Cambridge Sigma Wall Review

Cambridge Sigma Wall Review If your property is on an incline or slope, you know that it can be tricky to maintain and care for.

Drastic changes in elevation can make it difficult for you to prevent soil erosion after periods of rain, and it can also create challenges as you try to get the most out of your outdoor living space.

It’s for these very reasons that so many homeowners choose to construct retaining walls. As customers consider their options, we receive a lot of inquiries about Cambridge Sigma wall stones and whether or not they’re a solid choice for home use.

To better answer these questions and provide readers with advice on the matter, we’ve written up this review on the merits of Cambridge Sigma wall stones.

Cambridge Sigma Uses

Although Cambridge Sigma wall stones may be used to erect freestanding walls, it is primarily purposed in instances where a retaining wall is necessary.

A key advantage of utilizing Sigma wall units is that each block is manufactured carefully so that it is strong enough to meet the demands that the soil behind it may place upon the wall.

Once installed properly, the wall will be very effective at preventing soil from eroding away while reducing problems associated with water runoff. In addition, a Sigma retaining wall can also provide users with a more functional space throughout their properties. The walls can be used to create areas for gardening or even for installing a raised patio.

Cambridge Sigma Appearance

Cambridge Sigma wall stones are known for their beauty and natural appearance. Both the split-face and renaissance style of blocks available from this collection feature texture and ridges giving you several design options to choose from.

One of our favorite things about these particular wall blocks is that they’re available in so many different color varieties as well.

Depending on the style that you choose to work with, you’ll have your choice of multi-toned units in colors like onyx, ruby, chestnut, bluestone, toffee, etc.

This makes it easy for users to blend their retaining walls with other elements of their landscape and to create a theme that speaks to their individual personalities. The shapes of the stones also make it possible to install walls of various layouts and with visually interesting patterns.

Cambridge Sigma Durability

Cambridge Sigma wall stones are able to pass the strength and durability tests of some of our most particular clients with overwhelming confidence.

The blocks are produced with outdoor living in mind, meaning that they are tough enough to handle whatever nature throws their way but also with design features in mind to avoid your backyard from looking like a commercial site.

Cambridge Sigma blocks will keep your land in place, even when it becomes heavy with moisture after a rainy day. In addition, Cambridge Sigma wall units won’t fade when exposed to the sun over a prolonged period of time and do not easily scratch, chip or stain.

Cambridge Sigma Ease of Installation

At Braen Supply, we generally advise our customers to work with a professional contractor for Cambridge Sigma wall stone installations. Even so, we believe that these units are particularly easy to work with.

Cambridge offers simple and user-friendly instructive guides for wall installations that will make the task as quick and painless as possible for contractors and skilled do-it-yourselvers. Separate instructions are provided for those interested in installing a wall higher than 36″. Talk to an expert to learn more.

Cambridge Sigma Prices

Cambridge Sigma wall blocks provide homeowners with a means of constructing a highly functional retaining wall that looks as natural and stunning as actual stone for only a fraction of the cost. Upgrading your landscape has never been more affordable.

The Verdict

Overall, Cambridge Sigma wall stones enable users to construct a spectacularly beautiful retaining wall without breaking their budget. We recommend these blocks for their looks, ease of installation and maintenance and longevity.

Where to Buy Cambridge Sigma Wall Stones in NJ

Braen Supply is the place to go for Cambridge Sigma wall stones in NJ. As an authorized Cambridge dealer, we have established a strong relationship and rapport with the company that allows us to stay current on all of the latest product offerings and information, including the correct installation and maintenance techniques.

We offer the fairest and most competitive prices on the market. Our Cambridge Sigma wall stones can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Photo Courtesty: Cambridge Pavers

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