Installing a Techo-Bloc Prescott Fire Pit in NJ: Your Free Guide

A Techo-Bloc Prescott fire pit can take your backyard to the next level. The addition of this gorgeous fire pit will provide you with a space where you can gather with your friends, family, and neighbors, and will allow you to enjoy your time in your outdoor living space a little longer – even on a dark or chilly evening! Before you can start basking in the light and warmth of a crackling fire, though, you’ve got to be able to properly install it. Fortunately, Techo-Bloc fire kits – including the Prescott fire pit – are easy to install. Just follow these instructions in order to start living it up.

Step 1 – Location

First things first: You need to determine where you’re going to locate your fire pit. Techo-Bloc recommends making sure that your Prescott fire pit is situated no closer than 20 feet from any structure, but you should also consult with city ordinances.

Step 2 – Build Your Foundation

Techo-Bloc Prescott fire pit kits can be installed on top of a preexisting concrete or paver surface, or on top of a level and compact bed of gravel. Regardless of which surface you plan on installing your fire pit upon, you will need to make sure that you provide sufficient drainage for rainwater and you will need a proper setting bed. Refer to the installation guide for details.

Step 3 – Block Installation

As you begin to install the blocks that come with your Prescott fire pit kit, you should take care to ensure that the narrower side of the blocks are facing inward toward the center of the fire pit, and to make sure that there are no gaps on the outer face of the blocks. Use a mallet to gently tap the blocks into the setting bed. From here, you can begin to build upward. A heat-resistant and non-combustible concrete adhesive should be used to bind each course together. An adhesive should only be applied when your blocks are completely dry and free of dust.

Step 4 – Capping

The sixth and final course of the fire pit should be dry laid before using a steel insert to lift each block individually and bind with a concrete adhesive.

Step 5 – Fill the Pit

Fill the center of the pit with 4″ of 3/4″ washed clean stone in order to allow for filtration and drainage after putting out a fire or after a rainstorm.

Step 6 – Curing

You must wait at least 48 hours after installation prior to lighting a fire in your Prescott fire pit in order to allow for ample curing time.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Once the installation and curing are complete you are free to enjoy the beauty of your Techo-Bloc Prescott fire pit!

Not Comfortable with DIY?

Although many homeowners enjoy installing their own Techo-Bloc Prescott fire pits, others either don’t have the time or don’t feel confident in their ability to do so. If this rings true for you, we encourage you to seek out an authorized Techo-Bloc contractor who can help you put your fire pit together.

Buying a Techo-Bloc Prescott Fire Pit Kit in NJ

Braen Supply is one of the leading Techo-Bloc dealers in the area and is an authorized supplier. We sell Techo-Bloc Prescott fire pit kits at the fairest and most reasonable prices and we’re more than happy to provide you with information about the kits and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to visit our local showroom to get an idea for how the fire pit looks in person, or to discuss your project today.