Where Can I Buy Cambridge in NJ?

Cambridge in NJTaking the time to select and install high quality hardscaping materials is what turns plain old land into a valuable outdoor living space, and the pavers, wall stones and outdoor living solutions provided by Cambridge make doing so both easy and affordable.

These stunning products will completely transform the look of your property so that you can get the most out of life. Here are a few tips for using and purchasing materials from Cambridge in NJ.

Uses for Cambridge Materials in NJ

Not all landscaping and hardscaping projects are suited to all climates. Some of the most common uses for Cambridge in NJ and its surrounding areas include:

  • Driveways – Freeze and thaw cycles are a major concern for NJ home and business owners. Certain paving materials may be subject to expansion and contraction which can cause cracking and unsafe conditions. Cambridge pavers with ArmorTec have a low absorbency rate making them immune to damages from frost. They are also extremely durable and will not be harmed by the use of de-icing salts.
  • Paths – Cambridge pavers are perfect for properties throughout NJ and the northeast. Not only are the materials extremely versatile in appearance, but they are also safe and durable. Traction makes it easy for users to walk smoothly. The pavers are not prone to chipping due to shoveling and de-icers can be used on their surface.
  • Patios – Entertain in style, grace and comfort. Cambridge pavers offer individuals a nearly infinite selection of styles, colors and patterns when designing their patio, outdoor kitchen floor or pool deck. The pavers are weather resistant, not prone to staining and will deflect heat even on the hottest NJ afternoon.
  • Steps – Greet guests and connect various areas of your property with sophisticated steps that have been constructed from high quality Cambridge products. Rich textures will add visual interest while promoting good traction.
  • Walls – NJ is no stranger to heavy rainfall. Frequent precipitation paired with sloped lawns and landscapes can lead to major issues with runoff and soil erosion. Cambridge wall stones are absolutely stunning while also being able to withstand the forces of gravity necessary to prevent erosion and keep your land looking great.
  • Ovens, Fireplaces & Fire pits – Why stop at just a gorgeous floor or wall for your outdoor living space? Wow your friends and neighbors by firing up a meal in your Cambridge outdoor pizza oven, or gather with your loved ones around a fire in a Cambridge fireplace or fire pit.

Finding the Best Cambridge Supplier in NJ

What should you look for when seeking out a supplier of Cambridge in NJ? Here are a few things to insist upon:

  • Authorized Dealer – Not just anyone is able to sell Cambridge products. If you have any doubts whatsoever, you should never hesitate to ask for proof that your supplier has been authorized to sell you these materials. This will ensure that you’re not receiving a sub-par knockoff and will also guarantee that your supply company will have the very latest product offerings from Cambridge. Authorized dealers also have the most accurate information on working with and maintaining Cambridge products.
  • Reputation – It’s always a good idea to do a little detective work before choosing a landscaping supplier. Look for a company that has built a solid reputation over time for offering superior services and materials. Does the business fulfill a wide range of customer needs? Do they offer fair and competitive pricing? Knowing this can make a major difference in your overall project satisfaction.
  • Knowledge – How familiar is your Cambridge supplier with the products they sell? Those approved to sell Cambridge products will have obtained all of their product information directly from the horse’s mouth and will, thus, know the ins and outs of the materials. This is important because certain products may be better suited to specific tasks than others, and some may have their own unique installation or maintenance requirements. You need to feel confident that your supplier is feeding you the correct information so that you get the most value from using Cambridge products.
  • Customer Service – The best suppliers will go above and beyond to connect you with the right Cambridge products. Your supplier should carefully consider your needs and wants and put this above pushing “just any” product in order to make a sale.

Braen Supply is the top supplier of Cambridge in NJ. As a well-established and authorized dealer, we have the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with valuable advice that will make your project a success. We will carefully consider your individual needs and desires and will work to help you complete your work on a budget you can afford. Reach out to one of our professionals today to get started right away.

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