8 Wow-Worthy Hardscape Designs Built By Belgard

Are you in love with Belgard but not sure where to begin with your hardscaping project? Although you’re free to come up with your own unique design, the Belgard experts have put together a ton of outstanding and utterly wow-worthy outdoor living design concepts to inspire your creativity. Here’s a closer look at eight of our favorite ideas:

1. The Entertainer (Concept #42)

It’s clear that Belgard came up with this spectacular concept by carefully considering the needs of its customers who absolutely live to entertain their friends, family and neighbors. This ideal space really has it all. We love the look of an outdoor kitchen featuring a full bar where guests can sit and talk to the chef as they whip up a meal on the grill, or chat with the “bartender” as they pour a round of freshly blended margaritas. A cozy living and sitting area is located just off the bar and grill island. Here, guests can warm themselves around the fire while still staying close to those in the kitchen space. A formal dining area is also included for large family meals and big events. There’s nothing you can’t do in this wonderful space.

2. Geometric Modern (Concept #5)

If you are interested in creating a dramatic and modern yet simplistic and practical outdoor living space, we suggest turning your eyes to Belgard’s Concept #5. This outdoor living room plays off of sleek and simple geometric shapes with sharp edges that are marked by clear boundaries. This pattern extends not only to the patio floor itself, but also in the arrangement of the furnishing selected. Interesting angles are created with the dining set, and richly contrasting shades of black and white add to the bold appeal. The sharpness of the patio design is contrasted nicely against the rounded curves of a beautifully landscaped area for seasonal plants and vegetation along the perimeter of the seating area.

3. A Space for All Seasons (Concept #38)

Who says you can’t enjoy your Belgard outdoor living space even when the temperatures drop or when it’s raining outside? Concept #38 makes it possible for you to stay connected to the great outdoors no matter what. A posh swimming pool and relaxing hot tub are enclosed by glass, greenhouse walls and roofing to keep the elements out while still allowing you to see all of the beauty surrounding you. An adjacent seating and dining area allows you to wine and dine within the seasonally-friendly space. When you’re craving more fresh air, simply step outside onto the patio to sing songs and trade stories around the fire pit.

4. A Whole World Outdoors (Concept #34)

When the weather is beautiful, there should be nothing stopping you from living your whole life outdoors. Many NJ homeowners are making it a priority to establish outdoor living spaces that allow for all of the comforts and luxuries of indoor living – all while surrounded by nature. In this concept, Belgard demonstrates how cooking, dining and lounging are all a part of outdoor living here in the northeast. A simple yet versatile grill island makes it easy to prep a meal while staying connected with guests, and a covered dining area means that you and your loved ones can enjoy something delicious while being protected from the sun. A corner is carved out for relaxing and unwinding on a sleek outdoor couch surrounding an inviting fire pit – perfect for making memories.

5. Sheer Simplicity (Concept #33)

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ideas. If you’re the type of NJ homeowner that likes to get back to the basics and keep the focus of your outdoor living space on the nature surrounding you, take a look at Belgard Design Concept #33. The naturalistic flagstone-style Belgard pavers allow you to create interesting shapes and layouts within your space without being overly flashy or distracting. The curving edges and various shapes create natural boundaries for situating a grill island, a seating area and a fire pit. Surrounding the entire patio with a simplistic edging material will put the finishing touches on this “back to basics” idea.

6. Backyard Paradise (Concept #29)

Step into your own personal paradise with Concept #29. This breathtaking Belgard design creates the perfect environment for a daily “staycation” throughout the summer months. The centerpiece of this particular landscape design is a brilliant swimming pool, surrounded by two contrasting (yet complimentary) edging materials to create a magnificent border. The patio features large, bold pavers that add to the upscale, lush feel of the environment. Here, poolside hungers and soak up some rays before sipping on a cocktail at the patio table, or gathering around the fireplace.

7. Well-Rounded Lifestyle (Concept #23)

If you’re tired of the same old rectangular front driveways, you might be quick to fall in love with the curvaceous and circular patterns found in Design Concept #23. Belgard shows off the versatility of various types of its exciting pavers as they are arranged into bold circles and semi-circles, perfect for welcoming guests to your home, allowing for parking and creating natural places for turning around.

8. Hello/Goodbye (Concept #57)

We love the unique look of the front walkway and front patio area featured in Belgard’s Concept #57. As visitors approach your home from the sidewalk, they will be naturally inclined to enter into this fabulous, semi-circular pathway from the right. The cobbled appearance of the pavers gives a traditional New England feel to the walkways as it rounds a beautifully landscaped space and connects to the main path to the front door. A small patio before the threshold of your front porch will create a welcoming appeal. As guests leave your property, they can round the arced front center on the opposite side to which they entered, thus completing the path.

Choosing a Design Concept

Here at Braen Supply, we love the wow factor offered by these unique and vibrant Belgard design concepts, but these 8 ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. We strongly encourage you to visit the Belgard website to review all of the brilliant design concepts available for outdoor living rooms, pool decks, driveways, walkways and more. Be sure to also speak with a Belgard Authorized Contractor to make use of even more online design tools and to get a better idea about which concept is right for your NJ home.

Working With Belgard Products in NJ

Reading to create a wow-worthy Belgard outdoor living space of your own? Braen Supply is a Belgard Authorized Dealer and can provide you with all of the information and materials you need to complete the project of your dreams on a budget you can afford. Visit our local showroom to speak with our team of experts and to get started on the process today. We offer bulk delivery to areas throughout most of NJ, and parts of NY, NYC, CT and PA.

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