Techo-Bloc BLU 60 Review

Techo-Bloc Blue 60 ReviewFor more than two decades, Techo-Bloc has been impressing home and business owners with high quality paving materials that are capable of improving the appearance and value of any property.

These concrete pavers are crafted to perfection, featuring the colors, shapes and textures of actual stone for authenticity on a budget that anyone can afford.

Traditionally, these pavers have come in 80 MM sizes, but now customers will have the luxury of selecting 60 MM Techo-Bloc units.

Could this be the right solution for your landscape? To find out, take a look at the many benefits that these pavers have to offer in our Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM review.

Why 60mm?

For years, 80 MM Techo-Bloc pavers have been the standard, so why should you consider working with units from the BLU 60 MM collection? The answer is that 80 MM units may not be necessary or even appropriate for your particular project.

These thicker stones are ideal for areas subject to heavy traffic, such as residential driveways, but the thickness of these pavers isn’t needed for low, pedestrian-only traffic spaces.

The 60 MM pavers were designed to be lighter and thinner, which is perfect for laying down a garden path or a beautiful patio in your backyard. Because the units are lighter, you will also find that they are more affordable, making them the most practical option for your specific needs.

Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM Colors

Those who have always enjoyed the naturalistic beauty of Techo-Bloc products, there’s no need to worry about the integrity of the colors that will remain available for use in the BLU 60 MM collection. True to form, Techo-Bloc has rolled out a wide range of different color families and blends that will suit every need and whim.

Those who are interested in a classic and elegant “aged” look will find interest in the collection of pavers available in “slate & aged colors” including shades of brown, tan, gray and blue, blended together for visual interest and texture.

Those who are striving to create a modern and sophisticated hardscape will enjoy “smooth colors” which offer a cool vibe. You’ll find these available in deep brown, light brown, slate gray, beige and black.

Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM Texture and Patterns

The pavers available in the Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM collection feature the same rich textures as Techo-Bloc products always have offered to users. When guests visit your home, they will not be able to tell the difference between your stunning concrete pavers and natural stone.

This is because the craftsmen at Techo-Bloc work hard to add natural textures and patterns on each individual paving stone. This gives the stones an irregular, non-manufactured appearance. This will not only add visual intrigue to your hardscape, but will also evoke a sense of harmony with nature.

Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM Uses

The gorgeous pavers from the Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM collection are very versatile and can be used throughout the property. The most common way that people choose to use the materials is to pave a gorgeous outdoor living space, such as a patio or to act as the flooring to an outdoor kitchen.

You might also choose to use these magnificent pavers as a decorative garden path or a front walkway.

Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM Prices

Many home and business owners choose to work with Techo-Bloc products because they are able to enjoy the same appearance of natural stone for a fraction of the cost. When you make use of pavers from the BLU 60 MM collection, you’ll enjoy even more savings. Because the stones are thinner and lighter, they will cost less money per unit.

When planning out your budget for your project, be mindful of the overall size of the undertaking. Not only will a larger coverage area result in more pavers needing to be purchased but you’ll also need to plan to spend more on labor expenses, should you hire a professional contractor.

Where to Buy Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM Pavers in NJ

Residents of NJ know that Braen Supply is the leading supplier of Techo-Bloc products, including the BLU 60 MM collection.

Our experienced team of professionals are well versed in the ins and outs of each of the Techo-Bloc pavers that we sell and are more than happy to speak with you about your project specifications, providing answers to your questions and advice on how to best complete the work.

You’ll find that we offer the fairest and most competitive rates around, and can bulk deliver pavers from the Techo-Bloc BLU 60 MM collection to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA, and CT.

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