5 Techo-Bloc Paver Patterns That Are Trending for This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to consider revamping your lackluster landscape or hardscape, and Techo-Bloc pavers provide a fast, affordable and upscale means of doing so. NJ homeowners love working with Techo-Bloc products because they are available in a wide range of style and colors that suit every lifestyle, and they also offer a lot in the way of design flexibility.

This is because many of Techo-Bloc’s stunning pavers can be arranged into a variety of different patterns and layouts, all of which have something unique and exciting to offer. No matter how you choose to arrange the gorgeous pavers throughout your property, they’ll look fantastic, but if you want to truly fall in love with your completed project time and again, it’s imperative that you lock down your ideal pattern.

In order to help you make the best decision, we’ve written up this quick guide to trending Techo-Bloc paver patterns in summer 2017.

Layout Matters

We often hear that “size matters”, but we believe that the pattern or layout you choose is equally important. The ways in which your pavers are laid out and arranged can make a significant impact on how you and your guests view them, and on the overall theme and tone of your Techo-Bloc hardscape.

You want to choose a pattern that speaks to your unique personality and your individual sense of style as a homeowner. This is what will set your hardscape apart from others on the bloc and what will make you truly feel “at home” in your outdoor living space.

The only way to make sure that you settle on the perfect pattern for you Techo-Bloc pavers is to know what your options are, and the following choices are very popular in NJ right now:

1. Linear

Linear patterns are one of the most classically sophisticated types of patterns used with pavers. In this type of pattern, pavers are arranged into interesting geometrical patterns that move from left to right, and may vary slightly in their placement from one row to another in order to offset the look of the row preceding it and to add visual interest.

Any number of different stones can be incorporated into the linear pattern, and this is repeated again and again. Exciting variations can be made when larger stones are mixed in with smaller stone, and you’ll have a lot of fun exploring your creativity. Nearly all Techo-Bloc pavers can be arranged into linear patterns.

2. Random

It’s become quite popular for homeowners to move away from modular looks and patterns in favor of a more unique and randomized layout. Random patterns are generally best suited to pavers with an irregular cut or those that are cut to resemble natural flagstone.

The irregular sides and shaping of the “stones” lend themselves to being arranged around one another like puzzle pieces being fit together in dazzling patterns. The effect mirrors that of a kaleidoscope, and it is just as eye-catching and visually stimulating.

You will have a great time playing around with the layout and will fall in love with it time and again. We’ve seen amazing random patterns completed with Antika paver collection.

3. Herringbone/Modified Herringbone

Herringbone patterns are a lot of fun and add a touch of something different and engaging to any hardscape. One or more pavers are arranged vertically, while the end of another paver or group of pavers is placed horizontally in an adjacent row.

This creates a fascinating zig-zag effect that is not unlike the shape and appearance of the bone structure of a fish, such as a herring. Modifications can be made to this traditional pattern in order to add more depth and volume, further customizing your space.

Examples of herringbone patterns can be found in the Blu, Hera, Aberdeen and Villago collections, amongst others.

4. Parquet

People love parquet patterns for their indoor flooring, so it only seems natural that so many NJ homeowners are taking the parquetry outdoors and incorporating it into their hardscape and other outdoor living areas.

Parquet style patterns are very angular, and act as a true geometric mosaic that captivates the imagination while screaming sophistication and elegance. The repeated patterns can be as simple or complex as the designer likes, and the user will always notice something new. The Hera and Parisien collections are well suited to this type of pattern.

5. Checkerboard

This summer we’ve seen an uptick in the number of people who are interested in creating stunning outdoor floors that feature a checkerboard style pattern in order to dazzle and delight. One of our favorite ways to pull off this look is with stunning pavers or slabs from the Tux collection.

Here, homeowners can alternate with shades of deep black and soothing white in order to create fabulous contrasts. We’ve also seen amazing checker boarding examples with homeowners who have mixed things up, playing off of the looks of both squares of paved tiles and green grass. This creates fantastic texturing.

Which Techo-Bloc Pattern is Right for Me?

After reviewing each of these spectacular options, you may find yourself wondering how you can possibly decide which is the best fit for your home and property. We suggest that you start by evaluating the style and theme you wish to create for your property.

Understanding what your end goal is for your outdoor living space and the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve will help you to narrow down your options and hone in on those that fit best with your needs and desires.

There is often an element of “going with what your gut tells you”, here, as you really focus on the patterns that speak to you most. Once you’ve focused on two or three choices that interest you most, it’s a good idea to make use of a reliable online design software tool.

Techo-Bloc offers tools that allow homeowners to visualize what a specific paver or pattern will look like in your space. You can make sure that the design won’t overwhelm the space or clash with any of your existing landscaping or architectural features.

Finally, it’s smart to ask a professional for his or her input on the matter. After working with many homeowners and Techo-Bloc products, design and hardscaping professionals may be able to provide you with pro tips and advice for choosing the right pattern.

Hardscaping With Techo-Bloc in NJ

When you’ve settled on a pattern and are ready to start working with Techo-Bloc products, Braen Supply is here to help. We have a long-standing relationship with Techo-Bloc and work as Techo-Bloc authorized dealers in NJ and the greater Tri-State area.

As experts on these products, our team of professionals are able to answer any and all of your questions about Techo-Bloc pavers and to provide you with information about the various patterns that you can choose for your hardscape upgrade.

We always offer the lowest and most competitive prices on Techo-Bloc materials, and we also offer bulk delivery services throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA. Give us a call or visit our showroom to start your dream project today.

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