How to Know Which of the Four Techo-Bloc Blu Colors Fits Your Home

The Techo-Bloc Blu line is all about offering honest, gorgeous hardscaping materials to homeowners like yourself. Whether you’re looking at the 80mm, 60mm, or 45mm designs, you’re going to find stunning slabs that have been crafted with rich texture, lines and colors that reflect the beauty that, until now, has only been available in nature.

While an array of colors and variations are available, the Techo-Bloc Blu collection features 4 distinct color families, each which have something very unique to offer. As you consider your options, it’s important to know the primary differences between the color families so that you can make the best decision possible for your home.

The purpose of this guide is to consider each color family and highlight its benefits before walking you through a checklist of things to consider before settling on the right color family for your property.  

The Techo-Bloc Blu Color Families

As you look at the different stone slabs and pavers available from the Techo-Bloc Blu collection, you’ll find that various shades and hues are broken down into separate color families.

The families are characterized by the distribution of variant shades as well as visual texturing. Here’s a closer look at each:  


The colors available in the Slate family are funky and fun while still providing users with the same sophistication and elegance they’ve come to expect from the Techo-Bloc Blu collection. These pavers are very visually interesting and enjoyable to look at. In this family you’ll find shades of brown, blue and gray, often intermixed together.

The pavers available in the Slate color family often feature two-toned designs, some being more subtle and others being much bolder than others. Perhaps you like a soft shift between dark and light brown, or it could be that you like the dramatic contrast between blue and brown.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll find your perfect match in this collection. The concrete pavers in this line may feature slabs that are entirely uniform in color, while others feature a cross between the two different hues.

This adds to the intrigue of your finished hardscape, and will make it continuously interesting to look at and enjoy throughout the years. The Slate family is also characterized by its unique, ridged texturing which creates excellent depth and dimension for the entire project area.   


The Smooth color family offers cool, laid-back sophistication for homeowners from all backgrounds and walks of life. You’ll find gray, blue-gray, black and brown prominently displayed throughout this particular grouping of color.

While you may notice variations in the hues throughout the pavers in a specific color category, the changes will be much more soft and subtle than those within the Slate family.

Paired with a porous texturing, the colors create a very soft and soothing space for you to relax and unwind in your outdoor living space.   


The pavers and slabs available through the Techo-Bloc Blu Polished color family are similar to those within the Smooth family, with some minor variations and differences.

As in the case of the Smooth family, the line makes use of the colors gray, blue-gray, brown and black. Again, variations in shade are more on the subtle side, but you’ll find a lot of visual interest and intrigue with regard to the way in which the colors are varied.

Shading tends to fluctuate ever so slightly across the pavers, and this is what creates a polished and almost “shimmering” look about the texture.   


Techo-Bloc Blu pavers and slabs are also available from the Galaxy color family. Here, users only have the option of choosing from gray or beige hues, that are uniform throughout the entire stone.

What’s interesting about the Galaxy family is that the pavers are extremely porous in nature which creates warm and rich textures that will capture the imagination and evoke a sense of calm and relaxation throughout your hardscape.   

Choosing the Right Techo-Bloc Blu Color Family

Now that you understand the key differences between the color families available within the Techo-Bloc Blu collection, it’s time to determine which is best-suited to your unique outdoor living environment.

When making a decision about the right Techo-Bloc Blu color family, we suggest that you consider the following:  

Architectural Features

Take a step back and look at the existing architectural features throughout your property. This will include an evaluation of the architectural style of your home, and any additional buildings like garages, sheds, gazebos, etc.

Consider the coloring and texture associated with these features and make sure that you select a color and style of Techo-Bloc Blu paver that will work well with and compliment the beauty of these.

Landscaping Features

You’ll need to take a similar stance with any landscaping or hardscaping features that are located throughout your property. While a mix-and-match blend of features is what some homeowners desire, others prefer a uniform look and feel.

Decide what best suits your individual tastes and preferences and make sure that the Techo-Bloc Blu pavers or slabs that you choose will align with your goals. This means considering any textures, shapes and colors that exist and what will look right with them, based upon your unique tastes.

Available Shades

Remember that certain color families only offer a limited number of shades, and that just because a shade you like is available in one color family doesn’t mean that it’s available in another.

If your heart is absolutely set on a specific shade, you’ll need to make sure that you’re happy with the texturing, color distribution, etc. that is associated with the corresponding color family to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the completed project.

Desired Style/Theme

Are you trying to capture the essence of a particular style of decor or do you wish to establish a specific theme across your landscape? While one homeowner may wish to evoke a sense of European charm and beauty, another may favor desert landscaping.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you select colors and styles that will make sense within the scope of the rest of your landscaping and hardscaping theme.


While all Techo-Bloc Blu products are long-lasting and durable without requiring a lot of ongoing maintenance, you’ll need to consider the textures available from the different color families.

The rougher and more porous the surface, the better off you are making the decision to sealcoat the pavers in order to prevent stains from setting and detracting from your hardscape’s beauty.

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