Thin Brick Veneer Costs, Installation & Thickness & Types

If you love the idea of working with brick, you’re in good company. Brick is a staple in the colonial construction that’s so prevalent throughout the northeast and NJ.

Unfortunately, working with full brick isn’t always practical or cost-efficient. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of using brick for your project, though.

Thin brick veneer is an affordable and beautiful solution that will meet your every need. Could thin brick veneer be right for you? Read on to learn more about the uses for thin brick veneer, their size, cost considerations, installation tips and more.

Thin Brick Veneer At-A-Glance

One of the greatest things about thin brick veneer is that they are engineered from the exact same stuff as traditional building bricks. This high-quality kiln-fired clay brick is simply cut thinner in order to scale back costs and to reduce weight constraints.

When you buy thin brick veneer, you’ll find that they come in sheets which are cut to a specific size and then applied to an interior or exterior wall. Generally, these veneers are cut to a thickness between 3/8”-1”.

This thin size and lightweight nature are what make it possible for the materials to be applied to walls and surfaces where the full brick would be too heavy and bulky.

Thin Brick Veneer Uses

Thin brick veneer can be used in any type of project where the full brick would be used and beyond. Many NJ homeowners choose to use thin veneer for creating an attractive siding for all or part of their house.

The brick looks fantastic when used as a covering for foundation walls or for the lower portion of the home’s siding. It also functions beautifully when used to face an entire wall or part of a wall. Of course, you are free to side your entire home with a thin brick veneer in order to create the impression that your home was constructed of full brick.

In addition to the use of siding a home’s exterior, thin brick veneer is also a popular choice for both interior and exterior fireplaces. This creates a beautiful aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. Thin brick veneer could also be used for interior walls, wine cellars, backsplashes, etc.

Installing Thin Brick Veneer

When you work with full brick, a good deal of precision and expertise is required. Unless you’ve laid or build with brick in the past, chances are that you’ll need to hire a professional mason to get the job done correctly – especially if the bricks being used are load bearing.

Specific building codes and regulations must be met in order to ensure safety. A lot of time and effort must go into the project. Choosing to work with a thin stone veneer, on the other hand, is very simple.

All of the above challenges can be avoided, as the thin veneer can be quickly and readily applied to your walls and other surfaces.

Because the thin brick is decorative rather than functional, you will not have to worry about code requirements associated with the materials. The veneer can be applied after a code-compliant building has been completed.

Thin Brick Veneer Costs

One of the first questions that people ask about thin brick veneer has to do with how much they will need to spend in order to enjoy working with the material. When compared to many other landscaping materials, thin brick veneer is extremely affordable.

Due to the fact that less time and material is required during the manufacturing process than for the production of full brick or manufactured stone veneers, you can expect your overall costs to be significantly reduced. In addition to this, the thin brick is extremely lightweight, which reduces transportation costs.

Finally, thin brick veneers are known for being a very energy efficient building material. The thin brick is able to help keep buildings cool during the summer and to keep heat in during the winter. This means that you may be able to enjoy the added savings of a reduced energy bill on top of the low costs of the veneer itself.

Working With a Thin Brick Veneer in NJ

If you feel like a thin brick veneer is a perfect solution for your upcoming project, Braen Supply is here to help accommodate your needs. As a leading supplier of brick and natural stone veneers in NJ, we offer a huge inventory of high-quality thin brick materials at the lowest and most competitive rates in the Tri-State area.

Our team of experts is more than happy to discuss your project needs and to provide advice about choosing and using thin brick veneers. Give us a call to learn more about ordering your thin brick veneers for pickup or bulk delivery to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and limited parts of PA and CT.