Best Uses for Bluestone Treads

Bluestone treads have become one of the most popular decorative materials on the market.

These attractive, elegant accessories are available in a wide range of finishes, and their versatility is one of the leading reasons for their recent surge in popularity.

Bluestone looks great when paired with virtually any architectural style, unlike alternatives such as granite and travertine which pair well with a narrower range of homes.

If you’re thinking about buying bluestone treads, or if you’re researching the various possibilities on the market, here’s a helpful guide to buying bluestone treads in New Jersey.

Buying Bluestone Treads in NJ: Factors to Consider

When shopping around for bluestone treads in New Jersey, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Price – The retail price is the only factor many people consider, but in reality, it should be part of a larger consideration. Make sure to look beyond the dollar sign to ensure you’re getting value for your investment, not an inferior product.
  • Quality – Not all bluestone is made equal, and higher-quality products will cost more. What you’re looking for is the best balance between quality and price, which you’ll get if you find the right supplier.
  • Supplier – Specialty suppliers are better than general retailers. Check the next section to learn more on what to look for in a supplier.

You’ll find detailed information on bluestone tread varieties below.

Choosing a Bluestone Treads Supplier in NJ

There are several reasons you should choose a specialty bluestone supplier in NJ.

First, companies that quarry their own products are able to provide better quality for a lower price, since they’ve eliminated markups and the middle men.

Second, they have the specific know-how and experience to make helpful, meaningful suggestions and answer all questions you might have.

When you shop at a big-box home retailer, you generally won’t find the same level of expertise.

  • Thermal finish – Flame-treated bluestone has a textured finish that is uniform in nature, making this an excellent choice for walkways and patios.
  • Custom bluestone – Leading suppliers can customize the cuts and finishes according to your specifications.

Bluestone Tread Prices in NJ

Prices of bluestone treads are influenced by a wide range of factors, the most influential of which is the quarrying of the stone.

Suppliers that quarry their own raw materials are able to cut costs significantly, compared to suppliers that have to outsource their bluestone for third parties.

The quality of the bluestone, along with the type of finish you want, will also affect pricing.

Natural, unaltered finishes are usually a little cheaper, since the product has to undergo less processing. Custom cuts, on the other hand, will cost more because of the labor involved.

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