Cambridge Pavingstones for Sale in NJ

Cambridge Pavingstones for Sale in NJNJ home and business owners pride themselves on maintaining an attractive property that suits their own individual sense of style. It’s for this very reason that the use of stone pavers is so popular.

With high quality paving stones, you can easily create a stunning outdoor surface, hardscape or outdoor living space that will look amazing when contrasted with the rest of your landscaping features.

But which brands offer the highest quality pavers? One of our favorites is Cambridge.

No matter what look you’re trying to achieve or any specific preferences you may have regarding shape, layout or patterns, you’ll be able to enjoy the hardscape of your dreams with Cambridge Pavingstones.

The combination of variety paired with strength and integrity make these pavers a top pick for many.

Read on to learn more about attractive and versatile Cambridge Pavingstones.

What Makes Cambrige Pavingstones Unique

The manufacturing process of Cambridge Pavingstones makes them ideal for homes in NJ and its surrounding areas.

Cambridge Pavingstones are protected against the elements, fading and staining when they are finished with an Armortec coating. They are also designed to be tightly interlocked during installation which helps to reduce the likelihood of cracking and prevents weeds from growing up between pavers.

Cambridge Pavingstones come in a wide range of colors and styles, providing end users with plenty of options.

Popular Uses for Cambridge Pavingstones

NJ residents enjoy using Cambridge Pavingstones for a wide range of projects. Some of the most common uses for these pavers include:

  • Driveways – The drive leading up to your home or place of business is one of the first things that your visitors will notice. Cambridge Pavingstones provide you with the freedom to create a driveway that works well within the scope of your property while also reflecting your own unique personality. In addition to being extremely beautiful, these stone pavers are also extremely tough and durable. No matter how much vehicular traffic the pavers are exposed to, they will continue to look and function great. The slip-resistant coating will help with traction.
  • Paths – Creating inviting walkways that connect the various parts of your property is a very important aspect of making guests feel welcomed and relaxed, as well as of tying your whole landscape together. Cambridge Pavingstones are a great choice for these types of projects. Not only will you have the creative license to use color, patterns, and shapes that most appeal to you, but you can remain confident that your walkways, garden paths, and other similar surfaces will be safe and sturdy. With weeds unable to penetrate the pavers and the reduced possibility of cracks developing, you won’t have to worry about tripping hazards. The surface of the pavers make them safe for walking upon even when wet.
  • Patios – At the end of a long day, what could be better than coming home and relaxing with your loved ones on your patio? If you really hope to kick back, though, your patio must create a peaceful and desirable setting that will calm your mind. Because of this, it’s very important that you’re able to have options in terms of the overall look of the patio’s surface. With Cambridge pavingstones there’s never any shortage of material choices.
  • Outdoor Living Space–  It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to install outdoor kitchens and living space that enable them to enjoy the fresh air while still experiencing all of the comforts of being inside. When designing the floor of your outdoor living space, you’ll need to find a material that makes you really feel at home and at ease. Cambridge Pavingstones offer plenty of soothing colors, patterns and textures that will be appealing to everyone spending time in these areas. You can eat, drink and have fun in these spaces without worrying about causing damage to the pavers because their Armortec finish makes them less likely to stains.
  • Pool Patios –  When selecting a material to surface your pool patio, you always need to take comfort and safety into consideration. Cambridge Pavingstones are ideal for poolside areas because they are slip and skid resistant and won’t absorb heat that could hurt bare feet. On top of being highly functional, though, the pavers will look absolutely stunning when reflected in the waters of the swimming pool.
  • Courtyards – An impressive business, school, church or home courtyard can significantly add to the beauty and value of a property. Cambridge Pavingstones will set the tone regardless of whether you’re looking for a traditional old-world appearance or are going for a more modern feel.

Benefits of Cambridge Pavingstones

Cambridge Pavingstones offer users a number of advantages. Some of the biggest benefits to using these pavers are:

  • Cost – Of all of the different types of stone pavers on the market, Cambridge Pavingstones are one of the most affordable. In addition to this, the value that they offer users will make sure that you get a great return on your investment.
  • Variety – Cambridge Pavingstones are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes, textures and design patterns. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to create a natural and rustic setting, a classic European-style home or a modern-chic property; you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Strength– Incredibly, Cambridge Pavingstones are actually twice as strong as poured concrete. The interlocking mechanism paired with the fact that Armortec will never wear off ensures that these pavers will maintain their strength and structural integrity for a lifetime.
  • Durability – As explored previously, the fact that Cambridge Pavingstones feature a nonporous surface and are finished with Armortec make them able to endure even the harshest weather conditions. They will not fade when exposed to sunlight, don’t easily crack with ground movement and it’s safe to use rock salt and other ice melting materials on the surface of Cambridge Pavingstones.
  • Safety – Cambridge Pavingstones are safe to walk and drive on even when they are exposed to water. The pavers are slip and skid resistant, making them perfect for use around swimming pools, and also easy to traverse when it’s been raining outside.

Installing Cambridge Pavingstones

No one wants to deal with the hassle of a long and complicated outdoor project. The good news is that Cambridge Pavingstones can be efficiently installed – regardless of the size or design layout of your desired project.

Some home and business owners may not feel comfortable handling the installation on their own and will need to seek out a professional contractor that’s familiar with Cambridge Pavingstones.

Kits can be purchased and user-friendly instructions are available so that you’re sure to finish the work quickly and correctly.

Cambridge Pavingstones Care and Maintenance

One of the greatest things about Cambridge Pavingstones is that they are virtually maintenance free. The Armortec finish and the pavers are one-in-the-same, which means that it won’t wear off.

There’s no need to keep re-sealing the pavers throughout the years. Even in the event that one paver becomes chipped or scratched, it’s extremely easy to pop it out and replace a single paver without being required to rip up big chunks of the surface.

All you need to do is to sweep or hose the pavers down when the needed.

Purchasing Cambridge Pavingstones in NJ

Getting the maximum value and enjoyment from your Cambridge Pavingstones requires you to take the time to find the best NJ supplier.

Always verify that your supply company is a select distributor for Cambridge so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest quality materials.

Braen Supply is an approved dealer of Cambridge Pavingstones in NJ and, as such, is qualified to answer any questions that you may have about their various products.

After listening to your needs and desires for your project, our team of professionals will work with you to assist you in the process of finding the perfect pavers. Our pavers are available at low prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to your location in NJ, NY, NYC, CT or PA.

This photo is courtesy of Cambridge Pavingstones.