brush. Be sure to also take proper care of your pavers during the winter months. Techo-Bloc Blu pavers and slabs can be safely used with most ice melting compounds.


Working with Techo-Bloc Blu in NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of Techo-Bloc Blu products in NJ and its surrounding areas. As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, we have access to a full inventory of Blu collection materials at fair and affordable rates. We are also knowledgeable about all of the Techo-Bloc Blu materials we sell and are happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to visit our local showroom to check out our supply today, or give us a call to learn more about bulk delivery options throughout parts of NJ, NY and NYC and limited parts of PA, and CT.

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