5 Reasons the Cost of Thin Stone Veneer is Worth It

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but that doesn’t mean we’re not cautious about the cost of the expense. If you’ve been thinking about using thin stone veneers to give your home a dream makeover, chances are that you’ve probably been crunching the numbers and conducting a cost vs. benefits analysis.

Will your investment in thin stone veneer pay off in the long run, and is it really worth it? We say yes! But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Here’s a look a just a few of the many reasons why your thin stone veneer cost is completely worth it.

1. It Boosts Curb Appeal

One of the primary reasons why homeowners choose to work with thin stone veneers is that they are exceptionally beautiful. Thin stone veneer manufacturers work diligently to design and engineer manufactured stone that appears exactly the same as the real thing – right down to the color, shape, size and texture.

The fact that the stones are manufactured means that they will all be of the same, consistent quality so that there aren’t any variables to consider. This means that you’ll have a uniformly beautiful, reliable and structurally sound exterior for your home that’s sure to attract positive attention from your friends, neighbors and passers-by.

It’s easy to choose stones that cater to your own individual tastes and sense of style. Stone never goes out of style, so your thin stone veneer will leave you completely happy with the appearance of your home for years to come.

As a result, your home’s curb appeal will be boosted and your property value will increase – both now and in the future.

2. It’s Long-Lasting

What’s the point in putting up your hard-earned money on the installation of thin stone veneers if they’re not going to meet your needs throughout the years? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this because veneers are designed and manufactured to last.

Manufactured stone is just as durable and reliable as natural stone. It’s able to hold up when faced with whatever Mother Nature throws its way, whether that be extreme heat and UV rays from the sun during the summer months, heavy rain or hail and even the freezing cold temperatures of a NJ winter.

Thin stone veneers aren’t prone to easily fading or becoming discolored by the elements, no is it easily scratched, chipped or scuffed. Most manufacturers are so confident in the overall quality of their thin stone veneer products that they actually offer a lifetime guarantee or warranty on them.

This means that even if something does go wrong, you won’t be required to spend even more money to remedy the issue.

3. It Improves Insulation

Here in the northeast, we’re used to dealing with extreme temperature fluctuations. It can become extremely hot during the summer and then dip into sub-zero temperatures come winter.

Thin stone veneers add value to the home by acting as an extra layer of insulation. When properly installed and maintained, your veneer can help to block out high levels of heat, strong winds and cold temperatures. This works to improve home comfort levels while also helping to lower your monthly energy bill.

4. It’s Easy to Install

A huge perk to revamping your home’s exterior with thin stone veneers is that the materials are very easy to work with, making the installation process quick and painless. Thin stone veneer is known for being very lightweight which makes it easy to lift and manipulate the pieces as needed.

They can also be adhered to areas where full stone could not. Thin stone veneer is specifically engineered to fit together with ease and to be simple to work with.

In the event that you choose to hire a contractor to handle the installation process, you can expect a faster job and less labor which, in turn, means less in the way of construction costs. Skilled do-it-yourselfers who prefer to tackle the work on their own should have no problem handling the installation work.

5. It Requires Little Maintenance

No one wants to see their investment fade away or fall apart before their eyes. One of the great things about thin stone veneers is that very little effort is required in order to maintain them.

By expending just a little bit of your time and effort you can protect your initial investment and ensure that your veneers will look and function perfectly in the many years ahead.

For best results, we recommend that you perform a visual inspection of your home’s exterior at least twice a year to make note of any crack, chips, missing units or other problem areas. Any joints that are low on grout should be filled in and any damaged veneer pieces should be promptly replaced.

It’s also a good idea to consult with manufacturer specifications to see if it’s safe for you to sealcoat your veneers and, if so, which sealant is appropriate for the job. Be sure to carefully wash the veneers with a solution of mild detergent and warm water and allow the stones to dry prior to sealing.

Bonus: It’s Environmentally Friendly

Although it may not save you any money, using thin stone veneers for your home improvement project will do wonders for saving the environment. Natural stone has been used for centuries, but that doesn’t mean that there’s an unlimited supply of materials to go around.

Thin stone veneers make it possible for home and business owners to enjoy the natural elegance of stone without using up any valuable, natural resources. The manufacturing processes used to create realistic thin stone veneers are minimal and very few resources are required.

The end result is a stunningly beautiful manufactured stone product that is indistinguishable from the real thing without leaving a carbon footprint. In addition to this, thin stone veneers are lighter in weight than natural, full stone materials. This means that less fuel is required to transport the veneers from one place to another, further benefiting the environment.

The Best Thin Stone Veneer Prices in NJ

Looking to keep your thin stone veneer cost at a minimum while still enjoying high quality materials? Braen Supply is partnered with all of the leading names in thin stone veneer manufacturing. This means that we’re able to connect customers like yourself with a wide variety of different veneers featuring a range of colors, textures and styles.

Our veneers are competitively priced so that you’re able to get the most bang for your buck. The experts at Braen Supply are happy to work by your side in order to provide advice about choosing and installing your veneers, as well as to offer valuable suggestions for aftercare and maintenance.

Since we’re so well-connected within the industry, we are also able to point you in the right direction when selecting an honest and affordable veneer contractor.

Our thin stone veneers can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT. Ready to get started with your home transformation project? Give us a call today to start talking to a professional about how our thin stone veneers can benefit you.

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