5 Ways To Use Belair Retaining Walls In Your NJ Landscape

One of the fastest, simplest and most effective means of giving your property a makeover is to incorporate Belgard Belair retaining wall blocks into your landscape. Like all Belgard products, the Belair wall collection is designed with style, functionality and longevity in mind. This means that there are a number of ways that you can make use of the blocks to enhance your home, depending on your individual needs and preferences. To emphasize this point, we’ve put together a quick guide to what you can expect from Belgard Belair retaining walls, as well as five fabulous ideas for introducing these wall blocks to your property.

Belair Belgard Retaining Wall Blocks At-A-Glance

Belair retaining walls are a part of Belgard’s Natural Collection, featuring a rugged and naturalistic chiseled facing on all sides. The blocks are designed to look just like real stone, and it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between a Belair wall and a 100% natural stone wall. In addition to featuring a chiseled surface, each stone features rich and detailed texturing. The blocks are available in several different color families, making it easy for you to match your new wall with your landscape’s current style of decor and existing features. Because Belgard Belair retaining walls are crafted from concrete, they are extremely affordable and highly durable. The blocks are also treated to prevent fading and discoloration, meaning that your retaining wall will continue to look spectacular throughout the years.

Uses for Belgard Belair Retaining Wall Blocks

It’s easy to fall in love with Belgard Belair retaining walls at first sight, but you may be wondering exactly how you should make use of them throughout your landscape. Fortunately, Belair wall blocks are extremely versatile and can serve a number of decorative and functional purposes. Of course, a retaining wall’s primary purpose is generally to prevent erosion and to protect the integrity of the landscape, but these walls can be used for so much more. Here’s a look at five of our favorite ways to use Belair retaining walls:

1. Maximize Your Living Space

Building with Belgard Belair retaining wall blocks makes it possible for you to level of areas of land throughout an otherwise sloped and unusable landscape and start enjoying more time outdoors. Once these areas have been leveled off and are secured with the attractive wall blocks, it’s easy to create a stunning patio for entertaining and dining, or even an outdoor kitchen. Not only will this maximize your ability to spend time outside with your loved ones, but it will also increase the overall value of your property.

2. Let Your Garden Grow

If you’ve got a green thumb, Belgard Belair retaining walls can help you to be able to spend more time tending to your flowers, vegetables and other plants, while also giving you the ability to show them off to the world. Again, retaining wall blocks make it possible to level off hilly or sloped patches of land. This makes the landscape much more suitable for growing. At the same time, the wall blocks create a beautiful planter bed setting for your vegetation that will not only protect your plants, but will also accentuate their beauty.

3. Facilitate Movement

Belgard Belair retaining wall blocks are the perfect solution for any homeowner who needs to construct a spectacular staircase that will help guests move from one area of the property to another. The blocks are stately and elegant and are a fabulous choice for establishing a front staircase leading up to the front doors of homes with hilly front yards. Stairs can also be used to facilitate movement between various levels of your patio or landscape. The blocks complement many Belgard stair caps and treads, making it easy to create a charming and cohesive design.

4. Create Boundaries

You don’t necessarily have to use Belgard Belair retaining wall blocks for building retaining walls. Instead, the blocks are a great choice for freestanding walls. These types of walls can be used to create boundaries between various areas or “rooms” of your outdoor living space, such as a division between your hot tub and your outdoor living room. Freestanding Belair walls are also great for creating boundaries and privacy between you and neighboring properties.

5. Establish Extra Seating

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many homeowners choose to build additional seating into their Belair retaining walls, steps and freestanding walls. By giving the wall a dual purpose, you are able to create seamless seating that looks absolutely stunning while making it much easier for you to entertain large groups of friends, family and loved ones at a moment’s notice.

Planning Your Landscape with Belgard Belair Retaining Wall Systems

Do you love these ideas as much as we do? Or do you perhaps have other ideas and plans for working Belgard Belair retaining wall blocks into your landscape? Whatever the case may be, we urge you to visit a local Belgard showroom for more ideas on how to build with the blocks and incorporate them into your property. You might even request samples of the colors that you’re most interested in so that you can compare the shades against other tones and hues that may exist within your landscape and hardscape. It’s also a great idea to work with a contractor or landscaping design software in order to draw up plans that are customized for your property. In addition to this, Belgard offers access to an online design studio that will make it easier for you to visualize how the blocks will look within the scope of your unique landscape. Whatever you do, have fun with your design!

Working With Belgard Belair Retaining Walls in NJ

Braen Supply is available for all of your Belgard Belair retaining wall system needs. As a top supplier and authorized dealer of Belgard products, we are able to provide exclusive access to a full range of Belair retaining wall blocks in a various colors and hues. Homeowners can visit our local showroom in order to see how the walls look in-person, and to draw further landscaping inspiration. Our team of Belgard experts is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with landscaping and hardscaping tips. Our Belgard Belair wall blocks can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ and NY and limited parts of PA and CT.


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