Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Paving Stones vs. Belgard

Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Paving Stones vs. BelgardWhen you’re designing and building any outdoor hardscapes, you should only use high quality products. By using the best materials, you can increase a home’s property value and create a landscape you can be proud of. Three of the best products to use in terms of high quality landscape masonry stone are Techo Bloc, Cambridge Pavingstones and Belgard Pavers. So you might ask, Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Paving Stones vs. Belgard, which are the best for my project? They all have their strong suits, so you can’t go wrong with any of these selections.

Techo Bloc Review

Techo Bloc products are widely known throughout the industry as some of the highest quality landscape materials for people looking to upgrade their outdoor settings. The fact that the manufacturer uses natural components gives your landscape an organic feel, which lets you design it to any specification that you see fit. In addition to natural masonry stones, Techo Bloc provides walls, slabs, pavers and carvings that work well for any outdoor setting.

People have relied on Techo Bloc for years to acquire products for their driveway, patio, garden, pool perimeter and general lawn and garden hardscapes. The beauty of Techo Bloc is that it is incredibly durable and meant to last years. You won’t have to worry about it losing the vibrant color or uniformly ridged texture after a few months. It is resistant to salt and feature true color throughout the entire stone, rather than just a falsely painted, cheap looking exterior. These stones and slabs are an excellent upgrade for any project that you’re working on.

Cambridge Pavingstone Review

All paving stones are not created equally, which is why Cambridge Pavingstones shine. These interlocking stones create an airtight connection which gives your landscape a superb look and feel. When you shop for Cambridge Pavingstone, you’ll get the opportunity to customize it to your specific tastes. The manufacturer offers a handful of collections to choose between, with hundreds of stone types in each collection.

Some collections include the Renaissance collection, RoundTable collection, KingsCourt collection, Sherwood collection, Crusader collection and Excalibur collection. These stones allow you to get as creative as you need to, because they can be used for patios, walkways, grill casings, fire pits, pizza ovens, mailbox casings and any other creative hardscapes you can come up with. The colors available with these collections are plentiful, giving you the opportunity to put together mind-blowing creations.

Belgard Review

For a variety of outdoor products, including pavers and retaining walls, Belgard is an excellent way to go. These products have been used by homeowners and contractors for the past few decades, making it an excellent choice for the person who needs a brand new driveway, patio or retaining wall. When you look at the majority of driveways in your neighborhood, you’ll notice that many people are settling for simple asphalt. WIth Belgard, you can choose hardscape options that are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Your driveway or patio will stand out from the rest, because of the detailed thought you put into it.

Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavingstones vs. Belgard

When debating between Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavingstones vs. Belgard, the answer is simple–you can’t go wrong with any choice. For the best results, contact an expert at Braen Supply. We will work with you to find the best stone for projects of any size.